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well yeah duh thats the obvious answer

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and its kind of under powered
i want to get geckos
no the xylotex
i use emc as the controller
well ive had this thing for years and its always had the same issues
but in general its holding up exactly like itshould
maybe they get vacations, shrug

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sculptor: heh
wtf is up with settings
i have pacific scientific X Y steppers, somewhere around 150oz/in i think
maybe 180
some rebranded Z stepper, like 270oz/in
yeah like between 1 and 1.5A
xylotex driver, i dunno ive had problms when microsteppng tat go way whe i chane stepping or disable it
*that, *change

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12" would suck you could never put that thing all the way in
need to get a basketball player gf

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for what
you would usually use some sort of coupler
you can get any shaft options you want when you buy a stepper
how big is your thing?
your arm thing drawing
you can prob get dshafts and use biggish set screws

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tho i guess maybe it doesnt matter because of your big round hookup at the end
you want drawings?
its just like, 3 extrusions

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its because my apartment isnt temp stable
i had quit smoking for a few weeks but i fucked it up last week
but yeah my apartment will be all super warm or cold for no reason
i think there just isnt much insulation between units and when its hot people are running heaters
yeah those gums with nicotine are fucked up
i get more of a nicotine buzz from those than a cig
prob like chewing snuff
they make my mouth and thoat fell all scratchy
seravitae: how do you motor mounting
hey if you put the last part of the arm on the other side of the middle part of the arm you get more motion without interfering with the first part of the arm

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i dunno why
there is no zero cross
because yeah
a triac switching cycles is way more elegant, simple
macegr: =(
no =(
wow k that sounds scary
they prob made him work the lights because he blew up that PA amp
so wait what like
how much rod is in the salt water determines resistance?
god i hope they dont do that shit anymore
wtf @ my pot is leaking run
man im cold this sucks

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youre are doing pwm?
well whatever
if you wanna pwm them go ahead but then you need a driving circuit that can keep the switching time low
no thats the power drawn during its on state
during transistion is basically a linear amp, its dissipating power because it has voltage across it but current is still flowing
this is dc

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ha @ sparkfun in scroll
dont use one
and hopefully you are not dropping all this power in the switch?
yeah but the 2400 watts is dissipated in the heating elements not in the switch transistor, ideally
you dont need a 2400W transistor you just need a circuit that can drive it fast enough its not in transistion for too long
tho i mean fast is a relative thing and you are switching heating elements
youre prob not going to be switching at high frequency, or even low frequency

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dont negate the diode drop
what like rectifier diodes?
get at least 600V
if you mains is 10% high, youll end up with like 370V
370V is too close to 400V
god i hate turbocnc
that shit will run on anything tho
mdf spoilboard?
macegr: did you do the stepper drives?

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i wonder if those bots are hand built or theres a bot factory
neat cover
fuck i did rework on this amp and one resistor was half covered in glue on an adjacent screw
i can like still smell burning plastic
what kind of rectifier
yeah what config?
full wave bridge?
(VAC * 1.414) - 1.3

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so buy expensive bearings
shit is that thing bolted to the round?
must be
cnc is cnc is cnc
production efficiency
you could build that thing for $3000 but itll prob last 3 days
without any doubt
like you said its just 4 servos and some metal
did you have to source the metal and do QA?

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its just catching the stepper funny after like a half revolution and locking that shit up
dont think its a gib issue
anyway this stepper came from the deepgroove1 guy on ebay
prob some china shit
and the xylotex likely isnt helping the issue
the two little pac sci steppers almost never give me probs
haha like the Z locked up while the drill was through 1/8" of aluminum, and the X kept going i watched it go like maybe 1/2" before i stopped it
and if the x lost any steps, it wasnt visible, and it never made the lockup sound

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yeah i dont want those kid things but thats a bit drastic
use lots?
i think im going to buy a 340oz/in nema24 stepper and a high end gecko drive 1ch
fuck having z issues
there is no weight its an aluminu, headstock
it locks up on retract usually
so i can prob just turn accel down
i prob need to tighten the Z nut, ive never done that
yeah i think its when its shifting sides of the nut
on retract after a drill

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omg vision coverage id card is paper wtf
heh you want to keep a baby and servers in the same room?

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a bit
it was about the same as kaiser
i got aetna ppo im like fuck the kaiser fortress i hate that place
joellama: probably i havent been to a dr in years =\
also i dont need referral for specialist and it said my deductible is waved for most specialists
so i maybe see orthopedic person about my hip thing
that every dr says is diff shit

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morning freak
set stack, set paranoid vector table
and go
personally i like to setup a timer and run in a timered mainloop
and do super non critical shit in the mainloop
and you kinda get ultrasimple prioritization
k off to work
rab: heh

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$100 to 1000
theyre going to get 10k orders
people will give up
you still have time
im not

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guys its a joke they are going to comback with like ultra connections and a thousand servers
they has 17min to fissit

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thats kind of the first thing i thought
like i wanted to know exactly when it counted your order as submitted
no im saying theres prob way more than 1000 people hitting buy

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they have the best price on hakko 936
and no shipping
like their vectorboards are priced high but its like that everywhere
their test gear is kinda reasonable, its mostly around msrp for the stuff i know about
the only places that arent a ripoff are surplus places but half of that shit is really ghetto
like, apex has tons of teflon insulated wire, prob leftover from mil stuff
but you have to walk through like leaning warehouse shelving to get to it
that whole place gonna come down one day =(
how big are they like food can size?
teknique: yeah i was gonna say, heh
like they couldnt have used that $100k for something else...
yeah huh

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nothing is cheaper than single sided through hole
cmon everyone hates webdev
yeah that shit gets slow like windows
all fresh and new for 3 weeks then its like, clickwait, clickwait
sparkfun is 404 again
path0s: you can go to frys now
they have half decent prototyping and component stock at my local one
naw it depends some stuff they have good prices

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wtf @ bro bro bro
are you from lancaster?
do you smoke meth or rocks

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thats predictable

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because your shit is cached
hit the reload twice mfkr
furiously 404d

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hasnt started yet
yeah fuck that
i think im going to buy some 3W leds and stepper motor and gecko drives from someplaces else
wkr4k3r is like fu hes gonna do it long range from his submarine
timecop: yeah

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