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im amazed those china scales work at all
industry standard
0.1g res

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champi0n: hi
close your eyes and click at random?
haha i don't pay attention so every few months i am like JEZUS FUCK WAT MANY TB
raid is so easy these days every mobo got it

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you should prob change the battery

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heh @ 120V LM317
that would rawk

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yeah probably better that happened than not, heh

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exjob had 127V rails
get an old analog thing
when there is any kind of disruption they will swing for a bit
so you dont have to be staring at it to notice when mains is freaking out
ha, boom
i get brownouts here
lights will flicker for minutes at a time

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tonsofpcs: japan rails are like around 15% low compared to 120/240VAC
so with linear unregulated supplies (traditional audio) you get significantly less power

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they were freaking out because i was going to fast
trip out maybe its not cell phone emi
well it is
but i think they sampled it into the music
rab: anyway the competition was spec'd 100-240VAC, but it tested like half rated power on japan rails =D

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government never lies
i need a variac
rab: at exjob when they had me design the little active speakers, they wanted one transformer for the whole world
including japan
but they wanted gauranteed min power spec
EI core
cheap thing
and no dev time
hahaha when i was picking up my shit, other worker was like
haha i kinda laughed

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if the sun is your reference point, yes.

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cell phone EMI in the dnb live set =\
its kinda more like chirping square waves

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fuck metric

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yeah non linear game walkthroughs will extend gametime indefinitely

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linear hydraulic stuff
turbine generators are hydraulic

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yeah wtf
yeah rly
hahah @ slow machine center feeds just calmly moving through metal
i cant really tell
the small one could be 1/4 or 1/8" iunno
it might be bigger the other two might be 1"

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zirconium nitride?
Name: Zirconium
Symbol: Zr

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prob not as hard
and it prob doesnt help much
i didnt say it was useful i just said you can buy them
its so you can sell them as TITANIUM
and not be lying
TiN, TiAlN, um
theres like two more i knew about
there you go
$$$, no?

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i got the plain carbon ones for like $13 a set, SAE and metric
for plastic and maybe aluminum
yeah but those are TiN and like 2x more money for way less stuff
theyll prob do thin aluminum enough times
do you really wonder why?
sure they do
you can get TiN from enco and mcmaster
actually it prob helps carbon the most
just not enough and prob wears away faster because of the larger amount of flex
yeah but its hard

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i know
this is mostly from cooking and eating at like 3am half asleep and then crashing out
its called sleepiness
i hate that

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doing dishes sucks
and most generic/commodity shit comes in dip
but i cant just put like dried out stuck on food in there
fuck that laundry is easy
theres not like, dead rotting shit involved
dude if i was doing them the same night why would i be bitching
when i say doing the dishes sucks, i usually mean doing *all* the dishes sucks
again, thank you captain obvious

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hate the square holes

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