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i dunno how button lcd works i dunno what im talking about
how big is it?
like 3mm?
ha no shit
do you have a sound setup can do low end?
like down to 35Hz or so?
you need to stick that shit like 1" from a bigass subwoofer and sweep the sub down to like 40Hz
and see what it does below 100Hz
if it has linear rolloff that shit is pretty fuckin win
you could prob correct it in software or with some opamps (feer) and recover low freq stuff

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then stopped when he read himself saying that
in like 90min no?
calm the fuck down, stoner
to 1000 people
as credit in your cart no coupon
permanent power save mode
pics text means nothing
you got the button?
or something else
yours isnt button mounted tho is it?
oh neat it is

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iunno maybe
be neat for a spindle maybe
yeah but servo spindle is neat shit
can do tapping and shit
and yeah they have pid w/ step/dir interface
speed, no disk footprint
yeah basically because its not like 1996
i have to go to my moms and dick with firewall settings
he really doesnt?
links2 is for browsing while installing gentoo or lfs or something untrageeky
its not supposed to be like a permanent condition =(
stfu no he doesnt
i bet he did that for two weeks before that interview

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you should have made new ones out of polycarbonate
clear is the new galvanized steel
blackmoon: my z fucked up and my x stalled a spindle and bent a drill like 30 degrees
i thought the er16 collet was going to be fucked, it was fine
i thought my x was going to be off like 1/4"
was pretty much right on dunno if it even skipped
needs moar zee
.139 or something
my machine is 80lbs
your fingers are stronger
fine maybe not!
anyway i thought it was neat x didnt fuckup
im going to get a nema24 motor and a gecko
i guess 24 is same mounting as 23 just bulkier
but its not a floating motor, the extra weight maybe helps shit

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how thick?
maybe try a bit slower and weave a little wider
everything is kinda like that aluminum just sucks becauxse it goes from molten to useless quick
try diff filler

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timecop: cnc is in the warehouse at work =)
im buying it new Z axis stepper and a gecko drive
heh, jack a toroid off one of the 800W output junk amps
then decide between fresh china caps or old japan caps
sparkfun doesnt exist its all made up
everything youve ever ordered
all the money youve paid them

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The .V. in G203V stands for
.Vampire. as it is an unkillable drive.
heh my cnc will be unstoppable except for garlic and sunlight

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i think i used teamviewer
when the germans were debugging their rev zero ultrareworked speaker test box

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yeah whats that about
he puts the pad radius up too high
they have usb?
whats that soic8
some eeprom

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hmm do you think vibrations hurt an lcd?
like on a subwoofer
i guess but that would cost $$$
how much is arduino?
they are making chico art students buy it
yes i said that
what does it have on it
is it $35 worth of shit or what
no really and then
no and then?
i thought it had like dacs and adc and shit
yeah but how much are shields

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i always need those

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they have mail in japan tekrad
get those

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watch everyone gonna hit buy at 9a
and their shit will just crap out
and they will give up at electronics

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you know you get all the girls with a breadboard like that
its clear mfkr
useful at work
dip stuff takes 2sec to assemble

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i hate those fans
yeah i think
china is so bad at sheet metal tho
prob cut yourself up holding that
i can see the fucked edges =(
at least it doesnt have burrs hanging off of it and shit
hey i like how its flat for your psu to fit
guess so
i dunno what i want
ya rly
prob fail at 8:55

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seravitae: yeah that has an error signal indicator and error indicator leds
and its not so expensive
i dont think itll do huge motors tho
yeah but its a low end servo driver
they even explain it that way, its high end stepper drives and low end servo drives
i dont think thats machine center big tho
and im not sure it can do 80V and 20A
seravitae: just because something is rated 80V 20A doesnt mean it can do 20A while being powered by 80V
might be power dissipation limited
yeah maybe but pretty sure you need a bigass sink or a fan
you need them

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and fuck mach i hate xp for realtime
yeah i think maybe gecko stopped selling theirs
its not on their main product page
steppers are cheaper
and you can do feedback with them if you want

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but yeah the Z is branded by the ebay guy who sends out the taig setups
deepgroove stepper
anyway Z is fuckin up, needs more power
the motor isnt floating either so I can get something heavy
danielson: i think its way hard to get decent resolution
also the cost in coils would be huge
open loop is for maniacs
servo setups are self aware and theyre easier on the controller cpu
my shit doesnt even have limit switches
its way easier
than step/dir
im not talking about the analog drive electronics
servo handling is offloaded to the servo driver
a stepper controller has to generate step/gen commands
that means at high speeds it has to be sending mad pulses, its hard on realtime

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The G210 can be converted to a G210 by installing the G901 step pulse multiplier board.
guys you can convert this shit to itself with a module
where i just linked
you mean like NC machine servos
just buy that shit dont make your tools your project
does tat link work?
and closed loop is for pussies
fuck i need to buy a drill my z locked on a drill retract and the X stepper bent the fucking drill
i fucking watched it i expected my spindle to be all fucked and my X and Y to be all off
X and Y were fine, spindle were fine
fuckin little pacsci stepper are strong as fuck

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theyre nema23/24?
anyway ill pass these are cheap and these guys are kinda local
well, couple hour drive so local
but no rly if you want to sell them cheap i can find few things to do with them

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can i get this at sparkfun
i dont really get why nema 24 isnt nema 23 if they are same size

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cables might be an issue
you have to do like china does on the speaker cables wrap them with adheasive backed foam
omfg that shit pissed me off

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theyre going to kick you out if you just want one thing?
danielson: all electronics is close to here, they got all sorts of random junk
i just did this super dense soic/0603 analog thing
did not catch fire

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wats that
this seems backwards or something
so you put that on the jtag header
then you lift the pc up
and smash it down onto that things usb?
so i gotta be up at 8am to do this
thats china most likely

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its rockie mountain range area
so what are you scamming from sparkfuck timecop?
whats up with the gps its a little module?
spi or something?
get that then
tho what i mean is why are you doing it
you hacked a coupon code algorithm or wat
oleds are neat fool
for why
and i dont irc from work
so yes im like new here every fuckin day now
for the last year, are you fucking new here or what?
fuck man its not loading
that loaded
any sec ill show you what you need
if this shit ever loads
its like all the late assholes like me just found out about this

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little class-d amps?
theyre pretty decent to handle subwoofer duty or the low channel on biamps
longcat: you need to get a case with mounting locations for 120mm fans
bigger fans push more air quietly
diff between 80mm and 120mm is huge
you cant really make 80mm quiet without spinning them so slow theyre useless
short of like soundproofing the server with a double walled foam and air insulated rubber isolated chassis
like the server is a fucking submarine or some shit

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fuck dicktrace

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