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drilled it (heatsink)

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damn same old dude
dont wear long sleeves yo
heh @ bits of eyeball
this is why CNC is superior
hit green button, run, hide
just dont leave the room for coffee
as soon as you leave the room for coffee the machine will crash and destroy itself and the part
timecop: theyre very old

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mine too =(
mine has like 199960
89 volvo 740
engine seems ok but transmission leaking or burning fluid

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like, as the pot for a VCO
so also pencil lead related
we had these scissors for like 10 years that my sister had shoved into an electrical outlet
the ends were all knubby
you couldnt close them the last couple degrees
whats drawdio
because i didnt know what i was doing the kits manual told me how
smart, that
your car has problems

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ha when i was in a group home wed short pencils across mains to light cigs and joints
its safer just to let kids have lighters
wed pull the lead out and short across stuff sticking out of an outlet
i wasnt the genius behind this setup btw
i was the guy dumping out cigs and sorting the herb and putting back into cig tube
okay no rly
the thing kinda made me go WOW ELECTRONICS was my cousin had this spring terminal project kit
and i was trapped at grandmas so i made a synth with a line of pencil lead on paper

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wind up boot ftw

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this is china, thats way to expensive

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most pro audio active speakers glue connectors, its annoying
but all the vibration
because companies will use china distributors and their latching connectors suck
mta-100 and mta-156 and similar
not the real shit tho, that stuff locks pretty good
also glue will be poured over certain types of jack hoursings to make them airtight

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heh thats kinda cool

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my current LED circuit: mpja $18 24V 8A smps, cute little vishay/dale 10W heatsink resistors
24" aluminum channel bits for heatsink/mounting will be here like tuesday

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matzo fried with eggs and onions yo, i want it

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like its a dog?
i need some fuckin jewfood

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im going to put a big piece of plywood across the mirror where the wall sticks out to fit the fireplace
and then mount the big tv mount and speakers to that
then its fixed
i have to figure out how to unwire fake electric fireplace
you yuo that shit on an off with an IR remote, electric fire is like one button tv wtf

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we have two BNC mounted there and out UI has a scroll knob
but same thing, neat unit for logic
the dso splits the screen up, config on top and traces on the bottom
and it splits trace area for the two probes
and you cant unsplit it so you have 1/4 vertical area for each scope trace
so its annoying
k i need to throw out boxes and organize and clean off bench
so i decided spit in the face of apartment mirror/fake electric fireplace situation

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rab: other hacker bought an HP spec analyzer for work
and the shipper packed it lazy and its front got smashed
and it wasnt displaying characters right
so we are prob going to get a china one =(
paypal gave him all his hp spec analyzer money back
paypal seems pretty understanding about fucked test gear
i think one i have only goes to hundreds of mhz
hey we have one
like 32 or 64 chan or something, we have the cables too
has a useless 2ch dso, too
ha this one is pretty hardcore
we got it back from a contractor in canadia
and the fucker didnt use like any packing material in the box
at all
like i had to take the cover off and do bodywork on it before i powered it up
shit still works
see that blank section under the controls?

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teknique: tektronix 2230/2232
theyre like ~$300 on ebay
but lots arte sold cheaper for parts/service =(
but yeah its a decent DSO built into a tek analog

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