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annie.pcb wat
timecop: hey so everyone got email virus and i got a holiday card in the mail?
do you think it was anthrax or wat?

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timecop: status of quick assembly shop?
are you taking orders
do you take google checkout
haha ok kidding about google checkout
you can do setups kinda quick now?
im assuming you got that gerber overlay view thing working
that shit must be like atari
that shit is neat

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`nico: this is neat like jurassic 5
im only like 1min into it tho

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no it probably wont ever happen

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omg im listening to BBC neuromancer radio show thing
molly just said love you to case, aw
you dont even need the RC filters
and transistors are just current controlled resistors
so evgerything is just resistors
battery is negative resistor

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so basically all you have is resistors and doped silicon
yeah kinda
magnetics is weird i dont really get it
didnt pay attention or something
of course
X of c is like the reactance of the cap, its just the resistance at that frequency
so you can just do 1/(2*pi*F*C)=R if it makes more sense
then with caps its really easy to swap terms
because theyre all under 1, so you just swap them with the result term
so -3dB frequency or a cap and a resistor is F=1/(2*pi*R*C)
or the cap to get a roloff freq with a certain resistor is C=1/(2*pi*R*F)
see its easy, k so dont ever forget
inductors kinda suck

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thats really, really ghetto
the bias resistor sets base current
base current is converted to collector current by Hfe/beta ratio
which determines current through the load resistor
the current through the load resistor sets the voltage at the collelctor
and then the cap kinda pushes and pulls current provided by the bias resistor for the base
no good amplifier depends on Hfe
everything is using resistors
caps and coils are just frequency dependent resistors

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usually you are using the transistor as a follower
Vbe is always a diode drop, about .7V depending on collector current
in class A, you use the base controlled emitter voltage to convert voltage input into current through an emitter resistor
so if you have a collector resistor, it has the same current
so you can get voltage gain by making the collector resistor bigger than the emitter resistor, your output is inverted taken off the collector
your amps output impedance is the collector resistor

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it depends on differences in the caps/resistors/transistors to work
else it would just stabilize
or stay off
yeah exactly
but i guess some people are lucky or unlucky or whatever and it stops working

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oh fuck that oscillator
it can stabilize
it comes through the caps

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usually marketing lies the other way
they will sell speakers with dips in impedance due to the crossover and lower impedance drivers
and rate them higher than they actually are
that way they are louder compared to a true 8 ohm speaker, even tho its pissing the amp off, maybe driving it into eventual thermal shutdown or destruction

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8 ohms is a marketing spec
and i guess they are assuming like 8dB crest on your music
anyway if you measure them at 12 ohms with a DMM, thats DCR impedance only goes up, first a peak at resonance and then due to inductance of the coil
but like 12-16 ohms is easy on an 8 ohm amp so they call it 8 because 12 or 16 sounds weird on a box

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is it getting warm?
so other hacker russia ME wife is like, there is leds that kill wrinkles on your face
she is taking other hacker to a friends place to see whats up with it
haha then were gonna make leds FOR HER FACE or something

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perfect grammar and spelling
i think so, hiphop/turntable geek stuff
or diff shit
oh maybe not
hey so im looking through old cds, i found the BBC radio show Neuromancer

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slacker_: 12.5 ohms DC is prob like ~ 16 ohms driven, any home amp should be able to drive it with no problems

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its not that small
still a modern cpu
oh you said something else (!)

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squares on the pc side yo
ha @ bin2squares
cant you just buy one
that sucks
well then now is maybe not the time for electronics, sadly
do you have a serial port?
okay well you can make a slow ghetto one
that dumps shit to console
oh man im getting out of here
dont you live in the midwest
avrfreak is going to help him
ya kinda

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cheater: you can do it either way
just like autocad
you can use the gui interface or you can just type stuff in
rab: it does im pretty sure
based on part origins or line endpoints
cheater: you can look them up, you can bind them to whatever you want
but the gui is just a frontend for the cli stuff so if you can do it with the gui you can do it with commands so you can do it with keybindings
i dont use it i dont know its maybe not bound whats your point
i like pencil and paper

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cheater: thats how eagle works
all the buttons are just command macros
rab: placement prob wouldnt be impossible based on silk or some doc layer
that would be annoying to code tho
well thats how it works
eagle is console cad
its alot less annoying once you get this
it has a console
i know what vim is
cheater: vim is console based text editing
eagle is console based eda
autocad is console based cad
the gui is just a frontend for the console
its kinda the same thing
cheater: it can be
you can do placement and routing with cartesian coordinates
when im making some libs i dont even touch the mouse

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everything is designed for idiots
there will be like piles of dead small animals around the sign
but i guess maybe that makes it even more effective

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oh i thought she was breathing up into it
oh weird i guess she is playing it with her nose
neat chick

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my phone is a phone
its smashed its external lcd a year ago and it still works fine
do that with an iphone
wtf boring its a tool for talking to people not a gameboy
anyway an iphone would prob get smashed after like 3 days in my pocket
wtf i am supposed to treat it like a baby or a pocket kitten?

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dubious: so call apple on the telephone and ask them if it hurts the iphone mic to spit into it
maybe he sent sperms home in a vial
or she flew into warzone to do him
hey that would be pretty awesome for him
she makes cute breathy noises
ohnoz wrong chan
talk to

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it prob depends on the diaphragm material
pretty sure i can be almost anything, plastic film, thin metal, probably use paper too
yeah buy a mic made of moisture resistant materials
like aluminum and plastic film or something
the girls from the yeah yeah yeahs puts the whole thing in her mouth
omg hes rockin out

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or just from breaking it physically if its cheap

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blackmoon: haha yeah really
fuck just having something like that shipped can cost like 2x what he paid

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im still not sure its the obvious answer, like you dont write welcome home across some other mans fetus

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