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tek plugin dealies or what
timecop_: The victim fought back, but his attacker kicked him repeatedly, police said.

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timecop_: its just a white led bar
Congratulations to efnet#cars, winning the first ever Historic Racing League Challenge!!!
k were you guys like YAY EFNET or did you flake or wat

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do tank wheels then
fine do those then
have fun fabricating the hub
wheels isnt hard parts its the shit connecting everything together
you can get vishay/dale resistors cheaper i think
heatsink resistors?
or dog turds
yeah fuck those
where is my friend why do girls take so long shes like 2min away
you making a motor speed controller or what?

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guys tonight efnet #cars historic fakeracing league is taking on these SRRS and underground racing league trolls in an interleague challenge of semi epic proportion
you have to be like YAY EFNET
do you have requirements for floor type?
if you can do this all concrete id go tank treads
yeah do tank
of course you do so say

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heh @ crayon wood

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felt wont do anything with the bass

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8" sub sounds pretty good in little rooms
oh, yeah 8" or 10"
avrphreaq of course has listened to *every* sub in the world
in every venue
with every type of source material
and meticulously, of course, because he does not listen to music in his normal life
because music demands concentration, and one cannot listen to music properly and function as a healthy human being at the same time
or some bullshit
maybe he really did mean submarines
it shouldnt really matter
sub frequencies arent very directional

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was really sad, warehouse and toolboxes and parts bins were like 80% leftovers from when CV was made in simi valley and KRK was made in huntington beach
tonsofpcs: do like sealed 10" or 12" ftw
is it for a little room or what?

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yeah im totally fine being done with that job i learned all that shit i had no clue about regarding speakers

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like, that can look like anything from the whole cone folding slightly to snakes crawling around the cone
then you can also see what power at a given frequency the voicecoil is totally out of the gaps influence
like, the coil gets away from the gap, magnetic force is very low right at the edge, but i guess when it falls out the imedance drops and it gets this squirt of current
and the speaker will like bounce at the limits of excursion
instead of peaking and returning smooth
this is super easy to see, slow motion
danielson: to get resonant frequency you just sweep the driver and test current to get impedance vs frequency and the resonant peak is a huge spike in frequency well before the rise in impedance from voice coil inductance
you can calculate most parameters for designing boxes and ports from the impedance vs frequency plot

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what do you mean
you set the slow motion time to like 0.5 to 3 sec
and you can see the speaker movement at a fixed slow frequency
regardless of actual frequency
you can see physical distortion in the soft parts, the cone and the leads
leads and surround/spider will get standing waves when its bad
its usually not symmetrical on the whole suspension either
so itll tear the suspension up or crash the voice coil
on leads that are too long and too close it can be super bad
because theyll like jumprope
like they will kinda spin aroubd instead of move up and down and in some really stupid designs, they can short
also standing waves in the spider where the leads are sewn in can kinda rip up the tinsel leads and cause arcing which can burn up the spider
then also you can see cone distortion

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very useful to see how and when the cone and surround bits and leads distort and form standing waves
so anyway the xenon tube in the strobe burnt out
and i call B&K and theyre like OH YEAH WE HAVE THOSE ITS LIKE $1280
and im like OH HAHAHAH
and i told other people at exjob and theyre like HAHAHAHA
so i made a led strobe lamp with three cree XR-E and like 3 degree optics
and then made a little box that hooked into the B&K controller aux output
with a knob so you could control the duty cycle
so like, it wouldnt burn the LEDs at high frequencies, and you could turn duty down to get clear slow motion effect
but at low frequencies you could like turn the pulse time way up and get super bright super clear slow motion

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i think all i have to do is take the trigger period and add the slow motion period
and send pulse to box at that freq
oh and do that divide input if output is >100Hz thing the bruel and kjaer did
at exjob we had a bruel and kjaer stroboscope
and you could set it to slow motion and feed the trigger from signal to an amplifier
and you could watch speakers in slow motion
at fixed frequency

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digital tramissions should be pretty immune to that shit
and do you mean rca cable for spdif?
its a big iphone
rab: i got led strobe and driver from work \o/
so i have to make slow motion thing
and the adjustable oneshot + current sink box
it has knob
for blur vs shininess
i guess sharpness vs shininess

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With iPad, you get all our latest innovations. And all our most advanced technologies
except a fucking usb port
the bezel is seriously like 40% of the front wtf kind of tablet is that
i guess not parallel enough for vid
rca cables can have noise and ground loop issues

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neat now $0
sweet <3 ieee
rab: they will sell online data plans
apple for ipad
srs wtf else are you going to do
cant even stick a usb flash stick into it

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so basically they took a tablet pc, and made it useless, increase bezel size to almost half the front panel area
is this shit like $1500 or what
$500 for 16gb and no phone stuff
isnt there an eeetablet or something
i thought it had a cam
wtf @ no gps is that even legal
wait you mean for the $500 wifi one?
so you cant even watch real movies with this thing my eee 701 is more useful =\

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define slow
i can see the images load in about .5 to 2 sec
u has blokd yoself
omg they got nico too
k bye
hahaha what

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i dont think its google as much as the content of the net
like, its a reflection of that, theres just more noise now than 5 years ago
someone has ieee access?
i kinda want AES access
danielson: some student thing?
how much do you pay for papers
or its free through school library service or what
so we just have to tunnel through you
well you said so in chan
so you already fucked that up
is fine
what do you want me to click

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rob -robert -bob
should work
yeah you would have to know
youd have to know every alias google uses
tried quotes?
thats lame

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i need some mfkn stirfry
you can do -otherform

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guys should i sell my tek 2335
its like, little
so like, its cuter, slightly more portable, and more useless than my 2230
yeah theres places in LA do rocky horror
i never seen the movie
i feel blessed
unfortunately i cannot say the same about jezus christ superstar
dunno is kinda modern in terms of cult/B shit, no?
like midlate 70s or something
they paid ubuntu to remove google default?
danielson: yeah youre like supporting his claims
yahoo is trash
people will just change it back
AVG does that yahoo toolbar and searchpage trash
fuck that thats lame

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no idea

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my foxit is fucking up
it says 2pi*R1*C1
yeah that one prob a typo there arent any other resistors in that circuit tho
guy drew that funny
kinda neat tho

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hi wat
just fucking ask wat
i have to make phone calls and pretend to be a social person soon
also hahaha @ itablet
half the surface area is bezel
and its fucking 4:3 its so fat!
fuck jobs, saleprick
i think it means they should be the same value
what page references it like paragraphs starts like...

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danielson: looks pretty neat

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