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an audio amp or a massive linear voltage regulator
you have the toroids to do an audio amp

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there are people on efnet not as old as efnet

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hahaha wat
Caught between a rock and a hard place, Foxconn did the only thing a self-respecting sociopathic megacorporation could: torture the crap out of their employee. Facing another session over the missing iPhone prototype, Danyong leapt to his death from a 12th floor apartment building.
foxxcon is mean!

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you are using ie5 or wat

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i drove cross country without a license
we went to a dnb show at a bar i was like CMON I DROVE 3000 MILES TO SEE DNB CMOOOOOOOOOON
and he said: ok

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17 years of uni
zero degrees
usually thats and achievement reserved for the short bus types
and shit i bet after 17 years most of them have a couple associates degrees at least
haha and according to my IQ im smarter than more than 99% of people
it doesnt mean im smarter than 99% of people on irc
and i still do hella retarded shit
naw it is, i have docs
thats how they decided i have to give $3k of my free gov money back
im wondering if theyre going to jack half of my tax return to cover that

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thats weird

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thanks for the translation fg expert
ive never had issues with it
it wont model certain oscillators (but alot of those circuits are based on broken maths, divide by zeros and shit)

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yeah but you know it would be awesome
well you have to like, offset coiul reversal
to get the angle
yeah thats much more practical if you have the space
youd need to put it in an acrylic box tho
so it didnt eat babies
dude player shouldnt ever be able to touch a chess piece
it should be like, penalty box style
yeah but human play should be through an interface
well i guess having human pieces manually controlled would be ok
because it makes everying 1000% easier
im gonna go buy some mfkn pizza

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on a xylotex, to get microstepping you have to pulse 10x your base resolution
which sucks because i dont want 10x the resolution and its very hard on the controller pc
with a geck0, you click once and it automatically microsteps all the way to the next full step
at higher speeds it microstepping resolution reduces
and you get fullsteps, which is probably a biproduct of the wave generation techinue they use
but it doesnt matter because at high speed full step is awesome
for chess pieces, you prob wanna go gecko method
so say a pc or UI controller clocks the movement controller a single chess movement
and some other chip would handle the microstepped transistions
would be a good app for a little 8soic avr
youre going to move pieces off the board manually?
you could just instantly reverse coil polarity and throw them off the board
that prob depends on your mechanical design

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dioxide: hi
you already lost
if im up in your bios i pwn you
fuckin hungry
i ran out of trashbags situation is critical
i just need to go to the store
i already forgot what else i need
there was more tho
cornflakes and paper towells at least
it chops voltage across the coils to regulate current
it modulates current between two coils to 'hand off' the spindle from one magnetic state to the other
instead of just throwing it

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