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sport minivan, no?
ha i <3 the upside down C pillar
i guess its a D pillar
that shit better have cargo capabilities

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does tek even sell single chan?
you want a new one?
you need like ~$1500
fuck mani havent touched my headphones all day
and every 45sec my audio driver app is like HI WHAT DID YOU JUST PLUG IN?
yeah but then you have a scope
what do you need a calibrated scope for
get a dmm measure shit with the scope measure shit with the dmm if they match even kinda fuckit
anyway, early series TDS or one of their 80s analog w/ DSO module ones is decent shit for under $5
as is sucks
its broken
maybe something you dont care so much about
but something about it is broken

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damn i cant find the other adapter
it is
anyway then another one of those but with female bananas
no im saying instead of a female female RCA barrel
if i wanted real shielded RCA i would make them
whats its what i had
no i didnt buy i i have it
dont you?
what oscope?

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why does hacked need esd anyway?
should we be telling him how to do this maybe this is not such a good idea
it eliminates a minor ground loop issue with the RCA signal cables both being grounded at both ends
you know how i did the same thing?
sec this will take a minute
4 of those...
2 of those...

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rab: haha
hacked`: go to the store and buy an electric lighter
and pull out the hammered piezo ignitor
we spent like $1k to rent an esd gun
and it did the same thing as my piezo hammers
could KV easy, and it doesnt have much energy
wtf @ usding a whole car
just buy a lighter and use half of it

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works sometimes
look it says transmission at DC = K or 0
same thing for infinity frequency
pretty easy to figure it out from there
i hate how 2*pi*f is all like funny W in advanced math
k is any constant
represents gain

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i dont have stairs
i guess after i move
not new place yet this is still new place

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way past 100 hours
dont do it
fuck guys where is coffee container

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sculptor: urmom is peoples

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