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w/ gold plated shield @ titanium dsub screws
the only wire ive ever seen heavily oxidized was in clear plastic insulation marked OXYGEN FREE

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1680 to 1920 upgrade, woooo
damn this shit is bright going to blind me or wtf

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inittab: fix!

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*Stop* masks are generated for smds, pads and those vias that have a drill diamater that exceeds *Limit*.
and its got a box you can put a Limit size
DHL doesnt do estimated ship date?

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it doesnt go everywhere
timecops says it better
xp still has that?
macegr: ltspice and eagle are fine on 7?
macegr: how big are those viaholes?
like .020 or something?
sec ill check

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i do that
its backlash
yeah Y is fucked
kinda yeah
omg mean

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silkscreen is from gozer?
i got blue
i wish red would get free already
no you cant you have to pay for red and yellow
can only choose green black white and blue =(
yeah because youre order 10000
red and black are neat
i want to do red w/ yellow silk
both those items are pay options
yes when do you put the soldermask on macegr?

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buy a CNC
mine is trapped at work poor thing =(
neat pics
we dont have green capabilities
you have to have a machine that we dont understand to do that
heh @ laser of the pads having dual meaning

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you ask for it before they quote your gerbers
well usually you have to ask to get them to leave it off
i wonder if they through hole plate single sided boards

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what does it do
make it so you can breakout the leds or ship it leds unpopulated

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one of our project managers can get quick turn from one of our contract factories
prices/times sound perfect for a setup like ourpcb
i doubt youre their only customer
inventory stockpile in 09
factories gettin lazy/closin down
yeah IR guy was telling us how theyre getting back online better than most semicorps
but like everyone was basically freaking out and making nothing last year
its prob good for them in the end
because it will deplete stock and they can keep charging more when theyre back online
sucks for everyone else

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i think i need a nap
macegr: who is cherry
cherry copies to season sun, they have gmails now
no rly?
or you are just being clever and funny
Thanks in advance,
oh you never talk to season?
hes shipping guy he tells you when you stuff got kicked out
john is tech
i dunno this darlene person i just know susan, im like CHERRY IS THIS SPAM OSHITHAI
i wonder if they are much busier than a couple years ago

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thats a guy with a scarf on his head.
im waiting for a reason why
well the caption is obviously a troll
hes dead

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oh i was asked a question
cat: sure
you will teach me verilog?
also i charge $50/hr
which is cheaper than a mechanical and about the same as a PC tech
you are getting a deal, sir
i call all the girls sir
cat: so you want me to code you an ultraspark in verilog?
ha what did i miss?
theres prob like 3 that arent that are from the 80s

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cat: macegr cant design shit
ha, kmaps =\

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cat: it can be better or worse than PCB layout for assembly
i just answered that
in terms of practicality, its not
why its hardly used for anything anymore
if you dont have time or money for a pcb
i do point to point mounted on perfboard few times a week

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triac ftw
you switching them with optotriacs?
you use a bunch
they only drop like 1V
neat, same thing
$20 more
usually a nice sink mountable package tho
im about to have a china hookup
danielson: if its not production qty, you take what you can get
like, transformers and heatsinks and knobs
is prob the shit you should always be stripping off dead junk
need to go to old spot
they are jacking my crx today
fpr charity and shit

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active filters ftw
also wtf @ 0.01C
thats like, too much res you need to average more or something
why 1000
why not 1024
i was going to kick you
determine your acceptable delay
how many samples fit into that delay time should be close to your number of averaged samples
this is temp readings so your acceptable delay is prob like, couple seconds even

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wtf @ wind

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what did you do that in
use 4 wire
well good then

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hey is q18 supposed to be a pmos or what
oh i guess maybe to bypass the RC

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or something
do a little drawing with the big module parts if youre bored or whatever
i dont get what q18 is for but im pretty tired

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put part numbers on your chips?
U1 is a linear vreg?
no coil?
oh wtf thats not a chip
i dunno i would probably label the IC and make it more clear that thats a module somehow
just the symbol in the schematic
like put all the pins on one side and label it MODULE [part number]

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its fine
if the chips blown up by being reverse .6V, its a pussy chip
deserves to die
and if they blow up use bigger diodes but 2A is prob more than enough
weird fuse symbol
looks fine i guess but it probably wont do anything until it hits maybe 7V or something

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that shit is ugly did that export from dicktrace?
its really grainy and your part and wire linewidths are diff
timecop: shouldnt be hard its all vector graphics

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