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yeah car people schematics are usually half block diagram

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read the datasheet?

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it happens
to you apperantly
because no one uses it now
k time for efnet historic gt fakeracing league
no more mini class
im a 911S 2.0 now =\

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they prob paid $60 for the box and $100 for the cable to the machine

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and its always shit you see like, 4 or 6 buttons on a panel on a machine or pendant
like, $200 worth of buttons

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you think this is yamaha or harmon or something?
hehe some people think its so we cant resell
no is joke i guess those companies are awesome abot stuff like that =(
oh theyre old?
maybe i cant get those
maybe i can
$15 doesnt even sound that expensive
aomw of that shit its like, BUTTON + INDICATOR LIGHT $45

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haha what
`nico: what cartridges do you use?
i try and get some for me at work i see if i can get extras or any at all or what
i kinda want them but i dont think it matters
supposedly getting company gear takes forever

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crappy fans are crappy
bad fan bearing is like one of the most annoying noises ever
hey thats a bearing
just a very bad one

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wel shit it must be some sort of high end special fse

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oh it looks like it has looser tolerances on Vos
typical CMRR of tl072 is way better
PSRR is way better too, typical
its the same amp tl072 is just the better bin heh
almost every spec is the same
sorting chipa at an IC company would be a boring job
i wondew how automated it is

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you cant get those
no ne5534
i dunno why
theyre same noise and THD

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im looking
eh, thats cheap industrial shit!
prob not so much, its a lower grade of tl072

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yeah so prob open collector or drain
no we use them like in support circuits
like to drive a limiter transistor or buffer some piezo interface thing or do clip indicator led
audio path shit is almost always NE5532 or TL072/074
in like, everything

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counter, RC, whatevers
or a chip and some flash
and youre done
theyre afraid of firmware tho
so i have to make some shit
to show them how simple and solid smaller single function and interface uC stuff can be
now that you mention it ive reworked new lm324 onto boards
all they were connected to was some piezos
im pretty sure there was diodes to catch overshoot too
but they were maybe shitty china LM324 who knows
maybe slightly oscillating
are those open collector?

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so typically everything is down low budget, lots of comparators and RC stuff
this is like consumer shit
customer doesnt like it they send it back
its like little powered speakers for studios mostly
some subwoofers and active pro audio stuff
gpf_1: heh, uC ftw
omg wtf
those are cheapest a few hundred?
you can do it with comparators and shit
but itd be a bitch to change performance youd have to rework analog shit
sculptor: if youre setup to program a micro its probably about the same
you need lots of comparators but yeah

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omg are you guys all geekin out on PLCs
yeah really
when current project wraps up im going to push for using uC for system ui and protection/standby circuits
theyll probably freak out because of how horribly the DSP and firewire platform projects have gone
this is for audio tho =\

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gpf_1: with computer animation

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my work is 3min away
if i could be there whatever hours i wanted my project would be like, prototyped last week and my mill would be setup and tuned and my office/lab hole would maybe be clean
prob not that cleaned up tho =\
the other person who stays late mostly does it because theres no one around so he can jerkoff and whatever
fucker comes in at 11 takes a 2 hours lunch doesnt start doing shit til like 5pm
HAI CAN YOU HALP HOW DO I no man its go home time

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blackmoon: yeah i just write coordinates for the right size square minus tool radius and MDI it
set the zero and do drills by eyeball
naw i just use a 1/16" square EM
i really should just ask for the key
like not ball
we were low on PADs licenses and someone suggested i work at weekends at home on my project
and im like hahahah no fuck that not unless i get a key and can clock in on the weekends
because im the only on on engineering staff on a clock
and engineering boss/vp guy is like I HAS NO PROB WITH THAT
but i dunno if he meant it or he was just trying to make me un pissed off

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yeah thats normal
you have to use special shit for the squares or it gets ghetto im like wtf
theyre not really 1.5" spaced
er 1.75"
no theyre just stamped square holes
you supposed to buy inserts i guess so you can use diff type of screws or locking hardware or who knows
im exceptional at work because i can use the panel mount stuff that needs square holes

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