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blackmoon: the surfaces for the bearing inserts
just because over time they maybe chip away the anodizing, you dont want that in an engine

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heheh @ anodized engine blocks
prob just need to finish grind the cylinders and bearing surfaces after
could do like, swirly and camo engine blocks

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thats neat

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hey guys
i think i rly like windows 7
its like when XP happened after ME
thats prob not good for your speakers =(
dude vista is ass
i couldnt stand working on vista laptops
well they sell to people for money dude
it kinda has to mostly work

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mare: take what anymore why are you bitching at me
i banned you first

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do what to them
all of them

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inittab: haha what

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you ran homebrew chipamps in your car?
i was thinking about doing that
the cdrom was standalone or what?
how did you skip through tracks
old ass cdrom drives
how did you connect the IDE into the mp3 player?
there was a connector

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its nice having an lcd
but theres always been ipod alternatives for like $100 less
i had a rio mp3 cdrw player
i got a sony cdrw player
was like, godstatus
advertised at 90 hours plus on a pair of AA
i took it on a long trip, it really did like 100 hours playing mp3 through earbuds

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he just waits until i feel guilty about laziness and do it and call him up
kevtris: you can rockbox it
my gigabeat needs an uploader, its not nearly as bad as itunes
but i rockboxed it
so i can just use it like a hdd
yeah sec
itll play flac, too
i dunno if you can rockbox newnew ones
ive broken my gigabeat like 2 times and rebuilt it from parts i got on ebay
smashed LCD
the codec chips often have headphone amps built in
and ones ive seen to way more than mp3 to dac, so something super minimal might be stupid cheap

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because theyre always like $3-40 each
the calabasas dental implant CNC jobs just posted on monster again
i guess i get a haircut this weekend and walk in on monday
i just tie my hair back
i can wear my black/green paisley tie, trim my goatee, look like a real douchebag
yeah im like fuck ipod
fuck i have to rexp a laptop and move all the itunes shit back
haha <3 gilly, he never calls and nags

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damn rain wtf
man we totally fucked up the planet
so it does like, 4b, 1 dynamic bit, 4b, 1 dynamic bit
to-3 is industrial
itll prob never completely die
just get more and more expensive

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lope: if its that much, its DEFINITELY the connector
but i suspect less
lope: the people making this already feel fucked by the cost of the GPU
so theyre trying to save money on other shit
i have a 9800gtx or 9600 or who knows
its dual dvi with vga adapters

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the intel one?
they have one with parport
im prob going to get that
and get a parport plug shell to break the wires out
im getting the intel mobo
its like $70 or something
theres a foxxcon one for cheaper
i wanted to get both
test for latency, use the quickest for CNC, and the other for htpc
lope: the connector is cheaper right now
because theyre trying to get rid of them
connectors are prob a big bomfuck on those cards
like, the main chip the mem and the connectors
yes, most likely
marketing types like it because they can sell it as compatible with your old pc
bean counters like it because its cheaper
engineers dont care because with an adapter its the same shit
i dont think the hardware is very different on the vga connector cards
because they come with adapters
because connecgtors are expensive
and right now because theyre basically old status, vga connectors are prob cheap

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the shipping will fuck you
just get that synthetic marble stuff!
because vga is probably really, really cheap right now
the actual physical connector
then theyll start to run out of actual connectors
and theyll be more $$$
and the cheap stuff will prob be dual dvi
if they found out who you were, almost certainly not heh
kevtris: i think the atom mobo i want for my cnc too

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zeeshan: lots of people say that
or acuse me of being a musician
or comedian
its because me and my sister look like cartoons
so many new graphics cards are cheap stuff
cheap stuff will prob still have vga for a year or so
lots of stuff is dual dvi with vga adapters now
not completely but most cheap stuff will prob just be dvi or dual dvi

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i need to wake up more
go to post office
i go makes the coffees and cornflakes
my fed tax refund supposed to happen today, has not happened
in the cnc vid?
of course who else would it have been
my hair is being big lately

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also in low qty theyre competitive on metal stock
i think because they have so much business, they are willing to markup less on small cuts of stock
yeah actually i found a place
behind costco
also hi
its usually rusted steel
he just mades it

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kk welcome
i got #4-40 locknuts w/ tooth washers
100 for $5!
not really
theres not a lot of screw/hardware places anymore
my friend knows one he gave me a card but its like, across the valley, drive through traffic, meh
and i know *exactly* what i want
LA is huge im not driving 40mi for some nuts
so if i drive out to someplace and they dont have what i want im bummed out
yes i get stuff overnight
standard shipping
if i order very early sometimes same day
i think they use couriers
or their own delivery people
its always dude in normal clothes with normal clipboard

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zeeshan: hey you want that nut?
im going to try and get the order out today

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yeah but this will take me prob not even an hour and itll be perfect
well, prob within .003 or so

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prob not that much
superkuh: did you get your drill quote back or what
by learning and understanding it over time
or not sleeping and cramming
dude name a price ill do it for you
CNC machined
drill press by hand is silly
yeah that sucks

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prob not
that sounds light even but hard to tell the tanks themselves are heavy
dont pick them up
roll them along the bottom edge onto a dolly or something
ha scary

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whats that in psi
yeah makes sense, i remember them being like ~2000 psi
for comparison, pretty sure acetylene is under 100 psi
they put a lot of argon and o2 into those tanks

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blackmoon: yeah theyre going to cut the number of shops from like 500 to 150
they prob mean room pressure argon?
argon is a high pressure stored gas
its liquid in your tank
its a lot denser as a liquid than as a gas at room pressure
it might not even liquify actually i dont remember, but probably
argon is a high pressure gas, sec i look it up

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