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teh analog, pheer.

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fucking mouser search is so fail

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need foods sleeps

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in labs and at shows
or maybe for $$$
thats kinda how i figure led lighting goes too
like once CFL dies off a bit and more factories do high power LEDs, prices drop
right now it sucks, cfl is like 1/3 to 1/5 the cost per watt maybe
the only shit it makes sense for is plant lighting because of the color selectivity
prob few other apps like that
yeah thats why i dont think itll be comparable for another half decade
unless cities start converting way more lights to LED
and really i dont see that happening for a few years either
if you buy like 6 packs of cfl its the same as buying incandescent bulbs

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yeah that sucks i guess you gotta do your own
does it have dial gages or just a panel and clear cover under a hood?
yeah that would be neat
theres no way to mount from behind and just have the edges masked?
i guess too close to the hood
if you wait like 5 years maybe oled film os cheap
like custom ratio panel, which prob isnt happening for a few $k
smaller lcd with no edges, which are prob close to impossible to find affordably
or yeah wait for something flexible that will be reliable

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is there already libs to handle that stuff?
like id think this has prob been done before
yeah i wouldnt count on stuff being contributed
but maybe someone has homebrewed it and has code to start with
that would be neat
thats prob not an issue now or soon
yeah but then graphics output isnt straightfoward
prob need your own driver or to figure out some obscure one
car lcd isnt wide enough?
functionally itd work, put alot of data in a small space
oh its too short?

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atom could do it like whatever
just gotta figure out how to get tha data into it
make timecop do it
dont need very much system to do that
and with some of the sensor stuff latency might be an issue
yeah i want to learn how to run emc2 w/ minimal libs and procs
try and keep mem and drive footprints down

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want atom mobos

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looks like they dev time was spent elsewhere, heh
i still dont get how it works =\
stinger__: yeah dunno
tho i could make an argument that it should keep the nets seperate in this instance
as you may specifically want to ground something through a pad
like through a chip
it is easy to connect them in schema
wow so like
it doesnt cool until it gets hot?
so like
this is maybe a good thing

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also more info on your stencil frame needs
wait wat
well its not like they knew how the mobo was going to be laid out
and something tells me they didnt do much research into most common socket to ram orientation

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but yeah in a capture app it would drive me insane
i dont get it do i need to watch more movies or what
is the blade
*is that blade
is those vampires
mfkr better have some holywater bullets or garlic katana or something
oh shit pcb no3 cut
timecop: your machine will do ssop/0402 like whatever, no?
machines i guess

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timecop: name it GND@0 and GND@1 in the symbol
and in schema itll just show up as GND
theyre independent
why the fuck are you using eagle
were going to be hearing you bitch for weeks
it shouldnt work
yeah in the schema
the other way is maybe useful in some case i cant think off
maybe on mad parallel stuff to save time but itd be way to confusing
like i dunno wtf it would do for pin labels
prob be pretty fucking ugly
hehe comma delimited 5" long pin labels
overlappin everything
but in like a detailed block diagram type of schematic
something drawn purely for documentation
i would prob connect it and do like GND[0..4] or NC[*] or something

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high speed encoding for transmission is neat stuff
thats neat
so it works but its easy to see the limitations
and why as the world gets more digital and more switch supply, itll work less and less
most of that noise isnt consistent
non analog noise canceling headphones prob work the same way
i guess that doesnt work for headphones unless the amp knows what its doing
analog stuff with external mic is prob pretty effective

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striplining is nuts
signal trace is just there to setup fields, then signal is fired between the trace and the ground plane
faster than electrons, light speed inside your pcb
crazy shit
danielson: phone wires are for low bandwidth audio
putting high speed data on them is a hack
coax just needs specific loading
its waveguide, you fire signal down the insulation
like, cable will stop working if you stomp it out
but if your place has good grounds
you can transmit from one male F connect to another male F connect
just by pointing them at each other, like an inch apart
i think its phase modulation or something

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but you have to wait for it to power up from a dead startup
because you cant really do practical stuff learning from text in steps
you kinda need to have a bit of everything in mind when you do stuff
but basically everything comes down to dynamic resistance
so i mean when it really starts to click, everything is a resistor and youre back to the very beginning
as far as math
EM stuff is really weird tho
like i kinda have an intuitive grasp on it but i dont totally get it, i kinda feel like i need more physics and a decent book
well above few hundred MHz you have to design PCB with a concious mind toward EM issues
like spaghetti trace ridiculous density audio shit usually wont cut it

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do like 100R and whatever cap for the RC and maybe load it with like 100K that way the trace isnt totally dead
well the C
but sure you can go in parallel with the RC
use like 10K or something in that case
thats prob a better idea
it shouldnt affect the RC, and you have as much current as you want coming from the opamp
most opamps arent spec'd with like zero load
long dead traces can be problems
and the opamp will work better with some loading
you dont have a feedback divider loading the opamp in v follower config
neg feedback configs, your divider loads the amp so its always pulling a bit of current when active
you can make the RC knee freq stupid low if you want
sub hertz even

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damn at 5nF
wait nm brain fart i was saying nF thinking pF thats fine
you are a dic doing you opamp symbols like that
you can do like standard opamp symbols and link them up into one footprint w/ NC pins?
heheh k
its hard to read
danielson: why does 4.096 need to be buffered?
if your adc far or something?
anyway if the ADC ref input is far, do an RC right at the ref pin
fine then do ref chip into your buffer amp, and i would put an RC right at the Vref pin

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danielson: in the PCB you can always do pads for connecting into star ground with parallel caps, coils, and 0R jumpers (sometimes fits on the cap or coil), and just populate whatever works
easier to leave stuff out than rework stuff in

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like theres diff ways to do it and really theyre all kinda compromised
alot of stuff will link digital and/or analog grounds into the star with parallel caps/coils
ive seen just coils but this is really bad at dealing with ESD
yeah exactly
bring your analog grounds together
dont always assume a plane ground is best, think about your circuits capacitance vs any parasitics might happen
but in general if youre not lazy about it planes work well
but i mean they also present a big area to catch EMI and if your grounds have significant imedance the EMI might stay in the system
if you have traces grounds, theres not as much inductance/capacitance to hold onto charge it picks up from nowhere
but it might present a higher impedance to ground so your ground points might not be picking up the same noise

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put it by the sensor
not unless you cut it up to be one
and cutoff any paths for looping
also be aware of capacitance between your plane and any signal or power traces
you want power and signal grounds to meet at a single point near your main supply bypassing
ideally the bypass caps are your star point
you use a tree structure
no the psu ground should be the star
but you want to isolate power and signal grounds
like bring your signal grounds together and your power grounds together before you meet the star point
dont bring your analog and digital grounds together
keep them isolated
joining grounds in analog systems is kinda voodoo/art

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put like 100R in series with the output
else youre actively using the opamps short circuit protection
at turnon, with 100R, youre still prob up against opamp overcurrent protection
but like at least youre not dead shorting the thing, give it half a chance
if the sensor is very low power, consider using a above 100R but prob below 1K
if you dont like the idea of having series capacitance with the cap just leave the cap out
if the trace or wire to the sensor is long, put 100R on the output of the opamp anyway, cap or no cap, due to possible ringing from parasitic sin the trace
thats fine

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ha nice pic

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its like extruded 70s pcb, when they were still taping them out by hand
i want DSG

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babysitting cnc is boring
i need a machine that watches the machine
i should figure out how hard it is to hack encoder signals back into emc
tho irl its prob some hydraulic lockout bar or something, all undramatic
auto transmission design trips me out its like 3d pcb
yeah im sure
mblunt had this early 80s olds
which he sold to some black people because they wanted to donk it i guess
they called him back the next day like
so yeah, 80s transmission, prob late 60s design, didnt seem to have a lockout or lockout didnt work
i guess dude was trying to show up
`nico: yeah

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parallel im pretty sure i didnt wire them
yeah because inductance
zeeshan: unless the motors are wired funny inside theyre parallel
the wires are looped back around on the connector

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like, im fine with a hard .00025 step, i dont want a wobbly 0.00003125
like 1/8 stepping on the xylotex is basically the edge of the realtime capabilities
meaning its not sane
like it worked out for me for a long time but it always acted a bit funny and it was probably missing beats here and there
like when i do latency test, sometimes i let it run for a long time and my max jitter is fine for 1/8 step
every once in awhile i do the test and like my latency spike like 3x as much and its like almost impossible to keep up with a 30ipm rapid
and another problem i thought was the xylotex is definitely emc, i watched it sending pulses on the HALscope thing

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yeah, i think its usually a dac feeding the reference on current feedback switchers
so at low speeds it helps hand the spindle off to the next magnets
at high speed it really doesnt matter so much
but like, i click the gecko once and it does tenth steps to my next full step
unless im clicking it too fast then it will do less steps, i think its just a frequency limitation in their wave gen but it works out
xylotex, in 1/8 step mode i have to click it 8 times to make it go a full step
and itll float between steps chopping voltage to all the coils

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and it doesnt make a ton of sense to have optoisolators on the gecko for the partport inputs
but yeah i have to drive the xylotex 8 times as fast to do eighth stepping as a gecko doing tenth stepping
because its loud and it doesnt sound like the machine likes being tight with the full step
but i can loosen it because the motors will prob overshoot and lock up
anyway bbl

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i dont like it really, tho
geckos are like, full step in microstep out
and as you go faster, the wave shape resolution goes down until its square waves
i dont i want geckos
either a bank of 3 203v or a 203v for z and then the 4ch thing for X and Y
and i could hack 5 axis if i wanted
you can just connect the gecko to your parport
just have to wire the parport in, could just strip one end of a cable
the 202 and 203 are optoisolated
im pretty sure the 4ch is too, and it has a connector for parport
i guess its an optoisolated breakout
connector and maybe buffers and optos i dunno
well just wiring it into random stuff, yeah
i dont think geckos are two way optoisolated

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macegr: did i tell you they have art students at chico taking some electronics class includes arduino programing?
you should see the look this ceramics guy gave the arduino board
dude if i can sell a shield thing that does like one or a few simple things for $35 im not going to bitch about it that much
but dev kit in a mud studio, heh
most people do mixed media now tho, so i guess its neat they are trying to get them to put electronics in their work
like its not just one weirdo in the corner

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i need a wifi card for the cnc
yeah i dont think i need to go much further than subject to get that one

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but yeah it was pretty weird, like 4ch has a crush on a girl?
you know that wasnt gonna work out...
haha like they knew this one was a bit smarter and it just went to far
i wonder if thats how most marriages start

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dude its just black eyeliner
shes like a bad pop song that gets stuck in your head
high resolution emoticons

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anal0g`: also 4ch doesnt seem to have a lot of respect for hotter chicks

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i agree but now thats hes gone im kinda like, aw
hahaha thats a long page, ed <3s boxxy
thats sad the guy who did that video doesnt get that hes wrong at the end

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speaking of gay, The server at gnaa.us is taking too long to respond.

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The particular shots of the three cheetah brothers as shot by Michel and Christine Denis-Huot do indeed end with the young impala being eaten. That is the reality of life however much humans wish to anthropomorphiize wild animals.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246886/Pictured-Three-cheetahs-spare-tiny-antelopes-life--play-instead.html#ixzz0eQ9uPMIg
weird it snuck that last line in
i didnt copy that

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they prob just werent hungry at all and it wasnt like running when they met it
cheetah in 2nd pic wanted someone to scratch behind his ears

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thats maybe what happened then
k is working
so i click on image then hit flag as mod and it deletes it?
o, k ty

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so click it and go to the next one
i think big stuff is resized when its stored
hey how do i see flagged stuff i think my link was broke or something
printing flagged statistics:
it just says that
does it take long?
maybe i needed to refresh
like, twice to clear cache or something
no i mean before when i tried it
or maybe some else deleted it before i checked

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yeah i grew up in the suburbs so i really really like the honkie girls =\
that would scare me

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i wonder what thats from
except when you die
(im a translucent white redhead girl with little nose kinda points up)
timecop: http://lolwat.net/368f1861dba06ccfee53a2c05f600048

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my cock is Cock With No Name
like the clint eastwood guy in those sergio leone westerns
necat http://lolwat.net/884da8eb8dede4f20896d89fa7e42d42

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i have some 123 blocks in tons of small bubble wrap
and i step on them and it feels like when i stepped on dead rat

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but i never really use manual range
i need to clean up
there is like a sealed package of swiss cheese sitting here i was eating like 3 days ago
yeah opening it could be bad

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i havent checked i need to clean atf and years of oil and dead rat goo out of my space before i work on failvo
that stuff will eat cardboard i put down
i want that thing
but i guess its for china only?
has duty cycle and temp and uA more than the 111
no bar graph but i think that thing is goofy anyway

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rotella is cheap
aw really?
even a little bit?
i think a little bit.
k but mostly youre right
$20 a gallon is only a little bit expensive!
rab: do you know of this only for china fluke?
it looks like 110/111/112 fluke but more kickass
wow this is tldr and ive only scrolled down like 1/3 the way

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yeah it is it has a valve that moves around when you change steering direction and it like pushes the rack in that direction with the hydraulic pump on the engine
pretty neat
yeah i dont like that noise i try not to make it on any car
sounds like stuff is breaking
pretty sure its just opening some valve that stops the assist without the steering changing directions
but it usually a couple degrees to make it stop squeeling its not like thats really gonna affect your turning radius much
rab: is synthetic bad for failvo?
i dont care if it leaks or burns a bit more
okay well i guess i find out
i check fluids alot anyway because of the transmission
stupid o2 sensor is like $80

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but thats what would scare me
steering is an accessory
and losing power steering all at once while trying to like, emergency drive would suck =(
brake assist prob be okay
no i just mean the change
if you were in the middle of doing something
once it was done failing itd be fine
but if you were pulling the wheel and it only went like 1/3 as far as you thought it was going to go
well that could be a problem
like right then, heh
my crx didnt either
steering was awesome
parking wasnt so bad but like, above 5mph it was very tight
i really like honda transmissions and steering from around early 90s
i guess 80s stuff too
it does right turns from stops fine tho
i dunno was okay
mine is prob like 800 lbs lighter tho
yours is like 2600 or something?
mine wines at the ends of the range
i try not to go all the way

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if you unclutch something near redline maybe it gets enough inertia to spin up the motor enough to hurt something
but if you have a clutch youre prob not freaking out about cruise control or runaway accelerator issues
cooling systems are meant for like, summer in a desert cruising at 3/4 max rpm in top gear
your oil shouldnt burn that quick
its prob super bad for accessories and head to rev limit indefinitely, heh
just like, jiggle them, to death or something

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thats the only holiday im into
i miss it like 4 out of 5 years
yeah loaded with a torque converter i dont think itll hurt itself unless the cooling system is fucked

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also the gas pedal flooring
in pretty much everything ive driven with cruise control, the system pulls the gas pedal from me

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see the fucking woz is with me
wow thats kinda scary
(scary = cruise control disabling the speed limiter)
because from everything reported so far it seems like an ECU issue is likely

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wtf the top one
i know i read the whole thing
why are you reading pothead forums
speaking of cannabis
i need valcro

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