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i think more than 10 less than 20?

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blackmoon: know about doublecad?
its some autocad type package, they have a free version
i used it to open up a dxf so i could notepad some gcode the other day
imported and saved fine
figured out how to offset geometry and get points fast enough

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i thought that was like a block diagram

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'what is this virus cheif how am i knowing this is not china trolling me

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EE buddy at work opened it, says avg went nuts

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macegr: im maybe going in ~6mo =\
no itd more if its decent
for a full system
haha @ robot arm doing through hole
prob takes longer than small chinese farmer girl
make a baby
teach it to do stuff
dont let it outside

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if it makes you feel better, i have no idea wtf seedstudio is
xmas wooo
see if all numbers share a factor

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ha woah
they must have been so insane if they werent just knocked out
why is this news now it happened like 5 years ago

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neat i got my shit for $30 cheaper than on newegg
i have to pay sales tax to price club
but i save $9 on shipping
but i added that in already
so reasons why this samsung monitor are fail: plastic case is so shiny it reflects back image and light from the monitor
ha that sucks

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timecop: but now my movies fit
macegr: i didnt want 24"
tiny dots > turning head alot
also besides movies wider is better for peripheral vision in fake racing

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so i got this samsung 21.5" 1080p lcd monitor
to replace my 22" 1680x1050 monitor

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digi-tal: hey

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wait atxmega is avrfreaks?

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im late i guess
danielson: shrug, i gotta go
yeah thats prob smart moon can prob help bbl

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status of bacon sim?
my chipamp PCB are doing circles in beijing or something
didnt the romans do xtianity?
because yeah f the romans

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10:35 <@longcat> i've had it for years but i dont solder mich
that stuff is pretty good
like thicker jelly, sticks to stuff really well
10:33 <@longcat> I buy flux paste from radio shack

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