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odam not alpha.. alpha AND omega
yeah i was going to ask how it does current sense but i guess they just stuffed it all inside
all the way to the edge.

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heh, 2w with indicator, 1w without
needs an standby function or auto off
ha, so yeah alot of audiojunk fails
this either means work for me (pcb designs)
or alot of work for me (china designs pcb, i go WTF and make them redo, repeat)
then yeah get a nonfail part

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timecop: yes its for overvoltage disconnection or what
wtfd 2nd part the transistor and the pfet
timecop: normally pfet gate is pulled low by the resistor to ground
but if enough voltage happens the TVS is forward biased and Q2 turns on and pull the pfet gate high
thats pretty neat
so like i guess all of europe passed standby current laws

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but yeah thats a neat symbol i got no prob with that
they draw zeners all stupid tho
no its a troll!
timecop: that is for disconnecting the input in an overvoltage?
yes it was funny
tho its kinda like that anal sex story where the guy uses way too much lube and she shits on everything
and his friend is in the closet filming and she runs off naked covered in shit and no one hears from her ever again
pil is prob trolling for suki irl

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timecop: its just goofy because its two
like one blows out and theres a spare!
series diode works, doesnt blowup fuses
whats up with D10 thats not backwards
oh ok
timecop: yeah use zeners
im saying for the symbol most people just use zeners
and like a part number

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timecop: neat
haha wat
do it in flexible tube
like a whip

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you have pig aids or wat
pitz you have like 2min to talk about electronics or get bant
prob a temp ban but i dunno how that works really could be forever (!)
i dont celebrate shit
talk about shockley or get bant!
mxman: heh
its a bottle to pee in wtf
no man its a pee bottle
why is D9 dual you just have them around or what

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@ 2mA
yeah that could do a shock stick

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R9 doesnt do anything
on an amp without a feedback divider

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`nico: hihi
dx^: D=

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look it up
wiki 7400 series, wikipedia has a list of all of them
pretty neat
well you got a 741 on 5v driving what i hope is a logiv level fet
i do not approve
im pretty sure if i look at that datasheet ill be dissapointed
d flop is a latch
register with too many pins
fuuuuck 741 is expensive
look if you buy 10K its still a dime
they suck its like, the first useful opamp
35 years old and shit, theyve gotten alot better at opamps since then

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4.7v would prob be better but whatever
lower really
741 isnt rail to rail anything
but i guess when its low its only trying to sink
so maybe it doesnt refil that RC on the gate
so i guess it works anyway
but i dunno i wouldnt be surprised the shit just latched up or asploded
caught your mom on fire
put some blinker fluid on it
ha you want like an open drain/collector pnp/pch comparator
do they make those
you could just pfet the leds i guess and use commodity comparator
in china they have piles of generic opamps and comparators, like piles of rice or concrete dust

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i dunno the last thing linked
23:17 < Interitus> does this look right? http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/2456/schematic2try4.jpg
eliminate D1 and D4
you prob just need one swing of the piezo
theyre polarized
mount it or wire it up so initial swing is positive
then eliminate D10 put D9 in parallel with the piezo
what do you mean what are they didnt you do this circuit?
k now im more lost
now D4 and D1 make sense

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heh @ political
D1 is paranoia
like if your signal is swining low enough to hurt shit you got bigger problems
yeah you prob got bigger issues
how much can a 741 swing on 5v?
whats D4 for
prob puts the 741 in current limit mode

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so what do you plan on calling this place timecop

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also, if this is for analog input, you might have trouble getting consistent output from different piezos and mounting situations
if its just digital input, nm
how are they mounted
anyway test it out make sure they all work the same
oh weird
no idea how thats gonna work out
dense foam or light foam?

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mxman: prob not no
im assuming under 100C, so just a to92 temp sensor and a comparator would do you
piezo touchpad?
oh heh i remember you talking about this
piezos work for analog input
just make sure to clamp it
kinda weird
heh @ 60' table
buffer the piezo with an opamp and use it to drive whatever

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