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timecop: ha
07:29 < timecop> renesis: lol http://www.google.com/search?q=ifaglet
trip out
it has a name
damn i want some copper aglets
For a time during the Great Depression aglets were made out of paper and glue.
yeah i didnt kno
ya basically

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those are my fav porsche rims
could you street that thing?
i see 550 sometimes, no idea if any are real
550/914 > 356/911
i think im going to go to ralphs
100, yay for homologation rules

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i <3 them but theyre like $8k more
i didnt like 924/944 at all until i found out about the 50/50 weight and the transaxle
the front is okay but the tail is like a datsun but like, not as sexy
the low edge of the hatchback glass needs to be like 3" lower tat shit makes it look all hunchback or something
personally i think mazda did their 924 much better
pretty much same, bumpers and tail lights are diff
i really dont like either in terms of styling but for the $$$ seems like a neat car
decent 928 is like $10K
its just the 80s version it still has the awesome c pillar with the fail hatch glass

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wont keep your uptime unless its a a tiny blackout or a biass ups
least give you time to do something
and digiproject needs the cnc to be cleared off
because itll spray copper and FR4 everywhere
im just going to trow all the shit under the other table
deal with it when i buy the shelving hardware
that is neat
close too

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she doesnt know why they put a stagecoach trail there instead of by the 101
i need one of those

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i have toast and almond butter and blackberry jam but no milk
my friend took me hiking with her doggy yesterday way above chatsworth park
i need to do that more
but we come in from another park to the south and and hike north along te ridges maybe a mile
by the time you are by chatsworth park you are like way high in the rocks
like youre basically looking down into it
fun hiking with her she knows lots about rocks and local plants and history and stuff

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no place to put cnc stuff is all crowded around the cnc (
also im hungry i think i have to go to ralps or tommys
valley sucks at 2am
it sucks they are like almost te same distance in opposite directions

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i should finish it up
burners need way more power than readers
they go fast

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they got my last one perfect but i was super careful with all the silk in the footprints
no theyll edit if you have unmask/silk overlap
fuck eagle libs
yeah i told them no edits
silk is maybe off like 2mil on some parts of this board, its basically perfect
i have these preamp boards ive only tested the headphone amp part

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you can do inverted labels within the white label area?
like along an edge or in a corner
im not sure how i would do tat really
make poly pour box in copper layer
do text in restrict layer
copy the copper layer to silk layer
thats when the inverted text will go away and you go like FUCK or something

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eggsalad: when did rockshox become a prophet?

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like youd be able to see it but maybe not read it great
because you wont be able to see the copper under the silk
what kind of terminals?
little screw clamp dealies?
hey thats neat tats like perfect size to do that
yeah i think its prob okay
sometimes the mask doesnt always fillet the same tho
yeah possible

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okay cool
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 2
heheh, and 2
made me laugh, i think they meant 20
wtf @ 20mm frame like wtf are you pasting
wtf 1mil stencil
thats gonna last 3 minutes
theyre steel
so its not like tin foil
do you know what feeler gages are like?
1mil is like so thin it feels like plastic
macegr: im trying a new plant led concept
oh nice
like strips on mixer stuff
ive only seen that for QA marks and rev numbers
yeah prob works except wit weird mask

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because you cant juist wing it you have no way of knowing
timecop_: doesnt look hard
like, i dunno figure out the important features and shit
its probably not made in asia
and its probably cnc machined
so non asia cnc time ia $$$
they prob dont sell a ton either so might as well make it count haha
even half that would seem a little unreasonable
but the finish looks nice, im not sure what the design is like really mechanically
but materials is prob like $60 haha
how big is it?
not you
the frames
okay so its maybe a multiple setup type of drama but yeah doable
is there a standard mount pattern or what?
china just cuts what you tell them too?

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alot of times cam editors will do code that machines air
some cam software is super simple in its path algorithms so like, half the time in a complex cut operation its trying to cut shit it already cut
sometimes its easy to edit out that stuff
its just connect the dots with a text editor
well, 3d connect the dots
with sharp spinny things
or i guess in your case grabby things
yeah all that stuff was lots of fun
do you do any manual machining?
you should try anf find a way to get that experience
yeah but its different when you cant feel it
manual machining, you can tell when the machine is loaded and back off
CNC like, that shit just goes most machines will fuck themselves up trying to obey you
like a dog or something
so like, learning speeds and feeds and other manual machining stuff is super useful in CNC

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that shit came out awesome that german vegan girl was 1000 noms
simple stuff yeah ill usually draw sketch on random paper and draw in dimensions
and calculator the radius offsets and write them in
and either do manual data input line by line from the sketch or notepad it real quick
i can use mastercam
i use eagle to generate code for pcb cutting
what do you mean
yeah itll make a file
usually you hit post, and itll make a coded file with all your operations
path0s: heh
k i maybe steal your idea for learning curves in solidworks
zeeshan: cam editors are known for making incredible inelegent code
more for compatibility and ease of editing
yeah thats good
most jobs will specifically say they want you to be able to hand edit speeds and feeds

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because memory and programming costs money and takes time and mostly no one uses that shit because their CAM tools export really genertic code anyway
rab: doubt it that sounds much stranger
didnt see pic =\
zeeshan: thats way more human readable than rs274
shit that has words
tecan is like #electronics eggsalad
oh damn should we be posting redtube everyday?
shit i didnt remember did you remember?
tecan: lasagna is #1 food category
hey i should try and make a badass lasagna with fake meat like i did with the chili

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what are robots coded in?
besides gcode
its not gcode tho, is it?
i think theres another standard for most robot stuff
yeah its prob same thing with diff commands, maybe modality works diff
anyway my guess is stuff like variables and conditional loops is controller specific
so your shit may not have it or maybe it does and you dont know and it maybe doesnt matter because implimentation maybe sucks
so thats maybe 20 to 50 lines?
if theres more than one company making these things i doubt that
like my guess there is some standard thats barebones as fuck
but capable of doing the actual control for any machine
and then all the variable and condotional fluff depends on who makes it

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so neat like $80
or $100 for intel
the shitty thing is, this sempron cnc controller is kinda low power and wont die soon
so i guess i just wait until it is even cheaper
until there is mufuckers from downtown on the tv smashing them because their prices are so low theyre crazy
macegr: i have psu and drives and maybe ram but prob not right type
i have like a 500W for it
rosewill thinger
and i want to do my own box with seperate compartments for mobo and psu and step drivers
that shouldnt be more than maybe $25 in acrylic

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i wonder if the layout is trash
the silk is really nice, heh
whats fp1
laser factory
big cheap laser factory
its in china
works, like a 10sec load tho
aw fuck ram
fine i will give it ram FINE

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hey neat
i like how these foxconn dorks do their ref labels
rab: i was just starting to dig the header parport thing
dont need it
need parport, rs232 is nice
dont care, would rip off any fan and put a 120mm
i want to do a custom case with the step drivers too
and some control relays
also switches
prob eeprom
its whatever has that pinout with spi they want to put there then
its ninja socket, macegr
dont worry, ninja socket
its id info probably

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neat, zoom
ha i like their multi pitch cap footprints
thats foxconn tho

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like even if i saw good numbers on an atom i wouldnt really believe it until i saw it running on that mobo
oh no parport
well nevermind
oh i guess i could slot it
neat it has a slot
thats bad rab!
more mobo junk usually is worse for latency
my cnc doesnt need hdmi!
media box would be nice
but irl i prob just end up using main pc to do that
i cant turn main pc off
hard drives will turn stale
normal pci fits tho?
checking for parport donglecards
i doubt they would disable it on versions
i wouldnt be surprised if the head was unpopulated tho

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i dont mean homogay in a bad way i mean it in a shiny glossy w/ eyelashes sorta way
and im just not into that
first gen eee in black were like mini thinkpads tho
mine is still the best looking one
mines useful
like, i was dumb to buy it with the 7" but i knew it i told everyone else not too
i wonder how atom is at realtime
buy one for media and one for cnc
yeah i wouldnt think
decent clock speeds and integration of peripherals is prob better now than a few years ago
latency is kinda random and has alot to do with the bios and drivers

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hey but thats pretty sweet looking
eee always ran funny on stripped out xps
i tried nlite and another one
i did full install and that shit is like, super normal, boots in 10sec
it boots in like 3 or 4 sec before you install drivers and software
oh you have a hdd one?
i only have 4gb its basically a platform for external media
techsmurf: yeah thats how i felt but some apps and drivers seem to get confused
like nothing was broke but alot of stuff took way longer than it should
i think my ssd is on pcb
im pretty sure actually and 4g isnt worth upgrading
yeah on the 8g
mine has ram in slots tho
the 2g had the ram on pcb
hey do they have flat black eee anymore?
because im sorry glossy eee look homogay

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he prob just goes commando because all his whiteys are dirty
i hate how his initials are one character off from mine
thats my middle name mfkr
ok no really its m.
okay no rly its manual, but its not mexican like you think
see i had like some relative named emanual
but jewish people cant name you aftewr people who are still alive
so they tricked god and named me manuel
no like relatives who are still alive
and no not really they just random allocate hex strings and put berg or stein after
works quite well
nice one
so yeah my middle name is like, fake mexican truncated jewish, or something

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i use my own symbols
eagle sumbols look retarded
but i like the schema editor w/ my symbols
vector font = godfont
haha wat
lunix can barely connect lines
no one uses stallman shit
who cares
this guy is like rick rubins uncool twin

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solidedge academic marketing campaign = success
i know i can tell
its good for drawing
it needs more circle/arc options really
but i dont use eagle schematic editor because i need to, i actually like it
i can get schema to look exactly how i want
neat this trader joes medium roast kauai coffee is almost light roast
like there is still little film blobs of oils on the beans, not all burnt off yet

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not so much
it has that unartistic functional look
like, normal pcb
it doesnt have enough modify tools
you can hack it with alt grid
but it sucks
anyway i think eagle ui would suffer
if you added complex snaps and too much cad editor stuff

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hey the 47K worked?
and you should try and see if thats consistent with all of them
maybe he half blew out a pin on the avrisp
because thats kinda mind blowing
oh wait didnt you say there was an open trace
like off the reset
then yeah thats really wtf that it cant pull a 10K resistor
oh that doesnt matter
i was thinking like 2"
it shouldnt need a cap per debugwire spec, either

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haha cool

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timecop_: did you ever do any kind of testing with that little mic?
heh @ fusing issues
i once thought all my mega164 were fucked
but i just kept forgetting to undo th jtag fuse
actually i did that twice

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generic electronic modules = question mark block
hahah @ glue and piezos
omg that brings back memories
it was like $100 tube loctite rubbery CA too
is the code done?
like its not going to get bigger?
hope not, heh
that kills them completly?
or just kinda mutes them

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ha fun
are they ME to or whats their excuse
im laughing if they hav some sort of CE OR CS education
thats awesome
but youre maintaining it
is this high level stuff or micro stuff?
sounds messy!

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tekrad: blank?
er timecop_ ^
macegr: tracking them as cloud or particle light show or what
did i already say too much
dude link isbank
is blank
anyway you shit is not amusing
ha do you know this troll or something
i meant timecop_
not enough tab complete seed

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you throw in one way valves (diodes) and now switch mode power supplies make sense
bkinman_: k i msg'd you an email paypal as much as you want to that
also if you have interesting spam with like cats or like bunnies hugging lions or something, email to that

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when the pressure on the input goes away, the turbines takes awhile to stop spinning because they have mass
the sucking this creates on the input encourages negative voltage
and the push on the output encourages positive voltage
the current that goes through depends on the load, or the size of the hole at the end of the turbine
like, if the load is too big, theres too much current, and it takes too long for the turbine to stop
thats basically overshoot
the pressure at the output creates positive pressure, and will fill any capacitance on the output side
when the turbine finally stops spinning, the pressure is relieved, and the current goes back through the turbine backwards
like if it was filling a baloon, when it stops spinning the baloon will push back through it
thats what 'ringing' or 'reflections' are

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you could maybe get inductive spiking, if current in the measured wire or trace changes suddenly
like if you dont have appropriate loading or layout for the current sense coil
coil is like a turbine, when theres pressure on one side current goes through it the turbines start to spin

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they had this cover you had to pull off so the arms could fold out or something
and when i played with it i never had that piece
but i remember seeing the piece all the time in random places at home and at friends
you calculate a power dissipation my multipling a voltage drop times current
im not sure i understand what reflected impedance is
there might be significant inductance in the trace layout to the load resistor for the current sense coil
which could make the measurements inaccurate in certain transient conditions

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which is the wire going through the hole
naw i dont want money thats all im saying
i should be doing useful shit
also dinner is done being nuked
what the fuck
you can just reach in and pull out his insides
new transformers are fail
theres like 3 or 4 generations of new transfailers already
theyve been doing them every few years since CG cartoons became popular
i would lose his tail wings
like you had to pull them off when you transforms him
its funny because i remember seeing random starscream tail wings throughout my childhood
like around my house and at friends houses
robotech VF-1 toys were the same way

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macegr: 5000 pics with 10000 wings?
or what
i dont think that with will fly with 5000 pics attached to it
you mean current sense transformers?
current transformers suck
all about old school transformers
except megatron
megatron was a bitch
also he was useless he turned into a gun
if he was running shit autobots would be done
its kinda like a transformer with a 1 turn primary

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macegr: wat

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14:35 <+inittab>
# Stores photos like a standard SD memory card
do they meanon the usb part or on the sd card
because it would be really fucked up if you couldnt store images on an sd card like on an sd card
i wonder if the 2gb storage is the sd card
man it would be ass if like 1/4 of the SD was ate up by some OS to support the wifi crap\

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i think its supposed to be standalone
sorry playing with vap whip

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if i was living on my own, for example without my mom i would have been eligible for county subsidized housing
because of my status as a ward of the court until i was an adult
i would have basically been fucked
like, some months i would pay for school books and shit instead of helping mom with rent
i wouldnt have finished school, im pretty sure
i think you can be a convicted rapist and still submit a fafsa

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secret monster
new era bad stuff
no not since before they cut me off due to posession charges
i think i got a small grant after that for a semester
ive also gone to jail for possession charges
anyway im eligible for financial aid
wtf how did i get possession
cops found weed on me
this is one of the reasons i was convinced by people to get one
ive also been to jail over weed cases
what do you mean grace period wtf is that
i finished my fucking NA meetings, paid my fine, did my time, and youre eligible again
that nothing new either, as far as i know its always been like that

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he admitted to murdering her
hes lucky he just got 2nd degree shit
thats what im saying
he didnt go along and he still admitted to it
he basically pissed them off then asked them for help
typically not the smart way to do things
but i guess hans he dont think too well under pressure
yeah it dropped the index
she was too big to put into the fs tree
my tools is hostage behind a mountain of bubble wrap
need to train cat to do it
we didnt loose the civil war
this isnt a confederacy
fed law trumps state
by following california medical law, you are violating fed law
you should be proud of it

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id do a 19 year old
i think panera girl is around that age
did i tell you she told me what shes going to school for
shes like [mumble mumble]
im like WAT shes like HOMOCIDE
im like, o scary i just do audio electronics no ever ever dies really
but i dont remember what the other word she said besides homocide when she mumbled it the f\irst time
magnifying glass on random hairs
so shes either not into me, has a bf, or is just weird or maybe super shy or who knows shes studying homocide in some form or another
didnt he show the cops
he did
i think thats how he got his deal
dont be murderin and shit
thats the rules
i think they plead it down

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what he smoked weed everyday or something
ground breaking.
well obviously
are you gonna say what happens or what the final conclusion of the movie is or something
so really he just smokes weed everyday
because prob 10% of everyone does that
is he a stoner or n00b or what
thats not even very stoned
wtf until a few hours before bed
so he stops smoking at 2p or something?
who the fuck is doug benson
so anyway i guess im not watching this documentary
um, yeah fuck that movie then
because who mail orders a 10 year older woman?
jeez timecop that was one of your more retarded questions

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they listen to everything
its all fed through filters im pretty sure
phone system is like ultra redundant just so they can do shit like that
heh murderfs
so is that defaulted fs on anything anymore?
no i been real distros
ive never heard of ninaos so its not real
never seen it
dont think so

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email or ring them on the telephone
it was longcats ban, if he resets it i dont care, and if you see mare talking anything remotely close to pedo related, hes perm banned
so it wont be long before hes perm banned
then well have to ban you
which sucks because you can be useful
i dont think irc heresay works well unless you are the fbi personally

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wtf is Play-To
you can stream from wmp now?
danielson: he didn that when?
if hes done any shit like that since yesterday hes gone
he was gone for like a month or whatever, if longcat wants to reset than ban i got zero issue with that

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hahaha @ min qty 50k
they dont still make them

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mrtube: i got dual 25W chipamp boards sitting here
they need 25V rails, max, for 8 ohms
they pop around 30V ive confirmed this a couple times
did mare bring up lolis?
also i figured it was short for lolipop too
whats wrong with $250 order
i thought your bossgirl had all sorts of money

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depends on the waitress
most wont be that nice for a tip
she likes you or she thinks you have money
so she prob likes you

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so if a resistor causes a fire
i can sue UL?
or wat
wats this guy trying to say

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i got something from exjob
this is not a check
wow so its like, they sent me my signed copy of the severance agreement
and broke it, on the same day

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dude if tarduino stomp on boards sell for $35 fuckit i make some of those

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fuck hitler is pissed too
hahaha he wanted to watch lolcat flv on his couch

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guys home come pots suck
heh @ stone
`nico: it has almost no storage and no usb

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so wanna make bets my paycheck gets here today or not
other hacker already bet $5 they dont come =(
oh you are a mfkr
i need fader samples
sounds like its coming along awesome
so it can paste 0603 fine?

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ALLEN & HEATH Looking for a place to manufacture in 1969, the founders, Steve Batiste and Andy Bereza (inventor of the Portastudio for TASCAM), took over a ball bearing factory named Allen & Heath. They liked and kept the name thus avoiding the time-consuming and expensive British company registration process.
hahaha allen and heath made ball bearings wtf
ZILDJIAN After founder Avedis Zildjian in 1623, and is recognized as the oldest continually family-owned business in America.

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11:42 < timecop_> renesis: i need you to increase jewgle rank of http://ifaglet.com
haha google doesnt just ignore lordpil yet?
i am on 2nd page of hits for cerwin-vega/krk/stanton
stanton magnetics seems to be really good at marketing, heh
exactly wat i said
on mine im like hit #12
mines two down
google trying to fuck us here

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how can you not take mayan end of the world serious?
its not literally the end its like, start of new era
last time it happened, the explorers showed up from spain
pretty much the end of the world for the natives

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