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sam7 is awesome for embedded controller stuff
is not like full system capable tho

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RG58 is 25pf/ft according to this datasheet
i have lots of that
neat like 6ft of rg58 and the fluke still is like 000nF

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this shit is expensive
wtf it has ends WTF
im looking in the wrong section i think
k nite
dude those are vinyl handling finger sleeves

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im goint to buy some neutrik RCA plugs and solder that shit together
ha those things kinda suck theyre perfectly round and on some rca jacks they slide on without making ground contact
for turntables?
id have to get BNC to rca adapters
macegr: fuck that, differential in to pro level balanced out in the tonearm base
we can have an upscale faraday cage unit
hey man those burr brown amps are expensive and fragile
of course they would

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cartridge is supposed to be loaded by a few hundred pF max, and i just DMM'ed some random RCA cable and it went from 000 to 001 nF
i wonder what the capacitance is per foot
neat i sees it too
20pF/ft on this one type
no you can
i just have flashbacks
i want this 20pf shit
fuck cheap
omg this one is 15
solder the braid
its not hard
wtf crimp

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i need to find low capacitance stranded core coax cable
dude rca cables
instrument cables
thats why i want raw cable
instead of some audiophool bullshit
no rewiring turntables

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omg hes building a bomb with a giant led countdown timer
0603 isnt too bad
0805 is my fav for personals
fuck that
have fun debugging that

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you should be
so wow big long rca cables are closer to 1nF than 0
well thats bad news
oh see
macegr: all the art students at chico are taking this class on technology in art
they all got arduinos

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k im trying to figure out about cables for turntables
because i guess you can fuck it up and your turntables will roll off early because of cables
but like theyre meant to be loaded with like 100-400pf or something so i guess cable capacitance would make a diff =\
i measured my cheapo digikey RCA cables and my flukes went from 0nF to 1nF
fucking record players

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what does it look like
its midget kick boxing
dude that one little guy is huge macegr
you would be a harder more cynical extra lethal macegr
macegr: you could do like three levels of bed/desk in your room
you can still do that youre just afraid

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diptrace is russian?
k, old
this is better
little guy fucks it up

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rab: haha im hopinh youre making a joke (its her hair coming over her shoulder)
rab: the case doesnt really look sealed
neat paddle tho

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