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when my cpu fan is throttled down my pc doesnt make much noise, i can hear my seagates arms moving around
80mm fans = torture

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and make sure you get a psu with a 120mm fan
Rated Voltage: 0.25A
cheaper bearings, similar specs
half the price, but youll prob have to replce them in a couple years
usually the fan on your cpu is loudest when youre using 120mm stuff, so if you go passive cpu and just make sure you have good airflow, should be pretty quiet

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oh then iunno
so do passive cpu sink and 120mm fans
big aluminum case
you can get like 30dB 120mm fans i think
like four of those shouldnt be above 45dB

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get an atom mobo
power minimized = less heat = quieter

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its just got a fucked ui it took maybe two weeks for me to figure it out

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fuck orcad
i hated using that shit
it does lots, tho
usually example layouts are for app circuits that arent exactly what you need anyway

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04:51 < Stinger_> can you even take lighters on planes anymore?
they stopped that bullshit

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how do i ...
danielson: heh @ sting
seen it
what part

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also hi

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i cant see bold so i dont even know you did that
now what
or colors

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they did it wrong
guys serious stfu were going to get flood bant from efnet
you need halp
whats with the black smudges
thats a shadow?
guys making sod80 4148 out of through hole 4148 kinda sucks
they dont really fit =(

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blackmoon: haha

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