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it looked cool tho
in a manufacturability sense but in an abstract sense, nice work yo
yeah i still dont get it
you can get 4 mill done but itll prob cost more $$$ and boards are more likely to be fail
so use something else

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`nico: i have sony monitor things they are not so bad
i did a sweep i could still kinda hear them down to 20Hz
and up to like 17KHz -- i cant hear past 16.5KHz really =\
my mint tin headphone amp was neat
but yeah those chipamps roloff the lowend way high because theyre all cap coupled bridged output
mine had bass/treble eq tho so you could level out the response
that thing ($1 5V chipamp) had about the same THD performance as the perfboard franken thing i tested today

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forethought ftw
yeah all electronics only has padded perf so when i cant wait i end up using it =\
rab: yeah you kinda have to do it so the parts hold themselves in place
else circuit will crack
but we do almost all our rework prototypes or little utility circuits on unclad shit, we havent had any issues
no cmoy amp is totally retarded
like, fucking retards THATS AT 2K LOAD
they usually spec at 600R for some stuff because 600R is like a tradition load impedance
but they never spec anything under 100R thats ive seen

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its for the headphone jack on some powered speakers
it mutes the speakers
yeah because everyone wants to crawl around behind a pc to do that
so dont use it?
i know
you know i <3 the anti-troll
interitus: pimp
next time maybe buy the unclad perfboard its much more versatile
yeah its decent
a few joints could be wicked onto the pacds and pins better
but those pads slide around when you get them too hot or solder onto them too much
so my shit on that type of perf usually looks about the same

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were making between 20k and 100k of these things
danielson: audio precision ATS2 or System One
my solution is like $.15 tekrad
and is performing as good as most hp chipamp and i havent even tweaked it yet
its kinda big tho
output stage is like 4x to92 and 4x 5mm electrolytics
KRK shit, little active speakers
tekrad: if they dropped it down to $1.50 i still wouldnt go for it
i would get neutrik connectors instead
no its just a dual opamp w/ BJT class-AB output section
like, cmoy hp amps are total shit
but alot of people just stick some output transistors on a cmoy style amp and get respectable THD
thats basically what this is, except a real psu instead of dual 9v batteries

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so like maybe two weeks ago at the end of the day i threw together a perfboard prototype of the headphone amp i designed for our thinger
and i was all in a rush and i hooked it up to an mp3 player and it sounded like ass
like corrupted mp3
so i was all busy doing QA scripts and PCB shit i never got back to it
`nico: hi
anyway, today i finished my shit all early so i got back to it
i didnt connect the headphone jack sleeve to ground
=\ =\ =\
haha so i fixed it, does 0.01% THD with a 5532 opamp and i havent set the bias resistor yet
hey so it kinda sucks you just cant get headphone chipamps that run off +/-15V
TI makes one its like $4 wtf
all the affordable ones are for 3-5V
its what i have
its not for me

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