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you can get that data on that?
oh its buffered?
oh rawk
well fuckit ignore me this shit should be easy
i am about to spend so much on bicycle parts
its like building a fucking computer like sure you know how to do it for $400 but you never really want *that* computer

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timecop: accuracy
internal clocks suck
but yeah if you dont need it use internal
why the fuck do you need an xtal timecop
whats the data rate on that codec thing
its some streamed serial shit no?
how fast
that bot needs to chill out
well it has to be what i said
because it streams one channel then the other channel without gaps
so worst case scenario
btw whats 48khz * 32
you have half of your time to actually do shit with that data
oh wow and you wanna do this in c?
no way
youre bit banking?
well, sucking
does this shit output a clock?

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aw they are unsealed i shouldnt get them =(

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k should i buy skinny tire light no spokes 24" bmx wheels
or normal spokes normal tire 24" bmx wheel
like, i want to use this thing to get to work and local places but there is also some pretty cool trails around here
i guess i can buy diff wheels later or something
heh @ replaceable SHCS for grip

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dude youre a dork
you need pots
else it wont have that audiopheel
but you do this right
you connect the pots to one coat handar on one side
and another coat hander on the other
timecop: see because then the knobs will be connected to the music
even tho they dont do anything
what would be #1 awesome
is if you had china solder wires onto the wipers of the pots
then took the wires into a little potted box
that can be your megadoom audio processor
box of epoxy
like honestly you could sell that

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i got pretty much everyone else using it too
pro audio and studio audio
well, home stuff to i guess
everything except mobile audio
we sold that
whats it going to do
sounds like a win
get a nice box?
volvo AM/FM/Tape
i only use the AM
for news and sports they do
also talk radio
timecop: just connect pots across it
dont even buy coathangers buy a spool of bus wire

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thats ltspice
just for schematic drawing?
i kinda like eagle
but i use all my own symbols
do a little one and make it paperclip tool accessible
i use ltspice at work
i work at a company

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mother fucking big fat bass
(this efnet peoples, respec)
my bad thats the whole thing
isnt he like 120 years old now?
i dont have tv tell me how on interwebs
man i dont wanna see that

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maybe itll let you fft the whole wav sample period
macegr: the blue leds would feed beta-carotene

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depends on the load and the spec you have to meet
if your shit has to pass any sort of compliance
if you want it to be quick and dirty or actually safe
can be
theres things you should do with the mains side so its safe as possibly
anyway linear psu arent hard
its ac on both sides
do ac analysis
and set the ac voltage on your voltage source
read the ltspice yahoo group help
you figured that out?
im not sure you can do a body plot with the pink noise source
you can try and fft it

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this 7 cheese tortellini sucks has like no flavor

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they do it to sell their switchers and linear products

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im not looking atg it
its a bga sd card
so its filtering for it?
how much is it?
more than resistors

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you built it?
10pf isnt a realistic value and 10nF isnt often called out
it can be tho but usually if something isnt labaled with a unit its either in uF or its 3 digit cap codes in pF
like .1uF is 104
if you mean mF sure
10 x 10^4
like 332 would be 3.3nF or 3300pF

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can you just access it like ram or what
find a wave file sample
you can do wav file io in ltspice
for pink noise, i dont think so
you could make one
alot of pink noise generators use some sequential digital logic source
and then clip and filter it

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22:06 < timecop> i only used a pot once and it was digital
oh for the pcd contrast?
thats kinds cool
you could have done like 3 fets with series resistors and had 8 contrast values
prob save $.10 !
so how do you write to sd can you just use it like, data/addy or you have to deal with some filesystem bullshit

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because of the output impedance of the io pin
so the pin fill the cap and the cap is basically the psu for the sd chip
depends on your supply
if the sd is sometimes taking big current gulps
and its physically far from the PSU, yeah id prob throw it on there
i dont know what power use characteristics of an SD are tho

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its an osillator?
oh width i guess a pulse gen
the 3.3u cap?
my guess is their pinpower hack doesnt work great without it

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