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dont talk to that bot

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do you do electronics or what
sexy ^
thats a bot

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someone should topic timecop saying stop trolling
i dunno man if tc cant spot a troll than whats he useful for

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neat turntables are turntabling

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you prob need to set one to output and route your audio there
or turn it up
or unmute it
or some shit

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monorail cat = classic

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hmmm dvi cable looks better than vga
i got clearer clears and higher highs and shit
they dont get weird until so20
heh @ goofy isolator amp packages

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i was expecting the turbohead pic
that guy = serial killer
yeah as soon as i clikc button it happens

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oh hey i like that
`nico: approved
hahaha boxxy is winning
but i have my browser in a smaller window
`nico: maybe do one column shorter?
like one or two less columns prob fit into everyones browser
yeah good shit
oh on the main page
something that either center justifys the links on top
the lolwat content controls
or right justifies them to the browser window instead of the web page
or left justify them because my shit always opens up on the left side of the lolwat page
haha wtf did you break

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you cant use same prescaler output for both?
hahaha @ zombie powerdown
this thing sounds awesome
hey this starbucks/kirkland/costco coffee is pretty fucking ok
so i havent been drinking coffee on weekends for the past year and also been wondering why im so tired/lazy on weekends for the past year
does this make me a junkie? =(
go buy the 4 cup mr coffee
mine was $20 at target
yeah probably
hey i need to go to frys
to get something and something
haha i drink one cup of coffee
now i wanna do shit

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tho the () should have been right justified
omg we can has both he says
has as long as its one or two really awesome functions
so the trippy part about doing c for arm was how fucking literal it was
with no interrupts
so you do a matched time branched loop
dunno c seems more challenging
why does that shit have a timer
dont get it
for the timer
hey thats neat you can use it as an event counter or who knows

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like 1024 divide on the prescale on a 16b clock
doesnt seem useless like that
but iunno maybe for timing snails or something
you sized them
i like the table with (n) suffix

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like i guess to fit under desks but fuck that
wow comments
this is shifting from kung to chan

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its like a hoodie kinda?
or what
ok hi wife
why do they make paper shredder bins so short

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wtf are those
those look like coyote+deer
whats winter
tell her to stop that shit and to make yopu a fuckin steak
whats a parka
(no rly)

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beach access here is prob like $2M
no bullshit
paypal mofo
oh how much i thought how
yeah really 250 gets you a shack here
market needs to crash more
neat @ corner window
wtf @ pink house =(
yeah but how does that happen?!

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no it has foam
i cant use the butan
new place has minimal storages
hey some mfkr is using my storage box
outside by my parking space
i need to go be furious about this
wacko city, sounds awesome

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prob better i didnt go
people were prob dying and shit at ikea today
there is like no parking at the burbank store
you park like blocks away
then at the end, you leave all your shit with some dude and drive you car to a loading area
he prob has a guest house hes just not sharing
`nico: when you buy new stuff do you keep the boxes?
this is a conflict i have for years
yeah by stuff i mean electronics i cant think of anything else that comes in boxes right now
i guess i dont have space so fuckit
yeah thats like, i keep the box for my lian li so my pc dont get crashed when i move it far

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hey i have to learn FFT and shit
damn fuck stupid moving
i think i have to apply for school like today
when you know more about that?
its $$$ there
is like the only place thats more than here
PRIORITY filing deadline for FALL 2010 is
November 30, 2009
i guess i have a couple days
all of .jp is like 10sq miles, so probably
i wanted to go shopping today
i need mfkn curtains, yo

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my machine isnt really like, pcb specific
proto machine would hopefully have way better backlash performance from being like 60lbs lighter
stfu how much is that for a roll
damn matching up side on that would just be impossible
kk ty
guys i dont want to go make boxes anymore
just throw the rest of the balcony into the used cardealer lot
i feel like i understand that reference

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no your traces have a triangular profile because the cutting tool is triangular
and at smaller widths, you basically dont have any trace left on top
anyway its neat for prototyping, and awesome for single sided
still the through hole plating issue
thats basically the only issue
yeah pretty much
simple designs and one sided designs, milling it out is awesome
complicated shit, you have to design specific for it
DRC wont save you
its not good for standard complexity production design testing
youre madman, but you could do that
you know thats how ever fucked up CNC story begins right
the operator decides everything is running smooth, and goes to get coffee...
thats .020?
my mill could prob do that
i did down to .008 and it was drama but it was doable

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you cant do production designs with milled boards
you have to design for it specifically
unless its one layer
unless you can through hole plate
yeah i thought that pic was funny
you have a 50k proto machine, youre still limited by the reality of conical cutters and by the lack of through hole plating
you dont need auto toolchanging
and it depends on complexity of the boards
sometimes i finish them in 10min
also almost no one does the fills
so the board has floating copper
milling away floating copper can take hours
5mil space trace on a milled board sucks
your traces have triangular profiles because of the cutting tools

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more packing awaits
i think there is just maybe 3 boxes of crap left at old place \o/
assman isnt made in .cn or something
you are just praying for better QA or something?
hey this seems to be the most useful buy at the ham/pc shows
china usb and hdmi cables
like $1/ea

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almost done
cuz i mostly finished my moving
but now my mom is moving so like never ends
like a month and a half now =(
drive my house boat to work and shit
hey is that legal can you do a houseboat on a trailer and like truck your home everywhere
well like except drive throughs
we hites mexican day workers
then we just kinda get out of the way and watch furniture fly around
theyre college kids
they old enough to be splashed for our country
so its ok

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yeah better
i have to go move boxes and drive truckthing bye

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move bottom words slightly right
omg you dont know?

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ha i seen that, good shit

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man fuck moving

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its like the fukung but with more infos
neat timecop flag isnt blacklisted

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omg tags?!
since when?

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