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no for out to dmm
do it on a schedule
blackmoon: also i have multiple bags of single RCA jacks

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okay fuck banana jacks
rca to banana ftw
i wonder how many people plug ph meter into there stereo to see what sounds come out

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oh really timecop
let me go back and fix that
i think there is a troll inside the timecop bot
cmon everyone knows tc is a sizequeen at monitors

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is that a link to an indian
copper aluminum alloy contacts
+ silver, ooo
anyone ever had any issues with those things?
other than shitty footprint wtf how do you put that shit on a board edge no wonder theyre $.40 i have to do this shit slotted
so like
.025 drills, .025 spacing from edge (haha test their router machine)
thats like, .05" back from a panel
or .05 of banana hanging out
oh wtf its small its for tip plugs LAME

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how do we know you are the real troll named timecop
what does that mean like trolls dont know about that
fucking banana jacks

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rawk, 8ohm woofer is actually 16ohm at my crossover frequency

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i think there is vagina involved

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