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they didnt want you too!

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i wasnt aware there was a renaissance happening
thats neat i guess
thats good
but yeah small brewerys been around in stores for like 20 years now or something
most people still prob buying 200 packs of MGD

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i was in home depot and i ask a guy if he works there
this guy was the most helpful home depot employee ever and he didnt even work there he knew where everything was
man thats why i do not watch the tv
dude fuck beer
if i started drinking beer itd only be expensive dark beer
i cant stand that pisswater drink
but guiness is more like a small meal than a bear
like if i can see through it i prob wont like it very much, and if its dark i maybe still wont like it
wtf like beer went away?

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do ratsnest
itll regen the poly
dunno then

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wtf baywatch i couldnt stand that shit
how is that shit the most popular shit in the world
inittab: ya srs

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soap cutter needs to be aluminum
some steel cutty bits
stop smearing urmom on me
fuckit man we got deadlines just go to the china soap cutter machine factory and pick one of the shelf

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he should defect to n korea
maybe theyre hardcore enough for him
we should back up isreal just because isreal will get slaughtered if we dont
then let everyone defend themselves
well, if its a nato war, its kinda ours
we started it
un war?
one or the other

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just need enough teeth on the small one so its not retarded
this is for 1000kg tho?
danielson: it is
man this 6 layer dip makes me feel pukish kinda
the consequence is hes not gonna get beat up

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danielson: how the fuck would they know about the mike and ikes unless they were actively spying

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bullshit they prob build the most efficient production lines in the world if you told them thats what was going to send their kids to college
yeah thats bad shit
spying on girls
you know it

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well they were dumb
because obama is dem, might as well be repub
ron paul wants to end credit/interest based banking
and basically turn us into a confederacy
defund the military
pull us out of the world
i agree with like 90% of what hes about but he will never win and if he wins they will just kill him or twist him or replace him or something really bad
fuck a bit
mil controls the country, its has noi oversight on its money and it isnt turned over every 4 to 8 years
we should make defence contractors do commercial products
boeing cars
lockheed martin couch
ya rly
you know they dont that before

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that shit is out in the middle of nowhere and barely saves you 20min
no we spent all our tax money on your poor people
you fucking leaches
guys i want to drill
haha remember that flash and youd click on the palin and shed be likle
i hope they run her for office next election
that mfkr cant win
i might be regged republican because of him haha
hes a teabagger now
they were calling themselves teabaggers
they would kill him
if he got elected

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i think we know the refil the gas tank drill
haha @ 2 weeks ago
yeah we didnt get that shit
we just have freeways
well wtf im just trying to drive why some mfkr trying to charge me money we pay taxes for roads why they gotta be fuckups
no one needs those freeways tekrad

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dude seriously he cant blink the led yet
cmon really?
obviously he is trolling us all
oh hahaha
its for tollbooths
so me and my friend were laughing last night about how we didnt know what a turnpike was
like we thought, oh turn, yeah what its 5 miles
i almost ran out of gas on that shit that shit is like 1000mi wtf
yeah but like every 20mi
and little scions gas light turned on right after an exit with gas
and you cant turn around on that shit
dude we thought turnpike was like, 2mi
dude we had got like 3000mi in 40 hours at this point

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okay so like, with the zipper case off it responds faster
prob because the air gets out quicker
i dunno i have one on one off i will have to do more side by side research

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ill try that i guess
because its way more awesome just in its zipper case
yeah two cases definitely
disabling reset!??!
we maybe got diff pillows
i have some older foam pillows i dont use
its really light foam it sucks
doesnt really matter its mostly about the weight
i got diff ones from overstock and theyre squishier than my squishiest foam layer in my mattress
i have it in its zipper case in a normal pillowcase
okay im going to smoke a bowl and test this shit out

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i wish i could sleep for like 10 houras
inittab: you need more applesauce, mfkr
girls are better at sleep

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its prob just junk
to lazy to dig up the yard before throwing the sod down
imagine being a kid
and getting tackled onto the grass or whatever
and your face smacks into a brick

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and i have to make that little acrylic grow box with the polarized tint inside
i cant grow stuff outside here the roof leaks into the dirt
that cant be tasty
just do hydro!
srsly just water the fucking plant
and get a flouro light
no idea
dont you like basil and oregano and peppers and shit?
grow cheetoes then
hey but also those would be cool for lighting
w/ 12v input and shit
i want back yard =\
wow cool
rhett did like 20 diff kinds of tomatoes last year

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because wtf people are getting 1000W HID setups for that 80W isnt going to do shit
but if you can do something the same with like 1/3 or 1/2 power, you can prob sell that
In diethyl ether, chlorophyll a has approximate absorbance maxima of 430 nm and 662 nm, while chlorophyll b has approximate maxima of 453 nm and 642 nm.
The absorption peaks of chlorophyll a are at 665 nm and 465 nm. Chlorophyll a fluoresces at 673 nm (maximum) and 726 nm. The peak molar absorption coefficient of chlorophyll a exceeds 105 M.1 cm.1, which is among the highest for small-molecule organic compounds.
wiki blurbs
and ive seen that plot on prob like 10 .edu pages
yeah i want to grow other stuff

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not available, 660nm is, and actually ive seen other numbers for A and B peak absorption
common red hits B, kinda
what voltage
say current
with white LEDs, you overdrive them and the blue LED overcomes the phosphor
the equiv im just setting up trying to decide on other stuff
like eventually i want to do everything from one clone in similar environments (use tents probably) with same nutes, same air
kevtris: so far the biggest commercial thing is like '80W' but thats prob consumption or just 80 1W leds
and theyre like $600 so people dont buy lots
and they suck at flowering

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how many times you take physics 101
for me its zero =(
ive never even taken it
dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/20100222_growleds_proto2_40w.png
k why will this fail
right now, 660nm red with some cool white (which is a good deal of blue)
thats 40W and you use multiples
and thats what i think
no idea and its scaled weird because 660nm is towards end of the spectrum
that doesnt sound like a ton

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man i want to drill with the cnc
but 10-7 is quiet time

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wtf 9kW
dx^: hi
is this still the bot for watering stuff?
or school project
k right
are you doing those weird multipl axis wheels or tank or what
youre getting the wheels as a complete assembly?
cad work was like two years ago
hey thats pretty cool
they like $800 each or something? =\
no shit?
yeah but it cant be shitty
and its prob low numbers production runs

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he doesnt know because box

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hanging out with mom and dad
theres prob yakuza all over alaska anyway
thats prob where they send the yakuza that fucked up
dont need that many fingers in alaska anyway they just end up freezing and falling off
zeeshan: not really
gcodes will usually be slightly diff from manufacturer to manufacturer anyway
its kinda easy because you usually just have to deal with an X and a Z
if its a servo spindle, maybe a C

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diacs for your triacs
and thats it really
urmom is:
wifi in taiwan
i dont really know if thats a good or bad thing tho
timecop: is that a good or bad thing
wtf i didnt msg you i pinged you

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threads per inch?
dunno what you mean

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if i go into a bus or have a broken net

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i think so but i dont remember for what
think so

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i dont know if you can do it like that
the bus name is the nets it connects to
so unless youre trying to do LED1RED LED1BLUE LED1GREEN
which i dont think works, that wont work
unless they changed it
its not busname
the name itself is the net it contains
its kinda fucked up and def ugly if you want to use that name as a label, but it works
oh hmm

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i prob am last on the list

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i dunno what he meant
srs, where is mcmaster-box

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0 ohm resistor is a jumper
i only use standard resistor footprint jumpers
tekrad: no they use some local same day service

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i am totally held hostage by mcmasterbox

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250W things are just now coming out, theyre still in that UFO dish format no one likes, and im prettu sure theyre all rated by consumption, not output
like, you need something you can put side by side with 600W and 1000W HID setups and prove you did the same thing w/ a fraction of the power, and no one seems to have that yet
and then you have to justify 6 to 10 times the cost to convert to LEDs

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whatever you could put that on a bike or a car even would be awesome
yeah obvious you want a big block of extruded awesome
they need to make them in plant red
macegr: so at hempcon, the new led peoples are doing all sorts of color leds, like everything except green now
but i dunno if they figured out what works best or theyre just like FUCKIT PUT EM ALL
because *everyone* says they suck for flowering, its either because spectrum is wrong
and they need something else just for that
or people just not using enough power

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macegr: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=262788
4 emitters, 8A or something ridiculous like that
150C max temp
fuck the flashlights
did you see the led or look at the datasheet?

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also cell phones either put ~100Hz block DC rectified square waves on layout
like, bursts of RF i think
or its just freaking out the amps
the signal amps are like having common mode fuckups and recitying it
but shit like that makes excessive use of 10uF coupling caps in the middle of the signal path in the pro audio circuits i saw make alot more sense
like, most that shit gets through as DC with pulses on a cap that big so you need a bunch else it gets to the amps
and not all those chipamps have series caps in the feedback to block DC output
im kinda getting paranoid about this mcmaster shit
maybe im just last because im on the faaaar edge of the valley now

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ha, on the TDA amp i did at exjob, i added a jumper that took a feedback path almost directly to thge divider network for the inverting input
the dev board copper has that trace literally going around the entire board
and passing like every pin on the io header
was like 8" of feedback trace on a ~3.5 x 3.5" board
i swear they do those layouts to be like:
yeah rly
dude random layout will demodulate FM
we didnt really get it
but like, i could feed music into a little fm transmitter w/ a big dipole hooked up to it
and like wrap cables around the antenna or tilt the monitors a certain way
and decoded FM would come out the active speakers

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but the driver has to fit in between the emitter in the string
whats wrong with jumpers
only if youre a pussy
this is like people all like I KILLED 5 MORE VIAS I ALMOST KILLED THEM ALL
meanwhile their shit prob looks like spaghetti
im like fuck that if a via gets me straight to the other place with perpendicular crossovers, thats prob better than a lap through an EMI gauntlet

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and its like $.60 on a real, $1.50 or something for one
its soic so i can prototype with it falling out of bed stoned
if these things sell, the cost of drivers and chassis will be pretty tiny compared to the LEDs themselves
this has to like, fit in between LED emitters on a 1" wide single layer PCB
12" long pcb tho
i do

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just need efficiency at like 1.3A, not even sure if those will do it
well anything i use is going to need that
im not trying to use a linear current reg and i want to be able to power them of 12V
which is what
cant hang with variation in Vf
i dont want voltage regs
i need sustained 1.3A, 12V to 20-24V boost, and temp shutdown
what did it do for current feedback
yeah itd be easy if i was just doing like 300mA
im prob just going to do comparator and like, LM60 or whatever one it is for the temp shutdown
the soic8 thing is kinda neat its just a general purpose switcher IC with a low Vref

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hmm neat

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why would he even need a machine tool
anyone know of any ninja status LED boost drivers?

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but pretty awesome

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