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on 10v?
put your eyeball on it you can maybe see it
eggsalad: caged chiken fed chiken eggsalads
eggsalad = deep

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what are your prescale options
the its 12.xxx, 25.xx and 49.xx MHz options
no you are reading IRC

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gnomore: your dmm sucks at mA
i dont have dsp boards

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draw a box
draw a rectangle next to it as wide as the box
this is how you do single supply opamp forever
rab: no they are camoflage
look hard
theyre there theyre the same color as the FR4
your audio circuit will use the circuit ground
your audio circuit will use the virtual ground
psu decoupling is for your power supply rails
they make caps the same size
they make caps so big you will be like what no way
there is like certain rules in electronics you dont break
even timecop knows this one, you have to put cap on every power input
because god did emi
this is why to do electronics we must reject god

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yeah thats his next mission
clock generators?
what like on digikey?
i see it everyday and i take apart audio things for a living
and when i take things apart and theyre not there i take it very, very personally
no i get all pissy in an email and then some manager guy translates it into nice person for china
lots of people figure it out by themselves or at jobs

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you dont think opamps with .1uF inside would sell?
its doable you have to sell it like 100K times for it to be worth ti
oh this is single supply
then your opamp will be from V+ to GND so put your decoupling across that
rab: he has an impedance vs freq plot for multiple cap values to
damn i have to do laundry in the morning

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or you did it wrong
look it goes like this
at least that
on every opamp you ever do for the rest of your life no exceptions
hey yo why dont they do that
yeah ill pay it
so why dont they do that
rab: doesnt have to be on the same die
they make opamps can fit into ssop package
they can put it in soic or dip with caps to rails
in the case of chipamps with ground pins, they can decouple to ground
you would parallel

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it makes a diff its sad its like WOW SAVED .001 DOLLARS IN CHINA PARTS GOOD WORK CHINA
you want one for each rail because your thing should be bipolar if not your should make opamp virtual grounds
these are big ones
but you just need little big ones use like two 100uF or 47uF
thats for all of them
then you do .1uF at least by every opamp
every ic
anything with a transistor inside, almost definitely
quazimodo: there are forces at work which very few people understand at work here
so just put the caps and everything will be okay
does not!

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rab: also because you are not dumping rail noise into some ground point
like i see that shit at opamps because power ground is so far and putting those caps to a signal ground is not awesome
at least little ones
but sometimes little ones and tiny ones
or medium and little ones
wow you are new at this
its like a resistor
in series with an inductor with a capacitor to ground and also other things on the board
with big capacitors on one end and random shit on the other end
get like 100 .1uF caps
quazimodo: ok ive worked on amps didnt have these caps

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'and even' like what follow is the most impressive, somewhat suggesting the previous list was ordered
im like, neat mofo can design radios
they are like, neat mfkr can really climb a ladder
rab: neat @ figure 2
haha cool @ 3(b)

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blackmoon: oh no
He designed, built and fixed radios, and even climbed communications towers.
they totally put those in the wrong order

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yeah because signal input will have noise and crap
and it can couple into other parts of the circuit
or your circuit will feedback into itself or across channels or whatever
so you stuff will oscillate at high frequencies and then weird shit will happen
like you shit will decode radio shit youll be like what and fm will come out of your preamp thingy
yes because its about the circuit interfering with itself
or noise on the signal coupling to later stages after where its supposed to be filtered out
like if you put an output right next to an input it maybe does a positive feedback loop and blows up
sprays little pieces of opamp in your face
you will be like this is my opamp scar, dont put output on top of input
yeh unfortunately there is no way to get them farther apart then this

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not really a problem with anything its you thing do whatever you want
you shouldnt need so many bands tho
parametric eq is really versatile so you prob wont ever need more than like 6
prob never use that many for most stuff
[15 60][30 120][60 240][120 500][250 1K]
not really
but if youre layout or supply isnt good its a waste
but its really cheap to do regulated bipolar supply

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someone is doing something wrong
well except the people selling this shit
almost 4x6?
wtf wrd *WTF
how many volts across them
how much current thru them
multiply, get power
that sounds right
do they overlap
i think they should overlap but they dont always overlap so much or at all
because the voltage will change with current
because the diode is a fixed voltage drop as long as it is conducting
yeah what stinger_ says
yeah that would be neat
for a bassist with 5 and 6 string especially

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no i mean like input i can draw on
like with a stylus
but i forgot what its called
yeah but i want like clipboard size thing
whatever ill google or newegg or something ty
1st one
timecop: i dont want artpeople stuff tho if they have more cad/eda style stuff
i dont know why it would be more like that instead of art school lala stuff
maybe diff buttons shrug
timecop: holy shit like just the pen is $70?

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but i dunno theyre like super prototypes all black on dark blue so tiny industrial espionage robots cant read my ref designators
am i weird because i print out partially finished pcb and like draw shit out with pencil
probably huh
quazimodo: yeah reality sucks =(
timecop: what is powerpad
timecop: hey what is a good tablet input device
i dunno that shit has a name

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hey i guess work people over there can get pcb from the factories for like half the cost and half the lead time
so i think maybe thats what chinapcb/similar do
like they told me prices and lead times im like orly
i got a single sided thing a week ago they did everything on time
day early on 10 day
like you set it, you dont tweak it so much
but yeah freq i kinda se tweaking alot but i guess you would def want the cut/gain knob exposed because you can kinda bypass the thing quick manually with it
hey i wanted black silk on raw FR4
but they did black silk on blue top soldermask
but i said soldermask bottom only
but maybe they cant silk the raw fr4?
or i dunno

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i got a paper card in an actual envelope in the real mail
so yeah either they like me or they have to spread like 10 computer virus and 2 people virus a holiday season to meet the quota
and then
macegr: fu man they were late a day on my proto pcb because you distracted them!
they said sorry
but he ordered like one million pcb + pcba from chinapcb
like at the same time two of my pcb are going through

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like if you want to do a subsonic filter you would set it low Q and full cut first and start freq all the way down and move up until it starts eating your bass
then back off
if you want to kill feedback or fade some weird slap or pick noise, you set q high then go hunting around with freq knob
whats that
thats usual with included libs
dude stock silk is usually embarassing
im like, i cant submit this theyll all laugh at me
okay two things
ourpcb chinamailed me a card for xmas
so i didnt get an .exe

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hey freq knob is kinda fun to play with
tweaking q usually gets stupid
its kinda what defines the filter
like its shape, so changing it alot changes the whole filter
its not like adjusting the filters cut or freq a bit its like changing to a whole other filter
so like usuallt you kinda decide what kinda of filter Q you want
and then adjust freq to around where you want and then adj gain to whatever and maybe tune the q a bit
Q knob is kinda like filter type or roloff slope in an active or dsp crossover

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like everything weve done in the last year is my shit
i can edit that shit in minutes
most of the time i dont even edit code i just hit called out test files
so anyway im pissed i gotta be doing that shit tomorrow
stupid shit like change filename callouts in an ocean of inline bullshit
quazimodo: not sure what you mean
i should be doing some sort of rear etched clear acrylic panel preamps
timecop: if i made some pretty audiophool shit would you write that sales crap?
you need to go tell them to take longer
to under the last shit and chill the fuck out

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so the wiper always has contact on maybe like maybe 4 or 7 of the windings, and as it lets go of one it grabs another
should be very smooth as long as windings dont get all oxidized or something, on an open design like that is prob pretty easy to clean but cheap china shit the wiper prob looses springyness for sure
one prob cooked just now
k bye if you timeout
have you ever tested that?
you have rack wifi or some silly shit
man so like
i have to write these QA scripts for this autio test machine
its all visual basic type shit
but thats not so bad
i have to support this other guys code from like 8 years ago
no one explained to this guy what a function was
so it hurts

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random, depends on how you soldered it and how much pressure you put on it when you use it
besides the fact thats its just some carbon ink prob on some fiberglass its amazing that shit lasts 10 times
hey wirewound pots are ok
yeah theyre like big guitar pot style
but they have a wiper shorts out multiple windings
so you get less scratchyness from the wiper jumping or who knows
damn mofo never seen an old old pot

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because theyre temp compensated
and i think they do that by wasting power preheating the xtal
prob because its some stupid specific freq
well thats not acceptable
blackmoon: plastic sealed slider pots = $$$
also mil pots, also any sealed pot thats not chinese really
yeah i hate that
timecop: source an xtal and use a low power oscillator chip
quazimodo: thats fine

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6mA is alot
you dont need tcxo stop shopping
why cant you just get a normal xtal
just mail like 5 xtal companies like how do i xtal purchase
fuck now you need a whole clock generator and shit thats lame
just use a normal xtal and some chip in your bin you prob done this part more than me
availability tho im like if these things are being difficult im sure you can source it non digikey
and get whatever you want
instead of getting pissed at digikey search

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i think its down to like 40Hz or something
low e is low
so make it go down to 20
oh neat inlay

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yeah should be fine
see the 100K resistor?
you can change that to load the guitar differently but 100K is probably fine
no 100K is about as high as you want to go in audio stuff
because higher and the thing doesnt pull any current so noise gets in easy
yeah it sucks because sometimes you have to choose between big cap or big resistor
anyway you can go down to like 10K and it maybe changes sensitivity of the guitar output
the pots

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black, tortoise pick guard, neck is fucked i need to try and adjust the trust rod
but i cant find that size hex key
sister lost it =(
ive fucked up the tuning things too
i have some little tuner box
i know how
oh i have a counter
i guess i just need like, bnc to TS plug now
its like a box that says frequency
or time intervals
for fixing problems in an installation
or for a producer because he decided and dont be telling him why he doesnt need that shit

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blargh: you mean like the grounding strap for the clamp?
i thought you meant like internar wiring straps
hmm, yeah i guess
never read it
buy plastic or cermet pots, you can reuse them, they wont get scratchy and they prob wont break as easy
and for caps under 1uF down to 1000pF use 5% polyester/polypropelene caps
because this isnt something you set and leave alone like a volume pot
you will mess with these alot
carbon pots will wear out and scratch and you wont want to use it
no i maybe missed a link
i have a fender jbass, mexican

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quazimodo: you are making a tuned circuit with C1 and resonance pot and the simulated inductor
its just an RLC with variable R and L
so variable Q and tuning freq
quazimodo: do you have money or youre broke or what

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okay looks good
wtf yes at least
thats bare minimum
fuck nyquist he can suckit he needs to take a trig class
quazimodo: hey i built that
that exact schema
it works
timecop: cant you just like mail a xtal company like, where do i buy reel? want
they prob pay cubicles of guys to do nothing but tell you where to buy one?

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yeah but do you really care
wtf is this some sort of live music piracy device
dude its not gonna sound good anyway sampling from inside your pants
timecop: i think they usually work by preheating the xtal
so temp changes dont matter so much
it needs to be 12.288?

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its created stupid office politics at work, im like CMON GUYS I JUST WANT A FUCKING TRANSFORMER ALREADY
anyway shit is about to get crazy
and the crazy fuckers said something today im like, wow are you guys gonna pay for that
because then out shit would be straight magic, universal for the world
but i dont think they realize
but that shit was so funny it just might work
no not in a very long time i dont think
do you care/.

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like today i was trying to dump these power caps thru some 15R resistors
and im seeing sparks
and im like YEAH YEAH
sparks sparks, good shit i DMM it im like WTF WHY WONT IT DRAIN
like an idiot i do this until the resistors are bit more than warm in my hand
so i DMM it again the shit is like half volt down im like DAAAMN WTF
only 7600uF so like wtf
anyway i did this a few more times before i turned the power switch off and dumped the caps like a normal person
also the time i though a china preproduction sample was all fucked wouldnt even switch the speaker output relay
so yeah, next day i notice the volts selector is set to 220
timecop: hey fuck your 100V nipponese bullshit

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it just wont be flat
but it might pic it up more
realistically, its going to roloff the low end so youll maybe get somewhat usable response down to 50Hz
itll pick up down to maybe 30Hz or something, but prob not very well, like towards the noise floor
on the high end, it prob gets random
comb filters
youre as likely to get more output as less and it wonr be consistent with freq
thats all a guess tho because i think they maybe have caps in that thing so it rolls off to get repeatable full bw response
maybe its like 64kbps mp3
yeah it is

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timecop: what class mcu?
i think you can output master clock
well how fast is you clock going
can you run a timer at 40mhz and hook a compare reg onto on output pin or what
either you clock it at 20MHz and use some sort of clock output if it has it
or you do a timer controlled output pin
youre not gonna bitbang a 20MHz clock unless you want a $3 dedicated clock generator
hey so does this need to be PA/studio quality?
or mp3 quality or what
anyway 10KHz is fine
100Hz is high
its like, listen to your music through 4" speakers with no sub
and thats down to maybe 90Hz
prob closer to like 120Hz
but check it out they need to sell this mic as +/-3dB right
so they sell it as a 100Hz to 10KHz mic
its likely itll pick up the lower shit and the higher shit

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also transmission lines, then rf circuits
also discrete analog, then opamps
so i dunno thats a kinda good order to learn shit
the last three pairs of things i did like at the same time
mostly they are used for switching but you can make linear amplifiers with them
its not easy but feedback is pretty neat, fixes everything
yeah mosfets in switch mode supplies and class-d is totally standard
jfets are primarily used for analog switching
yeah you can use them as voltage controlled variable resistors

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i think they do it so they arent loading up headphone amps very much
knowing that sometimes dickheads will just use an opamp to power headphones
it doesnt =(
signal opamps usually arent spec'd at under 1K or 600 ohms load
i dunno go to school or get a book
i did like, dc (resistors), ac (resistors + caps + inductors), semiconductors (diodes + transistors)
then we had some project classes where we had to build shit, electronics CAD class
then we had discrete digital, and microprocs

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because you dont even need a couple volts output
so 30VDC is alot more than you need
its good but it means you cant use little tiny chips
all the available headphone chipamps like soic8 and dip8 size and shit are only good from a 5V supply
but you can use any opamp + output transistors (few pennies each) and do a really good headphone amp
because 5v isnt usually available in an audio system
and 5v isnt alot of headroom
9V is really common
especially for electric guitars
my sony monitors are 64
theyre usually really, really sensitive
my sonys are like 109dB/mW
higher impedance headphones
like you cant put as much power into them with a given amp but you dont need as much so i guess it works out

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timecop: wat
i dunno wtf is this for
you wont get any rumble
yeah but at what level
like pro audio shit? like stdui recording shit?
in this case because its a bridges chipamp through capacitors, its high pass
so the low end disappears
but i have a bass knob
so you can fix it
really i should do some active eq shit
but really its a bad design to use the chipamp
all those amps are made for little dinky 1.8v to 5v battery shit
chipamps are the shit for small and medium size amps
but in a headphone amp, you kinda want a bit more in output transistor than they usually can fit in little chips
also 9V and dual 15V rails are way more common in audio than 5V and 3.3V
you waste alot of power doing headphone amps with dual 15 but you get alot of headroom

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what do you mean power the eq
use opamps for a power supply?
use 7815 and 7915 voltage regulators, and make sure your unregged supply is at least 19VDC
then use tl072 or tl074
for the opamps, jfet input so they wont be leaky, very accurate, decent noise and distortion
if you have a stereo system you prob own a few
if you want really low noise use ne5532
if you dont need it to be cheap, fuck those get opa2134
if you need something better youre just an asshole with too much money
theyre modern burr brown shit
tl072 and ne5532 and lf412 are ooold
burr brown is like, ninja analog stuff
TI bought them or its always been TI or i dunno
no fu i need those things
i did an altoids headphone amp
has bass and trble knob
but i didnt fit enough output caps so it rolls off too early

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hey thats a fun project
i think that was my first analog build at home, like not some simple shit at school
virtual inductor is win
parametric EQ
its an EQ with a variable simulated inductor
hey rawk
i should do that for my jbass
ima rip you off sir
no i play with it sometimes
timecop: if the others were -40, this is 10x more sensitive
in volts, every 20dB is 10x
and ever 6dB is 2x
or x0.1 or x0.5
it does
log scale =)
yeh if you put a fulcrum under the log

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sec, speaker book #1 has list
maybe speaker book #2, too
haha nice
he says for good, cheap mic get a mic by the author of speaker book #2
wait black babies are worth less
i dunno sometimes im opposite
i like drawing a circuit
but them im like, omg have to build it now wtf
so you spend all this time building it
and then it works its all boring because you already knew how it was going to work maybe saw it in sim
timecop: i think so
find page with mic control reg
i dunno you prob wont need help after you find that
im thinking it maybe has like 20dB gain and unity or something like that

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we have lots of expensive mics at work
some of them have matching preamp with spiffy expensive cables
but for alot of shit during dev we just use the KRK mics that come with ergo
i dunno what kind of mic that is i dunno how good it is (we use it for doing near field on subs so its not like it has to be amazing or anything
seems expensive but
You Save: $300.00 (38%)
so really its your lucky day
or something
pretty sure you can get decent lab mics for under $400

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greymoon: youve tried like ltspice or eagle on win7 or no?
thats kinda the only shit im worried about
so its just like, double upgraded xp?
i prob install my beta
monitoring in what context
anyway i think alot of high end shit is piezo
was prob pink noise
diff is huge
pink is like, omg there is a jet engine in the room wtf
white is like, omg i need to kill someone who do i kill to make this go away
heh pink noise above a few hundred watts is pretty awesome
quazimodo: prob not id buy a mic for sampling

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in fact i think thats prob ideal
they dont saturate the same and i think it depends on the load
a fet is alot like a tube in operation anyway
omni means it shouldnt be very directional
for completed mics tho
the housing has a ton to do with it so maybe they dont publish it because itd be all random in diff mounting scenarios anyway
tho yeah something like a plot from a flat pcb would be nice but they would have to spec shit like PCB material and what the PCB is on and the pin standoff and etc etc etc
acoustics is 1000x more fucked than analog
its like god most people who say they know all about acoustics are selling something

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it wants 3.0V supply
yeah tc if that shit aint good you make digikey give you your money back you give back the reel no bullshit
thats the output i think its active with internal biasing
timecop: 1.3V might be what they give specs for
sensitivity change on reducing supply to .9V = -3dB
get a CNC
if you need quick proto PCB
timecop: i think it might work just connecting the 1.6V to the + pin on that mic

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timecop: how many are you making?
enough to get those mics for $16?
if that shit is in your budget, its a good mic
but yeah im sure you can prob find equiv for less
dude aint shit you want above 10khz
even in music
most people our age can hear past 15KHz
but past 10KHz is the last audible octave
like 1/10 of our hearing bandwidth
europeans like putting 10KHz filters in their pro audio shit
sometimes they wont buy shit unless you can roll it off at 10khz
its just some cymbal shit
thats almost all youll lose
and i bet you it responds past 10KHz
but its not +/-3dB
its very possible it responds *louder* above 10KHz
not really
high pitches is prob more like 2KHz
the $20 one?
thats prob your best option if money doesnt matter

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it says +/-2dB
thats like pro audio spec
yeah im not sure if they mean +/-2dB sensitivity or across its range
i know sucks
blargh: i dunno 2 or 0 gauge
srs call a weld shop
fuckin better be
looks like it maybe has internal bias, its 3pin
they say its flat
and at 1KHz they spec it at +/-3dB
they say its +/-3dB across its spectrum referencing 1KHz
means its good and they have good production and QA
is my guess

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i lived here when it happened
everyone hates the cops
so did i its not like i took the bus downtown and hung out at florence and normandie
find a 1.5V mic that works
pfft youre a loon if you think that
link to the other two
blargh: call local welding supply its prob one of the better prices
you maybe have airgas stores there?
i dunno
dude find a shop
arent you in a biggish city?
you dont want ebay jumper cables the insulation is prob shit
i know you prob jiust want an uninulated strap but that shit maybe all melted to the wire who knows
it might be shit copper too

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timecop: you can probably bias at 3.3V and connect to the input with a cap
you maybe bias the chip side of the cap with the 1.6v pin
timecop: its ac coupled, the mic amp in the chip
so it looks like you can maybe bias at 3.3V and just connect it to the input pin
its basically the same as theyre doing internally
timecop: the 1.1vreg has the 1K series resistor built in
so you would just connect it to the mix input pin and connect that to the mic
but i dunno i guess that voltage is too low for alot of electrets

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i think so too but i dunno much about mics and nothing at this price range
it might not be biased right for the amp in the chip
is the chip 3v or what?
anyway you can try it easy
if youre spinning a board for it like now do jumpers and connect to both 3V rails and the bias pin
okay it cut that in half for the bias voltage
its 1.6V so it can get maximum swing
if you bias at 3.3V and couple to the amp you might clip it \
wtf wkr4k1r if thats not interesting youre getting bant
could have said hi dickhead

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full range thats not awesome but its maybe not bad in this category of mic
but if you low pass filtered hard at around 3KHz
its its +/-5dB
which for the money isnt that bad
and 3KHz music would sound alright
some music would sound way better
what are the other two youre looking at?
also sensitivity is some absolute thing based on some eic pressure to voltage reference or something, it has a note about it
omg makin me work and shit damn
and why cant you use a no bias mic?
it looks like your chip has a switch internal to turn the bias off
okay well you were complaining about not having a selection because of the bias
anyway check your docs its looks like its prob optional
anyway id guess the biased mics are better
yeah but i dunno what your chip wants
looks analog inside
some mics dont need bias they just output ac
basically backwards speaker
so maybe thats easier for you

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yeah see that one has a little jfet buffer inside
thats why they need DC
why they need more or what
the one you linked says 1.5V standards 10V max
oh but you want better qual
you want this for more than voice?
i think that flood kick needs to chill out
timecop: do they all have freq response plots?
fuck sensitivity you prob dont care about that as much as you do freq response
you want it to be wide and flat
like the one you linked is 10hz to 20khz...
ha its +/-10dB

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do you have empty space?
for the mic yeah
some need to operate at dc because they have little transistors inside
and sometimes i just think its for noise immunity, no active shit
the sensitivity might be relative to your bias voltage
so 1.6V, you maybe get up to 1.6mV output
but thats just a guess and i dont know what that reference input spl would be
electret is transistors inside i think

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im pretty sure to get above the e field noise floor
tho i dunno if youre shit needs to be DC biased for adc input it could be that
but i figured 1.1/1.6V is your supply rails iunno
tho thats a weird spec sensitivity is usually an absolute value
not a relative one
whatever that is its pretty fuckin ugly
oh mic spec not amp spec
yeah im not sure what the sensitivity is
i thought it was a connector i was like wtf kinda rf voodoo is that
.001, like 10b usable

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you cant really hear somethings fucked with an amp until shit gets towards 1% THD
where are youre lucky if youre speakers can do 1% THD on a good day
timecop: you need pro mic?
with pullups and shit or just diff input or what
pullup mic = phantom powered
the only other audio thing ive ever seen tc do was that thing that ended up spraying psu noise
chipamp i think?
haha i never liked the power on any of those boards
and i told you, too

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and nothing wrong with chinese audio gear
good audio gear exists, and everything is made in china, so do the math
heh i think QSC builds amps in one of our contract factories
timecop: you ended up getting those class-b QSC?
yeah i think those are made in one of our factories
and why are you like :( at QSC amps
shit is like industry standard, nothing wrong with QSC up in your rack
i just think with the money you have you could have splurged and bought some better QSC
yeah probably
theyre class-B tho
tho honestly i been fucking with a pretty high end amp thats biased wrong
so its supposed to be AB but its B, and even tho i can bias it and get the THD from like .05% THD to .005%, you cant hear the diff

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ttmustang: hi
heh @ single chip EQ
22:05 < quazimodo> they even send to china
fuck an etch lab if you cant through hole plate

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anal0g: hi
gnomore: hi

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haha @ enough joules for your appliances

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rab: they tried to kill my project they said it was gonna cost too much!
but then they were like sry we fail at excel
little speakers
where is avrfreak i wanna see him spaz out like how microshat sabotaged my life

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hahaha @ ET
that was the coolest part of the game
stuck in a hole?
stretch your neck, yo
and kids like everything
justburn: heh

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