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wtf there is drum n bass on the radio
like the radio radio not the internets radio
i dunno 15%?

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least eagle seems to work fine
you have yet to come up with good reasons
other than 'i sucked at it'

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client attached to a p2p client
iunno, 2002

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thats all i remember really was it had better covers
inside it seemed like another pc nerd magazine
the underground, yo
$8.99 at every corner in america

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blackmoon: hahaha yeah
blackmoon: your face gets all warm right when it happens!
like your skin feels the light or something
i never read nerd magazines
you realize when you started reading wired and thought it was awesome...
everyone who was reading 5 years before was going like, HEY REMEMBER WHEN THIS DIDNT SUCK?
then you are really nerdy
if im at a book store im sure i can find something better to read than magazines

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it melts mesquito wings it can prob barely burn your armhairs
so does light shows at partys
those green lasers will prob burnup mesquitos
danielson: wgich happens
cmon youve neber popped flash bulbs in your eye at point black?
retinas are not so fragile
like put it up against your eye socket
fuck that, mesquito death star fyw

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it is when you dont concentrate the bad shit
almost all of it
neat high speed vids
dunno its prob laser, mirror, some servos and a uC
danielson: nothing

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urmom is farted

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so i guess something bad happened at the olympics

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i dunno since before i went to sleep today
maybe 12 hours but i was sleep for 6 and then doing other stuff
do you think im srs
inittab: powertoy calc doesnt work
life is over.

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tv sucks so it doesnt matter
no it just happened
woke up and it was just there

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i had powerpad
youd sit down and stomp with your feet

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its powdery and comes in little vials
thats what you do with powdery drugs
yes danielson, try it
only on special nites
yeah shes okay but she better be funny and smart and good at the sex and stuff

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blackmoon: ive always been tempted to snort keef
im pretty sure itd hurt bad that shit makes me sneeze just being around it
how are you sure it wouldnt do anything
you should try it
i dont think boogers are all water
how do you know keef doesnt react with boogers to make thc available to blood
you should try.

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but i dont get a deal when i buy more really, so i dont
i should go through people more
i think $150?
im going to try and get it free this year they fucked up my info in the db
theyre not bullshit drs, real drs
theyre not primary physicians
the law is anything that weed can be helpful for
and well really it can be helpful with pretty much anything
sure if it helps you when youre depressed
you have to bring some form of documentation
thats their job theyre weed drs
of your problem, from other dr or similar
from a psych dr or facility of some sort
yes duh they are medical professionals thats all they ever want
weed rehab?

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whats your point
i dont spliff
i dont get that shit
you know europeans think were insane because we dont spliff?
it does
dude ive had this argument with stu
rolled in what
well anyway it sucks dont do it
In Europe, some Commonwealth nations and the Middle-East, joints or "spliffs" are rolled by mixing cannabis or hashish with tobacco.[8] In North America since the 1990's, a "blunt" is rolled using a cigar skin, from which the filler tobacco has been removed, to wrap cannabis in.
we used to roll finger thick ones at big shows
we used to have alot of weed =\
now i can drive down the street and get it

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og kush will make you sneeze and doesnt smell like purple or bubba
yeah basically
properly grown and cured is awesome and all
but properly grown and cured vanilla indicas wont fuck you up like kush
well i go to a shop and pick from 30 or 40 jars
and before that i was getting jars of diff types every week
its expensive to live here
we get paid more but its not like we get paid 2x more

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it did its a mutation
its not from like, hindu kush region of who the fuck knows
incubus: then we broke it and made it better and pwnt cannabis cup with it
sure it does
something happens and your clone mutates
i dunno look harder happened 1000 years ago
most shit is cloned here
so genetics is pretty stable aside from weird mutations

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in the 90s you couldnt get bads weed in the valley
and 80% of it looked exactly the same
medium green, even fuzz, orange hairs
and everyone said it was from BC
no single man can keep millions of people stoned
i dont know anyone fucks with seeds really =)
weed always is
well unless youre in the ghetto
but that is 30mi from here
even the local microghettos have ultradank
not here
i can get the og kush for like under $400
and thats top shelf yo it dont get better than that
cali kush
original kush
when everyone bitched about spending $45 on an eighth
they would GLADLY hand over $75 for the og cali kush
i was getting zones for like $200 for normal dank
why that was the original strain that won the kup
bubba and purple came after, they dont make you sneeze
now there is like 1000 diff kush hybrid

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i think bay area has tons of shops setup too, but i dunno if its crazy retail style like here
ltspice hires icon is not hires
i think it was kinda okay there
i know nevada is ridiculous
theres only like a dozen states now that dont have medical laws
all of BC's good weed comes from TX?
a city in texas
its is basically a pen for democrats
BC supplied LA

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most the time youre only 2 or 3 steps removed from the source
even when some douchebag says its from BC its prob from like 3 miles away
because you guys keef it before you sell it to us =(
so now you have the ultradank nugs with no xtals on the outside
yeah thats how it gets here
we smoke all our weed and also yours too
i dont think it happens nearly as much
maybe for WA and OR but i doubt it even gets to northern california much anymore
because the medical stuff in LA and mendencino mostly

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tekrad: if someone tried to pull that shit here theres a good possibility theyd get killed
theres plenty of money to go around if you want to be underground regarding the herb
like, good herb
you would feel it
your nugs shouldnt feel like abrasive burrs
no one would buy pounds of that shit
meaning it was prob a couple dickheads who did it
and made it on the news
and now everyone thinks all the ultradank is powdered with glass
anyway weed isnt super criminal shit, its more like business so its all people usually known each other years

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tekrad: cannabis w/ glass beads what?
i dont smoke ghetto weed
you would see it
you would feel it instantly there absolutely nothing gritty about trichomes
120 micrometers = 0.00472440945 in
yes i can.
and i can definitely feel that
you can see to around 1 mill pretty well with reflective objects
and you can feel objects smaller than that

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caseyador: hey guess what it did it automatically so you idea retroactively fails
fuck i loved that shit normal win calc is useless

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guys do you think xp powertoy calc will work in win7?
okay brainian if that worked dont you think this retarded check for solutionms dialog would have just said HEY JUST DO THAT
instead of I FAIL
they basically showed some lightweight wannabe stoner take two hits and pass out like a n00b

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why am i missing out
ren on county psych prescribed medication = useless
ren on weed = productive, capable of reading and goes outside and stuff
my mom would prob freak out if i told her i had stopped smoking
shes not a pothead then
so its rather meaningless
not hillarious its misleading and irresponsible
i havent been that skinny since i was like 6

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watching furiously
no worse
its just random clips
and cliche corp statements

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or use-enco

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is it a big video you can erase to make the flash useful?
wtf obviously it could be a 256mb drive with an avi

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expensive for a breakout
programming is programming
has a bootloader and usb

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yeah im already bored
this is way better than vista

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inittab: so far win7 hasnt failed
because it is unfamiliar and strange
but it plays portishead
i really like xfce4!
thats totally what it feels like
ive only been fucking with it for a couple hours
its like, vista rollback to almost xp
i like bsd, i dont like the company or the hardware
its fast

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okay neat
so far windows 7 just works
also it seems to handle font scaling for dpi changes without looking all retarded
but who knows maybe they did that in xp
er vista
heh @ xfce4 gui

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two cams

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