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yes everything it fucking sucked
my kitchen is fuckin clean
jezus fuck is it really almost 6am? =\
i just got a samsung lcd
let my tell you the dots are so tiny
i cannot see the dots really
this is how tiny

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you want a short mic cable to a mic preamp with like 20-40dB gain going to your audio recording deal
you dont want low voltage low current on a long line going into a laptop

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see if its noisy with and without the pc plugged into its power supply
laptops are totally horrible audio platforms
they either float and pickup noise or theyre plugged in and their warts dump nasty shit into mains and ground
a preamp in a grounded steel chassis would prob be best
for $100 make it with a bud box, shielded transformers, opa2134
i dunno take a few chicks out to dinner with the leftover money
later doesnt exist
its a human construct p[urely imaginary
do it now
get a real mic preamp
because its picking up noise

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what you are on lolwat
i dont have to whois you it says when you join
your irc name is really boring

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i did that already
omg for many times
so tubetek has the finest blue trace
im like wtf
how come you dont have an oscilloscope yet
you have to get one

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i decide
all of the times
also hi
good new year 2u
hey isnt that nicos server

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omg tube scope is powered up
see because i dont have female female rca barrel adapters
to make rca extensions because my pc is kinda far from stereo system right
so i made some out of some pomona BNC to dual banana adapters and BNA to RCA adapters
so i have these banana plugs just sitting there so im like well obviously this is to monitor my signal with tubescope

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woo my boards escaped before holiday
i think its a mini holiday
u r a dork
inittab: fix floodkick =[
something less sensitive than that, iunno
ive got kicked a few times =\
maybe when i was moving
and i was like random ip everyday
okay fine its not a big deal
yes it is
hes gone if he talks alot more
we have a contract

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`nico: nice

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rab: you can do rules in udev, i dont think anyone does tho

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ttmustang: yeah i have same collets but tiny =\
er16, 3/8in max

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that doesnt mean anything to me but i assume it means big fucking servo with pneumatic tool holding
hey i like yours it doesnt have alot of the extra junk the one i had at my old job did
like shit for drilling sideways and little slitting saws and shit we never used
made it a bitch to clean

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also neat
what kind of collets does it use?
it has iso cone holders?
and a turret changer or wat
if that shit were like 1/3 the cost i would try to convince work to get it for prototyping cabinets
is not really worth it tho =(
does it have conical holders with like a screw in nub on top for the machine to grab?

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ttmustang: wat broke
yeah because the coils have enough time to draw current from the drivers
obscure, ha
neat your thingy works now
what are you using to program it?
that can do 3d and stuff?

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why so dead

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