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i cant buy microtech cncsim
no amount of money saved you from license petrol station
its supposed to email me but its not

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it has dimensioning for every type of thread ever
super useful w/ a lathe
also speeds/feeds table
but if you have a feel for doing parts on your machine and have prefferred tooling already, not super useful
unless you decide to make 1000 of something
theres lots of text about diff machine operations
way more broad than just machining

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i have the hard copy
its like the bible only useful
i dont use it enough, lots of that stuff is easier to look on the internet or basically 100 pages boiling down to know you machine, part, and tooling because theres to manu variables to math this shit out for real

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youre trying to do precision timing on a higher level
like, why
yeah im saying how the fuck do you expect it to work
youre going to patch the iphone kernel to do what you want and just ignore everything else or what
single iphone app
it doesnt do any phone shit at the same time?

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yes i know im waiting for you to do better
use a realtime kernel
truth comes out
dunno my realtime thing is in the corner working fine

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timecop: nothing else can hang
turbocnc kinda does because its dos so it sucks anyway
kinda buggy
windows xp like, systray icons pops up a message, machine stalls
i think what happened this time is i clicked on a file and it opened in koffice or some retarded shit
and when it saved as text it added extra chars or something
except when i have finished pcb in my hand with like 1 hour leadtime
mk: taig 2019cr, dont msg
w/ xylotex + emc2
like min drill?
jezus fuck are you in 3rd grade learn how to talk shit
i dunno thats like almost down to 0.25mm

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youre making shit up
mach is unusable
turbocnc is a joke
doesnt mean emc is perfect, it isnt even close

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wtf emc is failing

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like penn is bitching about rich people running a company
yeah im really surprised theyre flawed hipocritical people
yeah thats bullshit
its not the problem its that theyre punking people into using their products or sueing them
no monsanto soy seeds

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in order to inflate our standard of living relative to the rest of the world
everything is much too cheap
because its mass produced with absolutely no attention to quality
the consumer has demanded it
have fun eating shit
so anyway, given the two extremists in this context its really easy to pick sides

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which is exactly what it sounded liek you were talking about at the beginning
you want no kill shelters reality, you regulate per ownership
until then, deal with overpopulation
well they dont like that humans are destroying the earth for cheap dirty meat
id have to agree with that
nazi concentration camp = livestock farm might as well be valid
that people cant accept this is amusing
the chiken obviously doesnt like it
but that aside
its dirty
but what
thats what meat eating is
you cant say meat is awesome we can eat meat like we are, then say the vegan argument is bullshit
they see a problem
and theyre doing something
so anyway
vegans are making shit better in general
maybe one day
when youre not eating shit with your meat
you will have them to thank
maybe it should
you know literally all of americas problems are due to undervaluation of product

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he said obama isnt buddha
the dali llama wouldnt have killed the fly
its valid observation about the human race
danielson: you know about half this shit on penn and teller bullshit is bullshit, right?
no but it wouldnt be a bad thing
considering how bad the factory meat is
so what
have they killed anyone? no
are things prob better because of them? probably
do they waste money? of course duh every big organization does
but the guy said obama didnt have to smash the fly
that buddha wouldnt
well thats what was in the video
yeah duh

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damn you guys are asses i just came over here to turn on the a/c and get xylotex datasheets
what should they do with the animals in the shelters
set them free in the wild?
maybe instead of bitching you should help find the animals homes so it could maybe just be 85%
also aint shit happens unless you give money to DC
sorry welcome to reality
yeah you think they could handle the load
it doesnt make mathematical sense
peta does more than you do
wtf are you talking about
and specific stupid instances dont mean much compared to what theyve done besides that
extremists actually get shit done
show me the fly thing
seriously wtf are you talking about

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ive eaten at subway, ive eaten at whole foods
i am, in fact, the same person
again wtf are you talking about
youre buying coffee like milk with 6mo out exp dates from electronics retails warehouses
whole foods is a high end organic/health food market
the expensive one
you can walk in and get a sandwhich around the same price as a meal at subway
costco isnt great coffee
i get that organic stuff because its ground and not awful medium blend
hahaha what
hacked` youre an idiot
san carlos deli, sandwhiches are 3x as big
price is same
and i can get a bottle of real cream soda
not some fountain bullshit
also if i want they has the pasta
and most markets wont use the freshest produce
but they wont use crap because its like advertising
whats that have to do with you buying coffee from Fry's 6mo before it expires and thinking its fresh
dude if they wanted you to know it was fresh
theyd put the date produced

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it was prob ground like 6 months ago
no danielson he does because they says so on the website
they could have ground it 4 years ago
stuck it on a crate
sent to a distro
and then the distro sends them out 6 months before expiry
when theyre the edge of bad
and people like you buy it thinking its fresh
because its later expiry date thats everything else there
no it wouldnt be false advertising
if its best by it means prob not moldy and fucked up by
dude those veggies sit there sliced all week
competition is whole foods
their sandwhich counter in the store
thats real fuckin sandwhiches
about the same amount of time to go in and get one

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with super stale coffee because you dont buy it anymore
or you buy coffee and throw it all all the time just in case
wtf mess with filter and shit
the hardest part is putting the water in the machine
srs if thats too hard takes too much time why dont you just buy bottled coffee
because we dont like you
i never seen it
youre buying coffee at electronics shops?
oh yeah
thats fresh
how long are they good
how long are they good
so expiry date could be 2 years
and they just dont shelve them
youre drinking state coffee

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for a plastic packet?
how do you know they dont grind it and let it sit there for two weeks
youre still dating website girl?
meh gotta go
they prob buy the coffee, grind it up, and it sits there
in fact it serves them better that way
because if it airs out a bit you cant tell when its super fresh
so its more consistent

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haha you have one of those coffee packet machines?
wtf @ 10 cups
same shit
i have grindy thing and coffee maker thing
why i need plastic packets
it is until i open it
and drink it in a week
and it tastes pretty much the same
they dont its vented usually
well, the bags are
the cans prob not
wtf @ packets
its prob freeze dried
wtf, put breaks in grinder put in filter whats the big deal

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actually i need some of that right now
if it sucks
i had to do milk and sugar in work coffee
dude just wait 2 minutes
not brewing dork roasting
i get that Kirklands medium roast organic ground stuff from costco
its my backup for when i run out of real coffee
yeah fuck blends this single origin stuff seems to kick more ass
wtf in bulk
i go through the can in like a week or two
i get my shit from trader joes
tho whole foods has a bunch of coffee im might try some of that stuff
i have a $20 4 cup mr coffee =\
mine only makes as much as i drink

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if rane has shit in simi or moorpark google maps dunno about it
maybe my friends bro said somewhere else
fuck retail
id rather do techy shit for salemen
fuck montreal
that girl doesnt talk to me anymore
prob a good thing
actually no really neat place
fuck that
why dont you just chew on some plastic
just drink that shit black
if you cant drink it black its shit coffee you shouldnt be drinking it

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whatever if its $$$ you guys are bad for productivity
i should be cutting digitals pcb
hahah yeah
they key is to not be homeless in 3 months
been there, done that
Communication skills must be adequate to interface effectively with customers.

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i got new album
i dont remember any of it
so it wasnt awesome but it couldnt have sucked that bad
for what
im not that
k i check
i do
stanton sucks
hey its funny they fired us right before NAMM
other hacker was gonna tell QSC [censored]
danielson: everyone knows already, tho
i can prob do that
timecop: i would have to contact them but sure
something bad, duh
naw worse that prob would have tripped protection
that took time

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oh you mean the pots w/ built in knobs?
just buy whatever knobs
knurled shaft is usually the easiest to use
D shaft i gotta figure out how to align the pots so your knobs point right
no whatever you want
theyre ok
and then
i thought you dont listen to music

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digi-tal: Z pissed my off but its software
so im turning microstepping off to unload the realtime
digi-tal: im cutting the pcb tonight the board is in the fixture
heh the board os in the fixture
why the fuck is it 20 degrees hotter inside my apartment
its prob the black mold insulation
the amp the controller i havent done anything im waiting for you to tell me how you want the layout
did you get your kunawbz

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isnt french GNAA an oxymoron
well, it could be both you know
moron and oxymoron

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danielson: pls2ed like as if google
gtronix sounds like vibrator technology
so GNAA forked or something
timecop: you are being trolled by newer younger frencher GNAA?

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pimp shelves
bench part of the bench is kinda short?
werent you going to unpink that house
k time for fake racing

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ha neat

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woooo used up newark discount \o/

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mrtube: make sure theyre .75" spaced and get pomona MDPs to do the speaker cable ends
hey whats a good inline connector
for 2 leads like 16awg
like molex 156 shit i guess

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if you care about efficiency, yeah
i dunno do it linear
and im pretty sure you can do current feedback setups with dc motors
but i dunno if you can do current mode switch controller stuff with brush motors

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yeah lemme just kick it here at the plug station for 4 hours
no big deal
that tested over 20 hours?
blackmoon: 1hp = 750W?
768, something like that
so i mean yeah carsis alot of fucking power

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inductive charging ftw
just have the robot rub its butt against something
dx^: hi
17:37 < DX^> I was thinking about pushing the old battery off and pushing the new one on
this is best idea for electric cars i think
like have three rails and contacts on the batteries
and put diodes on the batteries
and like, you can slide on in and have the other pop out maybe robot doesnt even need standby power
and doesnt need to power down
your power input has to be able to deal with the voltage jump from low to charged batteries
no just have it drive into something maybe
if it can move 300kg it can drive into something and have that push the hold battery out
so you have some sort of automated platform that handles sliding in and picking up the popped out battery
seriously this is prob how cars are going to be in 30 years
serious fuck this charging your car bullshit

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slightly losing
hanging in there tho

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if its an audio job, not for cnc or gen electronics stuff tho
that might be illegal!
but i really like WA
and theres lots of audio there and on of my oldest friends and his family is there
tonsofpcs: thats why i said might i think the laws are more local than state even
is that canadian money
whats that in us money like $800
are you guys winning or losing at money right now

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1 bed here are like $900-1400, super nice places are over $2000
1400 isnt neccessarily a very nice place
ya rly
do you know anything about commercial space?
tacoma looks similar
cheapest stuff is maybe half as much as here
almost everything here is $1/ft right now, like small and medium shop type places
i dont think i could live in a place like that

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i wonder if it was cheaper like around tacoma or not because its bigger city
inittab: really or joke?
no are you doing one i guess no
danielson: gimme a general range
theres supposedly decent amount of pro audio up there
or was
thats like half the rent as here
actually thats eactly half
yeah i driven around there i seen diff neighborhoods

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i will have to find your location and troll you in person next time i am up there
that place like straddles suburban/rural
danielson: how much is a 1 deb apartment in seattle?

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they dont know what irc is and stop starting shit
heh puyallup
you live in tacoma?

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so you see people like this exist
i fucked up

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dots. 3
okay im order these leds and take a mfkn nap
no, up late
fuck i think i left my graphing calc and clipboard in the car
gonna get jacked
i dunno man
hey you can prob get $40 easy for that calc
its like a $100 calc
yeah students need them
students are poor
criminals supply poor peoples with things they need

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its as stupid as your commont that reincarnation is fact
dude dont fuck with it
knowing lope this is cheap hardware probably 9/10 of the pcb is unpopulated
you shouldnt quick on off cycle shit
positive tempco resistive thing

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thats like, dissipation into the cloud
wtf are sf authors
mk: exactly what he is saying
yeah but you can garauntee more is reincarnated into you
my nick is renesis not Renesis, asshole

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tekrad: were all the same person
due to conservation of resources it doesnt make sense that souls go from the dying into the living in a chronological fasion
such as you die, then come back when someone else at that moment when they are born
because of population rising and etc etc etc
so you can prob come back as people in other times
if thats true, everyone can be the same soul
over and over and over and over
reincarnation and karma are tools to explain to people that life isnt fair
karma means exactly the opposite of what the popular belief is
it means if you do something good, there is no reason you should ever expect anything good to happen to you because of it
sculptor: um
i just explained the workaround
thats not reincarnation

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yeah thats a raffle
thats some bingo/church shit
i wouldnt consider that a party game so much as host trying to come up hopefully
hahaha or losing money that would be awesome

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just a betting pool you can do it with anything
like everyone buys in and picks something and the winner gets the pot
you can either make it so peoples choices dont overlap
so like the pot isnt divided and one person wins big
or you let choices overlap and its like a simple odds system
because more popular choices will payout less
like the table would just be possible points in one column and people who bet on that choice in the other

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