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`nerobro: no i didnt i just dont care give me money ill do it anyway
`nico: mine are floor speakers i had them under my desk
i was like 60 degrees off axis on the dome tweeters it was nice
and the bass went about 4ft before it hit my bed and bounced back
also i have a 90s technics chipamp reciever
nothing old like that my shit dont even have meters
haha it have tape loop and VCR io
k off to work
stupid xmas party

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macegr: xlr/speakon click in
but sometimes theyll use non latching female xlr jacks because the latches will rattles on an active sub
eck0 racing/logging
im going to buy a bottom chest today
macegr: heh
use a vibrator
use a vibrator at like 20hz

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why dont you use multiple connectors
like for 600A

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screw terminals is like, proto/dev style
wtf 600A?
how do you go from a 5 year led pwm project to 600A 3 phase
theyre like $3
i guess its time for work

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danielson: you can get unshrouded mta156 2 pin w/ polarizing latch for prob under $1
and itll make swapping batteries painless
i dunno what your max current is tho
what kind of connectore on the xlr cable?
cheap connectors are cheap, use neutrik or switchcraft
if youre going to have a remote connector not on the PCB use faston tabs or something
like .187 and .250 for polarizing

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i think the hdd/optical drive psu headers are a type of mate-n-lok too
use mta156 or something
and terminal block is ambiguous
screw clamps, lever clamp, big screw headers for ring and spade crimps, what

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you can get good cables for cheap
and there is expensive cable worth the $$$
like, home audio shit it doesnt really matter because you plug shit in once you dont touch it except maybe few times a year
lots of applications youre like fucking with cables all day, cheap cables and connectors fuckup and make your life sad
there is a long XLR cables coiled up on my office floor i have to test =(
danielson: yeah get mate-n-lock for multiple row
mate n lock is like, mobo connectors
the main one with 24 pins or whatever it is now
prob nothing is cheaper than mta156, tho

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its kinda hard to tell but that pot is floating like 3/4" in the air
no one takes amex
i saved them like $3500+ they were going to buy me a pads seat
im like, hi eagle is $500
and i already finished both boards in eagle
yeah rly in two days
they come with vidcards
you should have like 3 by now
why would you storm out
just laugh and say thanks and leave

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i magic blue smoked like 6 transistors yesterday
swapped the 5401 and 5551
i think so
you can do it in eagle5
hey did i finish my story about how accounting didnt pay cadsoft for 2 and a half weeks
and now theyre sending a check and im like, a check, how long does it take an american check to clear in germany
see the brown spots around all to92 pins?
thats burnage from when i had to solder flood to drop them all out
see how the to92 pair on top are kinda sticking out and leaning?
thats because the 2nd time i burnt them (unrelated problem)
i just cut them on the topside close to the plastic and soldered new to92 on
oh yeah
dude thats all theyre good for
cables and adapters
adjustable wallwarts

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on rail to rail opamps?
well that sucks
ha theyll maybe be $6 a single
your boss people must be sick of money or something
well duh
radios is ambiguous so im not even sure if im impressed

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also most opamps have really good psrr so dropout might not kill the device
rail to rail input/output
like if the motors drops the psu out and youre getting spikes from back emf and psu ripple thru the vreg, only a fraction will get thru the amps unless youre clipping input our output
4096mV ref ftw
rrio, cmrr, input vos
and if you think the psu will dropout, shop for psrr
yeah so you need high cmrr and low vos

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whats special about dc accurate LPF
so buy amps with low vos
voltage offset
check tho maybe the butterworth IC are alot better for the $$$
but if theyre like, a couple mV dc offset, prob not
if theyre closer to 100uV, maybe
i have some 8 pole super configurabe 40 dip maxim filter IC
never took them out of the sample tube
you can prob get rrio amps cheap enough can do this

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as far as i understand it
i dunno what they mean by group
see how in chebychev all the delay is at once?
like i guess the waves stack up or something going thru the filter, and you get an amplitude boost
like when the first wave is getting thru the feedback path the next wave just showed up
it is for certain stuff
its used extensively in sub amps to get a boost before roll off

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