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like when its for 5min and nothing else works
no like on the tray clicker!
also i dont like finder

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wow i rebooted my pc is like 1800% faster
its like, oh yeah i have a quad core
that happens to exgfs mac
it gets stuck
im not sure thats the same
whatever if apps fuckup and it locks the system, thats a system bug
a moving pinwheel that wont click on anything is a locked system

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i feel like no need to full screen anything
is like a vast plane of pixels

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quality is pretty awesome
oh i dunno i was just talking shit
im sick of danielson hes causing trouble
kevtris has im pretty sure
read datasheet and app notes and tell us
wow dual wide monitors is pretty epic

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ok i try not to make so much noise then
yes probably hundreds of thousands of engineers

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i think its like, personal addy for your google apps stuff
no i hosted my own shit for awhile
i couldnt afford hosting
the whole point was free ic samples no charge so paying money to make it happen would have been fail
well fine i dont like you then
soviet russia
is like in a corner at work or what
haha wat

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what is this google hosting shit
is it 100% pure fail or what
Google Hosted
(ONLY use Google to host this domain, including Google Apps, GMail, and Google Sites.)

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04:57 <@inittab> task bar on all monitors, only showing whats on that monitor
fuck that i fixed it needed to reboot
taskbar on left monitor
spare monitor nothing

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wtf can only remove nvidia drivers cannot remove control panel

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windows shows both monitors as plug and play monitors
wtf monitor drivers

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hey what is this nvidia dual monitor bullshit
why cant i just do it normal with windows
clone wtf is clone fuck clone =(
i dunno some nvidia control panel shit i want windows to just see both monitors
so i can do it normal
dude fuck span
its cutting my taskbar in half
haha i turned scaling to do not scale
20sec later it switched by itself to use displays built in

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no just shutup, in your case
bighead douchebag
hey whatever 35 isnt bad
dunno didnt reads it
big heavy bike is bike
is big
but yeah is bike too i guess

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maybe he meant a switch on the panel
haha yeah neat
tell this guy he owes me and moon $40 each we have to bill him for like 30min
hahaha @ quad
you can prob fit like 7 in star pattern!
solder single pins with jig
no it will
3 will
4 will suck
blackmoon: for 8?
yeah kinda
well yeah considering whole situation sucks i guess that is pretty good
we just made it so he cant fuck it up
you want us to bend physics now =(

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to jump it wtf
he cant fuck that up unless he adds something
or do both sides
hed have to find another one
and i doubt youre putting more jumper shit on there
he can fuck dips up
not allowed states for jumpers is normal
heh @ switch and penny pinching
. .

so normal jumper works
oh wait i see moons layout is not to scale
jumper mechanical dimensions in ascii

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pretty much just throwing it at the wall and asking voodoos please
he needs 3t switch
thats not gonna be pennies
see it sucks because itll prob work
like blow on it funny it prob stalls or something
he needs a 3p switch
or fuckit
give him dip switches
and make NOT ALLOWED combinations
but fuckit i wanna see what xtals in parallel do
you just flip one
its disconnected its dead
you have stray capacitance
but youre going through a switch, so...
i dont think it would break anything
there you go
tell him only jumpers is cheaper
srs why not just use jumpers
2x6 2mm pitch pin headers
and a bridge

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do it
see if it works
itll work
just stfu and do it its not your circuit!
damn why am i the only one wants to see if it works
its 6mhz!
its like 50/50 chance!
yeah i was gonna say compensate for the contact capacitance
the shit is its capacitance to other crystals
results unknown!
unless you are doing like, 2p3t
even then
two floating xtals

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do all topside and wave it like the pros
haha what real shit has through hole parts
smt caps are fail timecop_
anything heavy enough or clumbsy enough to rip pads off the board
and smt connectors and controls just suck
they work but not indefinitely
hey i need work tell him ill do it
ok nm
if you think someone is insane thats bad
oh hahaha
i think i have that!

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who cares he can do it in a couple days
he needs practice at the assembly shit
as long as the dude doesnt totally insult you, do it
maybe hes loud about it, you get more work keep the machine cycling
naw whatever
it DRC checks and he okays the layouts, its his egg
whats it powering
anyway just shutup about it our youre going to be doing it for him
micros are usually like no volts to ,5V past sane
hey can you shit do through hole?
or just smt from tape

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blackmoon: heh, acrylix enclosure tray with standoffs for the machine feet and then you pot the bottom with a thin layer with the whole enclosure at a slight angle
so all runoff goes down to one corner
and then you stick a submersible pump there
and you just dump your lube/coolant into the tray
the tray would be on top of a 2x4' folding table (thats how cnc is setup now)
i wonder if it is raining
if it is not raining im bringing cnc home
i dont even wanna know the context that makes that funny
i should buy some wings and googly antenna for my cnc
i dunno i guess not/
paying well?
or what
are you doing design or what
just layout and assembly
he has parts (packages)?
yeah cool do it

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mcmaster needs checkboxes to narrow search
instead of just links
what if stainless steel or brass is okay
corian is plastic

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submersed pump for hydroponics = flood coolant for CNC
win \o/
just another day

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actually bye
rab: do they make kits to put smallblock into 740
or at least docs or the swap or something
neat thats easy to fix

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guys what if rain like, washes me out of my volvo
this isnt a problem tho
man i need to go outside but im going to get all wet
rab: is that how yours came?
that trunk has been through a lot of shit

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i used to short polaroid batteries with LEDs
my sister stuck scissors into the bad hole
those scissors had a nub
i did that once clipping a resistor from a live triac circuit
everything thing went white and there was a noise
and when i opened my eyes there was tiny burn mark sunburst

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thats the whole box, maybe wall mounted?
ok thats still pretty small maybe co2 is similar
cartech is so primitive
like there is prob car electronic schematics on caveman walls

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do they make electronic output co2 sensors?
like something just above ic level
little potted box or who knows
i guess because its so used to nitrogen
you just have nothing
blood is clear!
ok probably not
is the sensor something smell or big and mechanical?
i think the deal with sensing co2 involves like glass and chems or something
oh thats cool

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mouser will send me like 3 with a note like 'MAILROOM: DISTRIBUTE.'
im like wtf mail room its just me guys
some passives and connectors the catalog works faster
yes you can
product index
i didnt click on that for a long time tho i would just hit enter leaving the textbox empty
thats prob why i never did that
their search kicks mouser and mcmaster searches ass
macegr figured out what to add to a url to do it but i dont know if it still works or what

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buy gloves?

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are you talking about gas?
theyre talking about gas
i think you just turn a valve with a crescent wrench

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hahaha @ two days
thats just fucked up

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i almost threw the herbs away
A WHOLE 1/8!
the medicine bottle was all stuffed in a little white paper bag next to a bunch of fast food trash
kevtris: hahaha thats the headline?
blackmoon: i think it depends if you file for extensions and etc
oh in the winter
well we dont have that so nm
ive never heard of the law so im pretty its not like that here unless its by county

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happens a ton
hell alot of businesses today are just names for chinese manufacturing
like, we just do the marketing now
It was originally worth $42 million
thats it? wtf

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pfft i sleep on like 20" of mem foam
thats just because hes the person disagreeing with your right now
its awesome
like, the lighter more solid foams are kinda whatever
but still better than springs
but the dense foams are awesome
i think at some point i get a thick dense foam matress pad and replace one of the solid foam layers in my top matress with it
inittab: heh my serta pillows were by sleep innovations for serta!
they had this paper thrown inside explaining it like that like they had complaints

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no more bedroom cnc

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because hes a regular troll
have to unpack my car =\
still dunno where CNC goes

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yeah hes annoying

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damn inittab you just banned the biggest troll on efnet
were all doomt now

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