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you listen to japanese music or something?
so far i know you listen to happy hardcore and rush
and im not sure but the happy hardcore thing is probably a troll
i bet he does i bet he even has a mullet
i need haircut =(

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it doesnt matter if flea and kedis are gay its still mostly good music
look that song is like megaman
oh shit fake racing is tonight
song gets somewhat more awesome at :50
cmon you know youre rockin out to this in your flash enabled vmware timecop

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guys im turn my music up
the guy across the hall was listening to lenny kravitz =\
but then also RHCP
i dont think rhcp are gay
it was just dave navaro he was a bad influence on them

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omfg stop being mean
anyway probably

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hey man he does submarines
submarines are pretty fuckin cool yo
guys its raining

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can you get that in LED?
you can get 400nm pretty cheap, i think

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lB is like dB but moar
fuck tubes
all that stuff is heavy and expensive =(
tubes are for preamps!
its prob not that bad
at exjob we had these china factory sample amps, 4000W 4R class-h amps
like 4U, 1/3 of the volume was toroid
tubes and old switches wooooo
at least it glows

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and if there was a free subscription its like 2 years gone
heh, its like McAfee System Performance Reducer Pro

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fuckit man reinstall that shit
i dont got time to fucking reverse engineer some bullshit to be sure its completely gone
'where is your data so i can back it up'
'so its all in My Computer?'
fuck i hope i dont end up doing that for rent money in the near future
ha every time i get an oem install, there is always some antivirus in the tray
i never check but i assume its never even been updated

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we dont know what that says =\

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i dont really look at content for loliness or watiness i just look for delete or nsfw
solid core?
are you tired now?

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hey why you talking shit about /o/
its because car pics are by far the easiest to moderate
to someone, possibly
what about painted nails
thats not lol or wat
but she sheer number of painted nail pics kinda is
everyone like NSFW
so by that logic it should all be tits and ass and pussy with some faces

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+/-1.5dB, .25THD =\
omg its tubez!
meeds coarser thread
yeah like in the 2nd hour

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urmom is:
why are your oscillatots wet
and wh\watat oscillators

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were banning avrfreak?
ignore makes the chan read like a bunch of schizos
well, way more than usual

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heh our wave guides were plated in paint!
tho rly i think they were just steel

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stfu really?

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Thrust vectoring has also been tested (and is incorporated on later Su-30MKI and Su-37 models), allowing the fighter to perform hard turns with almost no radius, incorporate vertical somersaults into level motion and limited nose-up hovering.
oh i guess su-27 doesnt have vectoring
wow it does that cobra shit without vectoring wtf

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does it have thrust vectoring and over unity thrust to weight ratio?
oh i guess su-37 is experimental su-35 which is su-27 upgrade
oh neat mig29 and su27 came from the same program

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wtf hatrix go to digikey
itll say what the tubes original and shrunk diameters are

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and it just fixes stuff its like what
hahaha cool

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itrs app specific coax is perfect if youre doing it right and your lines are tuned
for everything else
ha learning about standing waves was fun
we had some wire or some shit and we were like jumproping it and waving it all over class
you can install shit to tune the impedance to kill standing waves
ha in waveguides, you like adjust screws blocking the path
like screw on the short was was capacitance and on the long wall was inductance, or something, weird stuff
yeah its so big and physical
like, tuning cavity is like, adjust the size of a tube

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also there is a huge bump at the resonance frequency
like the frequency the phytsical speaker suspension rocks back and forth at
it looks resistive, electronically
anyway theres also the crossover
really if someone did the crossover right, it should perform all filtering and level matching, as well as normalizing the impedance
like to an acceptable level
waveguides and hard coax are weird =\
nice shield

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and i doubt much current is going to go through the 10uM layer of gold compared to the 3mm diamater section of copper
just guessing
silver is just better than lead/tin
timecop: cmon you trolled that one like two months ago you need more audiophilia
those things were neat looking
haha if i was the salesguy id just be like YO BUY THESE THEY LOOK COOL MAKE UP REASONS WHY TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
you know there is validity in that
because speaker wire is basically twinlead with balanced current and in bridged output balanced voltage
and having something block the electromagnetic fields setup by the twinlead would compomromise it
except we dont listen to 3GHz music
so not really
tonsofpcs: dont even get me started on that shit
but if your 8 ohm speakers have lower DCR it doesnt matter
tonsofpcs: most 8 ohm speakers will be closer to 6 at dc
between 5 And 7 is normal, depending on intended cabinet and voice coil inductance

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timecop: they dont corrode as quickly
but i think the only o2 free thing about most that shit is where it says so on the label
haha like the only wire ive seen super oxidize like way into the insulation is speaker wire labeled o2 free
yeah i guess
i normally just take hookup wire and twist it with a bit driver
like 16awg
how much more conductive is hold?
itll just flake and rub away anyway
fool if you know the resistance you can calc how much current is going thru the gold and how much through the copper

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