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guys so this wed, efnet historic racing league is taking on these people SRRS and underground racing in all mustangs @ watkins glen challenge
is basically efnet vs some other fuckheads so you guys gotta be like yay efnet, k
efnet fakerace people are taking on non-efnet fakerace people
is like, epic battle, everyone same car same setup
skinned cars so like, leagues are color coded

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fuckin do that shit optical

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its prob just a saw wave synth
that thing is pretty sweet
haha running the linux

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guys where is the li-ion battery hookup
where do i put dollars for amp hours
cmon really thats all you got
like 3AH+ 6V+
tho cells is ok

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guys all my scopes are next to me like we are a family
haha its kinda like the tek 2335 is humping the 2230 and the rigol is watching
old man tek 503 is up on a chair he doesnt even know whats going on

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heh @ in 8b
shes like half sprite high so shes like almost 8b already

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u are internets

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because it would get the kbd sticky

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user hit the X
time for some fake racing

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nuh uh
dont make me see that shit its going to be like 2 hours of wtf lame for 3 sec of neat
doesnt he fly with little rockets in his feets
because thats pretty lame
cornflakes nomnomnomnomnom
hey what was i doing just right now
i guess CNC Z
then i gotta test that shit

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heh my coffee machine is unblocked

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i think there was a robocop 3
what do you expect its teknique
okay all i have to do is tram the column
then cnc is done
build the enclosure around it and find a more reasonable place to stick the PC and step driver

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omg z is kinda a bitch to clean
also compression nut for the Z isn't, really
its a threaded brass block with a slide along the axis, like the X and Y
but there is no screws to put tension on it
omfg lots of grease+swarf
show him how to set up a server so he can connect to it from the other pc
if that doesnt kinda get him off hes prob not going to be too into it
some people dont care
its like cars
some people suck it up like sponges some people just dont care
yeah show him how to set up a server thing and how to do some shell script stuff

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yeah because power supply contacts are so unreliable
stop being noise

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yeah thats been high end psu fluff for a few years now
i dont think ive ever actually seen it in person in a system

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yeah i think maybe it can freak out the X/Y cap network on filtered mains input
but i dunno if it hurts it, just makes it do its job, over and over and over, like all the time
but big electrolytics after rectifiers, i dont think it would care
the only thing i can really think of is audio amplifiers and line triggered circuits
and in most instances those things would prob be okay too

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vortran: most stuff will be fine
it maybe flips out some audio amps
pc psu are prob okay with it they turn everything to DC as soon as it comes out the wall anyway
hey better than china
vortran: its prob an offline switcher its prob ok
audio amps and stuff that uses 60hz line for timing or waveform generation for something
stuff like, audio preamps and components i dont think will care because everything will be after linear regulators and the opamps will have decent PSRR specs

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does 1000V
50mV to 50V @ .025%
500V and 1000V @ .4%
youre reading it wrong
oh im reading it wrong
it only does 500 and 1000 VAC
well that sucks but thats pretty good accuracy so whatever
power supplies will have 180V offline rails on them pretty common now
im not
BK Precision, yes
pretty sure its all chinese but its decent chinastuff
good is relative, its not a fluke or agilent or something
itll work tho

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ok time to zeee
damn why my auto insurance went up again
oh stop sign ticket i guess

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