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he seems to fail at the end

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because its a 55mm nut
you could like knock people out with this shit
its thinner than i thought though
you can like, discs of tron someone withit

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zeeshan: you still want that nut?
Thin Hex Nut M36 Size, 4mm Pitch, 55mm Width, 18mm Height
In stock at $16.83 per Pack
this is totally the funny part:
This product is sold in Packs of 1

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anyway fuck cooking food, i can do that
if timecops wife could like, order shit from mcmaster and digikey from a scribbled list without fucking it up, that would be pretty awesome

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if thats a timecops peoples reference, obviously i mean the creators of the alaska shakers
i bet the weed situation sucks there
trip out tho you could like, veg during that 24 hour sunlight madness
and then mask off the sun to bud
thats kinda neat
when i was in WA in the summer it was light till like 10pm
yeah same with WA, little longer
ive wanted to live a year in the extreme north since i was a kid
like, get there in autumn or spring

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and they dont have salt in alaska?
so i guess tc is azn
sir, please learn to troll
well yeah
obviously alaskans arent awesome at spice shakers
hey dont talk shit about timecops peoples

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teknique: and hes never been to a restaurant?

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03:21 < timecop> but ive never seen a salt shaker

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welcome to the first thing everyone does with their netbooks
just play it in mplayer or vlc
wtf at buy why does people buy to watch shit
just watch the shit
wtf is a codec i havent had to fuck with those things in 100 years
thats some directory that mplayer and/or vlc know about i never have to fuck with

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thats mostly all i knew about them so i assumed they didnt really exist
like it was an office for linus
and then a lot of people looking busy
and nothing happening
dude 2001
this was old when i didnt have a computer
just play it in mplayer or vlc

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timecop: its like so awesome its not even surprising
thats just how it should be, the look is natural
timecop: hahaha @ AGP + ISA
is soyo still alive?
first pc i built was some failure soyo ali magik mobo
tho they did the first psx controller to usb adapter
heh transmeta
thats actually a real thing?!
transmeta, j/k

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/win 16
because this time i typed out win 16
because this time i did it different

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well why you have that megatron shit now
fuck did that shit cost like $350?
does it fax too?
i hate douchebags who want faxes
thats kinda cool
thats not too bad a price then
i dont either
but its the thought that counts

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so obviously you should connect the printer to something else
cant you still get little linksys print servers?
i bet you can just get a little blue thing to park next to your wifi to do printing
well i dunno then fuck yo couch
i guess i can stop procrastinating and do stuff now
dude why do you have that
wtf are you some kind of office
dude wat
you can get a samsung bw laser printer for prob like $70
like 4 years ago it was $80
k do what im doing

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well look at it
and i need an atom for my cnc
i checked, its got the lowest latency scores on the emc database
the only thing with less jitter was some amd 64 thing, and it wasnt by a significant amount at all
it comes with parport
fuckit im buying it right now
damn wait i guess i gotta do other stuff right now
thats lame
why the fuck are you going to freeze your drive
is that you danielson?
wtf put another drive in it go on with your life
timecop i dont care about ps3
if its a bearing problem, maybe
but itll fuckup right quick if that fixes it haha

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damn that soic looks so huge
its just normal size, the big procs like screw up proportions for me
heh, the strip of ceramic caps is pretty cool
i guess those funny boxes are ferrite
like, ferrite boxes for big inductors
theyre all over
the goofy non-package ones
yeah i seen coils in all the normal smt passive sizes
hehe little clear box 0805 coils
in the corners
yeah i dunno why it became a 30 line discussion
i just noticed on in the corner at first i thought it might be a plastic bridge or something

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also you can get non retail chips
so they will probably do bga if you want enough
like, you could order old celerons from digikey for i dunno why, maybe still can
its mobile shit, it makes sense

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so maybe they just through hole it
dude wtf is that thing
is that a whole mobo
with a dc jack and a flex connector
haha where
across the qfp?
wtf did they use a blob of solder to melt the wire to the chip?

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but my player does flac fine for years
timecop: 320kbps standard stereo is prob bigger than flac, heh
you get like 1/3 compression, maybe?
dude its data compression
how is it shit?
its better than bz2, which beat everything else i tested it against
waiting for some sort of meaningful answer...
i mean, if your goal is to use VCD audio format forever
because VCD brought you so much pleasure and entertainment, then keep defending

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sure why
its not at all
192 you can still hear artifacts in cymbals and distortion
its very good, awesome compared to 128
also joint stereo does weird stuff, makes stuff have this wishy washy sound
use headphones, use saturated content
and use 192 in joint stereo mode
else youre cheating
it does
above 192 you dont care about size and youre being foolish
low bitrates without joint stereo is basically encoding two mono streams you dont get the same compression
because its typical configuration for encoding at 192 for storage
in any case, for archiving, with the cost of storage, theres just no reason to use mp3
other than player compatibility

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he laughs at the notion of mechanical problems with the pedal assemblies
im not its known
its pretty funny you dont know
and thank you for using mph
i guess killing europeans with asploded flying gear assemblies is ok
trying to find the article
most of my flac is from what.cd, 100% rips from cd

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and would not respond to deccel until he hit it like 10 times
and he was going almost 100mph
well then its obviously broken
now your taking your jap pic n place companies stance
it limits at 85mph tc
kmph isnt a real unit
please stop trolling use mph
well your prius is pussy
hahahahaha you got a prius?
it is
i see em at their 85mph limit pretty often
no max speed fool
if yours goes over 85mph its not the same as the prius
if yours goes over 85mph its not the same as the prius
its limited because of the power transfer gear assembly
between the two electric and the gas motor
yours is a lexus
its probably not the same
my guess is the assembly is bigger and less efficient if it is actually the same system
just at home
i got some full melt hash, feer
danielson: yeah full melt is usually black or greenish brown
you can
theres lots of ways

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also stuck accel during a turn can cause you to die
saying its stupid drivers is defending a corporate giant who covered the truth about something that kills people
3 seconds is dead
3 seconds is dead
count to three and imagine how many cars can slam into you in that amount of time
that you definding these issues is you being a troll or you being retarded
and since i care about you i hope youre being a troll, <3
its not even a key thing that bothers me
their ecu doesnt have all sorts of common sense failsafes
and theres are tons of random bug reports
and insurance companies have been complaining about this for like 8 years
yeah i dont think its disputed
its known the code doesnt have fasilsafes that are commonly included by other manufacturers
also for them to shirk off a braking system problem
like, that causes the brakes to not work for a full second
well people should go to prison
dude thats another issue
that issue shows poor coding or mad emi issues
it sounds like a realtime task queue is full
prius should be able to go above 90mph
its limited aty 85
its power transfer gear assembly cant handle high speed
yeah its old tc
he saus that it took several taps to go 80 to 81
several taps to go 81 to 82
then after a few more, it shot off full throttle

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thats not true
at all
it was an ECU they contracted out, and it has obvious issues, and they obviously tried to cover it up
everyone except toyota thinks so
toyota insists its not a problem
but wont release communications theyve had relating to it
they contracted the ECU out, and there wasnt anyone around to properly evaluate or create a spec for it
and now like 3000 people are dead
and insurance companies have been sending up flags for almost a decade
since 2002, when they implimented drive by wire
there is no neutral on a prius
3 seconds
in 3 sec you die
if you dont know that, without a doubt, youre not qualified to have thos convo
thats not a joke thats 100% serious
you can die in a quarter sec in a car easy
prius has a joystick
who cares if it works if you cant shift to it
also, if you car doesnt respond right
in a split second
youre dead
this is indisputable fact
if the brakes dont operate the same
*every* time
youre dead
3 seconds is a joke
also turning off the car prob locks the steering wheel
also neutral has nothing to do with brakes not working

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i didnt think about it till now but i should have ganked all the KRK schematics
for rokits you just sweep them and listen for nothing
if you hear nothing, its bad
they tend to sizzle in a split sec, not much in between
theyre good tweeters, most KRK shit will handle excessive peaks almost indefinitely
but theyre not made of god
do you want us to try and hook you up or something?

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(because theyre bigger everything is more centered on the back panel and father from the exterior
they blow, youll know
youll still hear tone from the woofer prob through 5K so listen close
like if it starts sounding like its rolling off around 3k its prob messed up
it might not be an issue so much with G1
G2 has the limiter threshhold set a bit past clipping so the user can hear distortion and know to back off

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i was doing limiter work on those before i got laid off, sound pretty neat
no those are G1, neat
theyre old tho so just make sure the pot is okay and the tweeters arent blown or rubbing
kinda, its mostly cosmetic
the sensitivity might be different
that probably has a better transformer and a better woofer
the 8s dont get EMI that bad

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dude this isnt 1975
XLR connectors are like $2
and neutrik XLR is like $2 i think
theres no reason to ever buy chinashit unless youre my exjob
btw rokits arent neutrik
can you bring a gen?
make sure the tweeter isnt fuckey
they work as advertised
as far as power and THD
but the problems are china factory related, tend to be random
rab: they are RPG2?

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i think so
i remember it being way overkill
yeah im going to check the datasheet on that
too bad i just need two now stfu already
Rated current per contact 16 A
Rated voltage 50 V
wtf way too low
rab: yeah i might do threaded circular or some of those waterproof automotive things
anyway theres the xlr data
its seriously hard to find anything close to that kind of quality for a couple dollars
ha nice
for that i think i can get the automotive stuff
theyre like $1.50 i think
for vanilla NC3MX and FX

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haha i can just do tinned wiretales and include wirenuts
(is what ive been doing)
i know that
thats why i asked for a suggestion because i dont feel like shopping for 3 days
damn thats nice
maybe i just use an XLR connector
then i ask them if they red the bright red warning not to be retarded

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rab: ideas for 24V inline power connector?
like around 3A max i guess
hmm i can get free hanging molex-156 stuff?
well then what
is what im asking
kinda like din connectors??
i dont need 4 tho!
i wonder if 2 lead is way more

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blackmoon: liability in court
tho yeah its not nearly long enough to read it

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most are
that shit was just supposed to be for FBI warnings =(

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on the fly from any decoded video?
because this was the magic of aalib
oh no shit?
i didnt know that i use to do it in xterm with mplayer
damn i have not installed it on the win7 yet
yeah i used to do huge terminals and skinny fonts
i wish i was a little bit lazier i could justify a cleaning girl
i guess if for some odd reason in the future i have a lot of extra weed i can pay a girl in that
yeah its really sad
i wont buy a bluray player because of people stories

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its better than aalib pr0n
but aalib pr0n moves

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yeah my fed refund comes tomorrow

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