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digi-tal: shitty i forgot about the power supplies

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i should go grab that
damn how did it become 3am

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$100 i guess, gotta buy 5 pots
yeah thats fine
k sounds good
i will donate some opa2134 to the cause
i dunno maybe a week
well actually shitty if i have to wait for the digikey
haha ive been driving around with my weber grill in the back seat of my volvo all week

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yeah can change knobs
haha what
wait what are sucrets again
oh right those
yeah i googled
oh you just want something you can wire in i dont gotta do the 1/4" and and pot?
iunno, $80 i guess

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youre buying retro knurled knobs
they look ugly in that pic tho i wonder if its a diff chinaknob now
yes they are
thats a knurl
not a diamond knurl but this is the same category of flashy knob
need to know if the knob has like a skirt so you can use a panel mount pot
else itll stick out stupid

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digi-tal: okay i finished prototyping the headphone amp project is half done
no really i did it last week at work
hehe i mean like i didnt do it just now in 30 sec
okay im done explaining my joke
yeah pots matter
get plastic or cermet and you wont ever have to replace them
yeah thats cool
you can use those with any shaft pretty much
wanna see my fav knob?
you can afford it because its a ripoff
no theyre perfect thats a fucked up pic

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jezus fuck that sounds wrong
i got 665
i thought 4
and you gotta clipe a row because edges
oh now its 8
yes probably
so this, an avr, some fat logic fets
yeah stagger them

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48 of each was spaces out like 1.5" verticle and maybe 1" horizontal
so like 150
and youd have to back the array up a bit and get a good diffuser
so the colors mix well
these leds its like 1/4 the cost
so you could go 4x more dense but youd need another PSU
saw them look neat
as long as the sun isnt hitting it directly should be pretty bright

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thats why i like the superflux shits
not bad and not at all compared to 3mm/5mm standard stuff
i dont think youll find plates, have to make them
or have them made
knobs suck
oh no shit
well i can have a drill pattern no problem
macegr: hey thats cheap
fuckin topbright
when he gonna fix his specs table

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digi-tal: anyway i gotta go sleep ill do a parts list tomorrow and try and figure out how much time the plates take to drill and edge machine
i was going to try doing it with like 146 5 chip leds
like .2theyre not really .5w =(
yeah and reds are 2v
at 100ma
so i have to use two to get .5W!
anyway yeah those
i was going to space them i dunno couple inches
he cant affors that
you mean like to-1 3/4 or whatever?
he just wants to light up a sign
whatever works = your budget and deadline

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i thought i suggested it
you fucking pothead
was me
well i dunno maybe him too
did you do some sort of indicator for the crowbar
like, green led turn to red like RESET ME!
i guess
if you crownvar is so awesome maybe the fuse doesnt blow
digi-tal: electronics is cheap, the plate not as much
like, the only shit id have to order maybe is good caps for the riaa stage and pots
oh and some unclad vectorboard
shit that can maybe be expensive too
well not really like maybe .50 more each

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yeah like i dunno any commercial products that cheap but its like a non issue to build it
chances are the behringer and pyle boxes are a single dual opamp riaa stage
i dunno tell me what you want, the box the pot are going to cost the most
and this assumes you dont wants PCBs
i could do you a plate for the pot and the jack
danielson: youre doing it wrong
danielson: get nice ones with covers
how many do you want?

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oh you need a volume knob too
else id say just plugging some headphone into that
but its prob RCA out
sec ill look on gc
haha same deal

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its maybe a pair of quad amps
opamps, thumbnail sized
and actually you can do it with a dual amp if you wanted
and really, you can get all hax0r and integrate the riaa tuning into the headphone amp
even with stuck up caps like 1% polypropylene
prob under $10
needs a transformer but even then prob still under $10
if you want a forever pot, okay i dunno about $10 im not china
youre gonna buy a pyle?
=( =( =(
pyle of $%^&
at least paint it!
does that have headphone outs?
jezus someone needs to fire some marketing dicks

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thats neat
hey so in 5 years everyone will be listening to drum n bass
fureal this time!
not like when we said it 10 years ago as a joke because they said it 20 years ago
hahaha @ headphone amp @ cheap
you want to go direct into the turntable?
standard turntable im guessing so you need an riaa stage
unless your tables have it builtin
headphone amp arent cheap, no one knows why
get a preamp
with phono input
itll have headphone outs and an riaa stage
prob a 1u dealy for $80, is a guess
but seriously to make that shit its like, pocket change

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you were busy or something
its basically a giant non diasy chainable shiftbrite
big rgb panel
even at the electronic music record shop the dnb section is kinda sad

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sad world is sad

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04:43 <+danielson> ..distance from outer edge of pad to center line is the same as the width of the pad
that sounds right
oh that centerline
yeah thats not right
wtf @ home depot and lowes websites always being down at the same time

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yeah fuck that i want wget running for a month
how do you think they make money?

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k non member AES docs are $20 each
membership is $100, and you get docs for $5
so like for the price of 10 docs you get 20 and membership
for $100 + $135 you get unlimited access to the online library of docs
student rate is $40 so maybe i can get that maybe
you pay monies or you killed people
i want the docs
so i prob end up paying the $135
and gorging
yeah maybe
A one year student membership includes access to the Online Journal. If you would prefer to read the Journal in printed form you can upgrade for an additional $50 per year.

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. The device was rapidly-prototyped by Dynacept and a highly specialized version of the Ubuntu distribution was compiled by FusionGarage.[4]
so it was all othermonkies
this troll has money or what?
so they trolled something to the edge of mass production
something the size of paper would prob just break too much anyway

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like you just have current racing around doing nothing but it sets up fields that can transport emi and signal to places they shouldnt be
no wats that
if youre a huge fucking megacorp
hey that would be neat
maybe in 5 years
if youre mr huge megacorp
are hardware guys confirmed real people?
did manufacturing even exist?

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yes but bring your power and signal grounds together at the top
ideally you connect everything at a star ground at your psu but thats not going to happen most the time
or you do pcbs for timecops and go HEY GROUNDING AND POWER ON THIS SUCKS and he goes eh whatever, then youre done
ground planes can create issues
they can be inductive, you can get weird capacitive coupling into shit, if you dont cut them up intelligently you get ground loop issues

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old mfkr

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incubus: do you do electronics or what
one day theyll show you a resistor
itll change your life
even timecop knows ohms law
i think

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23:59 < incubus> timecop, u good with analog now?
no idea havent paid attention

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wtf are you talking about
hey thats pretty neat
could do work hanging way off the side of your table
yeah that rusty area on the column is prob where its supposed to slide on =\

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but yeah mostly im afraid id get into trouble having too much fun
i wouldnt mind having a scanner
kinda for safety if shit ever gets crazy
i know =\
right because theres prob 3 or 4 service bands
i couldnt do anything in this apartment anyway
my phone reception sucks hard
theres prob like 5 or 6 wals in every direction until open space

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ha i used to do that with bongwater outdoors
for the fallen stoners
get up guys!
i used to drink sapporo tiny kegs
haha and sapporo blacks
they stopped making those
thank god that shit was like sapporo + soy sauce
like first sip i almost spit it up, by then end i was like MUST HAS MOAR
welcome to electronics
why dont you sell two
hey so if i wanted to talk to you itd need to be lower frequency?
i dont think microwave shit will get through the santa monica mountains
damn that mfkr got some gear

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but we used to eat these oatmeal raisin bars that wed make out of 2x strength cannabutter
then wed all get into our cars and race to our respective home because we didnt want to kick it and end up driving when the shit hit
that kenwood scary thing?
with like 100x knobs and buttons
or possibly it was pioneer
heart attack or stroke
god that stuff is horrible
like if i drank beer itd be thick, dark, expensive european shit
i cant afford that
danielson: 40s is the deal, son

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neat i get mpja 24v psu for leds on monday
also those 10xwhatever led matrixes
well, kinda done i guess
yeah almost a year ago
i have to call the office and see wtf their malfunction is
i had someone call in to verify and they couldnt find my info
i called back myself and shes like I DUNNO IT MUST BE A CLERICAL ERROR
im like WTF NO SHIT
in my head
yeah i never get edibles
theyre neat and everything but its like, i need to have a whole day free to enjoy that shit
you cant be productive on that trip
well, kinda

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omfg tldw bbl
kevtris: new or used digeridoo?
anyway k buy need toolbox

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oh i seen that
neat vid

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still just .7v down on the low side
well that sucks
just electrocute yourself a little bit

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sup geekers
blackmoon: wtf is that pic
theres pic caps attached to a heater element?
wtf youre buying that
it looks like $30 worth of stuff
so like
gnd isnt ground?
=( =( =( =( =(
hey .7V never killed anyone

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does avrphreaq run linux on anything yet?

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shit i think i left my phone at work

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i think they do some sort of frame blending

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neat i can put one of those in the middle
he was still alive?

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those are like 6.5lbs each =\

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maybe i just get that
the whole wall is 148" and that says the cable is up to 196"
11 lbs, shrug
its not the curtain weight im worried about its the curtain being pulled on or someone like falling into it
its for a sliding glass door so people will be going in and out
like if someone is pulling it too hard or holding onto it and kinda trip on the door slide

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i did
feet is '
which happens
haha lame safe working load 2.5 lbs
like they are made of of wax

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i know but this thing might get pulled alot
so they prob crap out eventually
but i guess i do that
those can rip out and trhey leave like a 3/4" hole
yeah but you prob use like 6 or 8 per cabinet?
yeah that makes a big diff
id totally trust that
its just going to be a cable with some tension and curtains
but its going to get tugged and shit
its a bitch to find curtain rods long enough and then the hardware does stick out far enough
like a 100" sliding glass door
that already has vertical blinds
yeah but i would need a bracket that goes out like 10" almost
and then id have to get my own rod

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i hate backlight inverters
yeah im waiting for big led backlight tvs to get cheaper in like 6mo
its usually a laptop
so i want to do a curtain cable across on room
theres a stud in the perfect place on one side
but on the other side its like 6" too far
SO DO I: a) run a slanty cable or b) anchor one side into the drywall

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two stages of Av=10, go

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normal radio AM is really high power because of shitty antennas
like, the transmitters arent 1m
yeah =\

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its a like every 6 seconds you could easy be having a two person convo updating that fast
yeah i dunno i dont have seconds timestamper
i dont think quarks is his
quarks is maybe `nicos or eryus
cant argue with this

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meter wave, iunno
thats a pretty fuckin long wave yo
is agressive
yeah we dunno how

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take 6ft copper rod
rough up the outside a bit with a steel brush wheel
drive like 5ft into the dirt
connect 0 awg wire from there to radio thing
then use speaker cable or something
hey you can get that an any welding equipment store
its like as thick as your thumb
probably not but hey try it

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i cant believe you gave this away `nico
(i dont blame you really because the a side is some pretty meh dieselboy thing)
this guy is playing it too fast dumbass lifted the bass =(
this guy at the cable manufacturer place next door was like
im like, yes
so he says he does breakbeat so now he spins all his dnb at 33
thats some bass, yo

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crazy noinkin led mfkr
*noblinkin led mfkr

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