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then you gotta do like heatshrink and then speakon or pomona style bananananana
anything else is kinda meh

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its fine
gpf: yes its fine
well yeah obviously
wtf 250'
.6R per 1000'
so 250ft its fine
hey you make cable?
proper speaker wire is like, 10 or 12awg with cardboard strips wrapped in a bigger rubber tube
kinda like industrials mains cable but two lead

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thats the wrong plugs!

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wow this map says you guys are like married
fuck yeah
when she did that thing with the snow on the drawing with her dandruff

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i think so actually
the dark blur

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but yeah before it was like two kinda, two prices: very good weed and kush
now its like 30 kinda, 30 prices, maybe 4 or 5 of them in the upper 2/3 of the price range are killer
but its not as consistent
and the kush isnt amazing anymore
not like it used to be where it was like gold in weed form
so prices are the same but it doesnt feel like im getting a better deal usually
but every once in awhile ill pick up some shit for like $45 thats unreal, and that i normally wouldnt see before shops
so iunno
whats avatar
im going to make a pizza i think
is there a dvd release or its just a screener?
oh youre going to go outside and shit?
the audience
blackmoon: 30fps is too slow for action and the framerate desync with the cam makes it awful
like you cant tell whats going on

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so how is it if im caught with 1g im not a criminal but if i have 1.1oz im a criminal
of if i have it in 3 baggies im a criminal
er intermediate
i can go buy it at a weed store
its just not as consistent and theres a price spread
like $35 to $60 usually
where as before it used to be $35-50 for reg dank and $50-75 for kush
like there was only two kinds
i dont buy zips from shops its not a horrible deal but its not what im used to so i just get ripped off for something diff all the time

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thats not decriminalized
not if i have 2oz
not i i have it split up, or some unusually large amount of concentrates
but what if you have a truck bed full of it
so its still illegal in useful qty
sorry that doesnt make sense
a personal use amount is decriminalized
i am
who the fuck is they
fuck those guys
eventually but you have to like go through immediate steps because politicians and republicans are douchebags
uum yeah

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hes started again in the last year but i think it was years before that
i have detailed files
no none yet
were considering it but it prob wont happen
decriminalization is totally different than medical
its a big deal they would make the law non retroactive but half the population would try to sue the state for injust penalties
and they would prob have to let a fuckton of people in prison free

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yeah makes sense
yeah would piss growers off
if you couldnt make sense weed without carbon filters and sealed boxes
alcohol, and alcohol, and also alcohol
im sure that happens but thats a stupid excuse
and if you mean relative to alcohol

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hemp buds but it doesnt have alot of D9-THD
it has the other thing
thats gets you unstoned
smoking hemp would make it really hard to get stoned with normal weed heh =\
yeah industrial hemp has a fucked THC to cannabidiol (?) ratio
smoking it gets you unhigh
its the other stuff thats makes its industrial
it has more of that stuff, if it has a little THC but the other chem wasnt there youd still get stoned
just take forever
fuck the hemp ban that shit makes no sense

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