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no u r

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whats a seraun2

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i almost gaurantee theres at least half dozen diff types of the same thing
borg is a pumper?
i dont believe anything you are saying
so do this
find an old pc with a cdrom to soundcard jumper
i bet they dont even bother on new pc
and use that
that was a girl?

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well we have timecop so there will be a battle or something and maybe at the end borggy owns #electronics
why cant you use a cd audio connector
it doesnt fit?
borggy: its 4 pins like .1" apart, right?
you know why they did that
so you could just fucking use a cdrom soundcard jumper cable
ok that too
prob not hyperterm prob some assembly line test fixture
but whatever
5.1 sounds

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oh its you again
you need inserts that match your housing
they might work, might not
in alot of cases they prob almost work
also you need a decent crimper @ 28 awg
no you cant
i guess you get points for asking tho
oooh right
damn you been on this a week
just solder some fucking wire onto the board
yeah we can tell
anyway im pretty sure thats a cd audio connector?
why no
anything is an rs232 connector
i could be like 'bitch hold these two wires on here like this' and your mom is an rs232 connector

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damn man why you making this all complicated
not you stfu im still reading scroll
well it looks like you and tc get along great
borggy: wtf did you need help with
wtf is this an rs232 connector

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inittab: U R
its cold =(
02:24 <@v8> Current: Mostly Cloudy Temp: 45.6°F/8°C (SE) Humidity: 90%
wtf does its cold have to do with not making sense
these were unrelated comments
douchebag, you think too hard
no, lies

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timecop: mean!
you dont like the crunchy search noise?
heh you should do a dual CF raid1

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i havent even unpacked it i have to make room for it

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blackmoon: cnc is home again \o/
well, kinda is all in pieces in my trunk
but its in the parking lot of my home!

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neat has to pick some of those up

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