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heh, leftovers

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its clear!

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like all seamless looking
prob like 3K in acrylic =(
yeah like i guess it wicks up and kinda sticks?
i need to convince some rich douchebag he needs 1" acrylic pro sound
that shit would prob sound good
yeah like just let the capillary action suck up what i needs

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im not sure it matters what you use to cool it as long as you use something
and flood it
noticable diff in finish between when your flushing the area with fluid vs when its just cutting thru drippy swarf or dry
no but i should
i should buy some mek or xylene or whatever that shit is
yeah that didnt work when i tried it
people will say one works better than the other so i prob try and buy small cans of each
yeah its just fuses that shit
everything those solvents do with plastics basically involves melting it
oh yeah i dunno about that
i wanted to try bonding stuff more
i think its more like welding than gluing
how long does it take?
i want to make a giant folded horn and pro audio speaker set with 1" acrylic

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kinda sucks tho sometimes the cuts in plastic look really awesome until you clean it
like the oils will fill the gaps and it looks all totally smooth
then you wash it and you can see every cut mark and the edges sometimes get cloudy

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yeah it was weird
but it changes more when it completely dries off, like if you wash the oil off with soap so its totally bare
does that whitish/grey thing
kinda miss big lathes
so honestly between the two, i cant imagine it being as useful
yeah id use dish soap to get the mineral oil off my parts
well, the aluminum and plastic stuff
its hard to get clean without soap sometimes
the oil will stick to the plastic funny
i dont think the plastic cars but stuff like acrylic, you can see like oil smears
and it gets fingerprints and dirty super easy, like it doesnt look done until youve cleaned it

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like sometimes you can see it right behind the cutter and it doesnt look white
it looks mirror, totally reflective
yeah but does it stay look that?
*like that
like certain cutting oils i dont think it oxidizes until its been cleaned off
then like by the time you have it all dry it kinda has that whitish look, even if its still reflective
when id turn Al on the bigass leblondes at school, id basically be throwing chips and pouring oil on
and like you could kinda see it change behind the cutter through the thin layer of oil

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when its still got cutting oil and shit on it
i swear its brighter like right after you cut it
maybe thats why its shinier
and like on a lathe, that shit is dull before im done doing a pass
hmm yeah i dont mean like fresh cut shiny Al

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Al machines fine until it turns soft
flapdisc prob runs pretty cool heh
its neat right after you cut it before it oxidizes

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man fuck chemistry
all that matter is the fucking electrons
so what
k work bye!

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3 degrees is pretty good
so why dont you just make a decent product and sell it because it is better
theyre wrong
you need to do beer with a gas chromatograph and full environmental logging to be saying shit like that
so prove something

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just say its for inductive loads
yeah what moon said
that shit should have 4 wire sense
serahome: your shit better have 4 wire sense
man stfu already
youre annoying like audiophool salesman
so why did you say wai

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wtf arent you switching a triac on mains?
through an opto?
so do this with terminals
you could just opto off one and assume there three phase is aligned but whatever your cpu prob just going to be spinning anyway
youre not even going to have the power triac on the board?
put the optos on the daughterboard
its safer than having 120VAC wires everywhere
just give them solder pads and no instructions so you cant be held liable

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so you need a zc detector tho
to do duty modulation?
wtf so use an ac input bjt output opto
this circuit is almost pretty
you just need two optos and resistors and a triac
+ uC
stop making this complicated
and yeah if you go slow modulating cycles you dont even need to detect ZC
unless your load is capacitive or something and will asplode if you switch it on at peak
so then use an opto
fuck i should make this all on one pcb
you need an opto taping at the power at your load
you dont want to fuck with that wart ac
the wart ac is going to phase shift

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ac input opto w/ bjt out, pullup resistor to a HiZ input
wtf comparators
you need fast
and not really
because its 120Hz
5 years slo
look youre going to get a pulse that begins right before the zero cross
pulse, like, square blip
wtf zc opto just use the inverse parallel leds opto?
buy it

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