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nylon bolts yay

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perhaps nico is right and mare is a r337 troll

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power switch
heh nite
oh haha
when i went up to chico, the art grads were taking some sort of electronics for art class
they had arduino
and confused look

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either or
if it comes up again after the 23 days he prob ends up getting banned again
so then we maybe have this convo again but prob way shorter
why is there lots of him or something

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damn i never played l4d
because i was playing race sim maybe 6 - 10 hours a week
and when i was playing more it was like *all* fo3
i saw shawn of the dead last weekend!
well weekend before the last one i guess
i saw inglorious basterds last night
it wasnt tarantino
it wasnt bad
it tried to be
i guess it was a remake so i should prob see the original if i give a shit after tomorrow
23:01 <Mare> tell inittab to please give me a chance and i will shut up and not bug you guys for the 23 days

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damn i thought he gave up why is his window all highlighted again
now he splashed a system stats script and says his laptop touchscreen did it
oh weird so that means he like reaches out and touches irc
i dont feel comfortable with that
22:52 <Mare> heheh thats my laptop, touchscreen
22:53 <Mare> $700, brand new, hp, even plays L4D2
oh i guess maybe he wasnt apologizing
he was just letting me know his laptop has a touchscreen
i seriously dont have it in me to be kb'ing people because they talked shit to the pedo

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anyway i never told him how long the temp ban was, i said he could come back when it reset
22:42 <Mare> i will do anything :/
22:44 <Mare> ffs dude, i didnt even do shit! comon
22:45 <Mare> and to make a point, i never said anything pedoish for weeks, i was on a good rack, look man give me a chance please i will even bend over
people gotta know by now that when they msg me shit i just paste it into channels
heheh he said hed do anything
this really makes me not want to do it!
no avr is like a normal upstanding reg in comparison, im thinking
22:49 <Mare> fuck it i giveup1
i guess we are too late
oh i guess this the wrong chan
22:50 <@renesis> 22:49 <Mare> fuck it i giveup1
22:50 <@renesis> i guess we are too late
like how sad is it if we have to make a 'no pedo talk' rule, hahaha

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see the shit is people will troll him over it
which will just kinda make it go on
and im not about to ban everyone for calling the pedo a pedo
maybe we can make a special channel, #electronics-pedo, where people can troll mare about it and he can be all weird an awkward back and then cry about it and then kill him self every day
is my point
so we let him back even if he drops it people will prob bring it up
i think thats what he was complaining about before
like, he tried but everyone else kept bringing it up
but i think i seen him make some wtf jokes and like we were only here at the same time for a few hours in one week maybe
and yeah i dunno he seems enthusiastic to learn but maybe not so good at it ha

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22:36 <Mare> dude?
22:37 <Mare> you told me it was a temp ban a week ago, whatever i did to piss you off, im sorry..
should i tell him i didnt set the ban time?
would be the truth
just now?
i dont like follow him around in his life and check
no i banned him like weeks ago but the bot undid it
so longcat put it on the bot for 30 days like a week after that
like i banned him for making an not so funny joke
but rly because i had a convo about him with kev and was just kinda like f this emo drama if its happening all over multiple chans
anyway i dont care if hes unbanned as long as he acts sane
22:38 <Mare> i use this channel to learn from via logs and convos, and i like to ask questions on the subject even if dumb
22:38 <Mare> as far as i was told by longcat, its perm
22:40 <Mare> i thougt you were cool
hahaha @ thought i was cool
guess im not =(
22:41 <Mare> i promise to be good, pelase, i was good so i dont understand :((

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i think i ended up going to work instead of finding out
very cool
thats like summer next year or later?
you could just like, go to the next pic
you dont have to hide the whole phone and shit
yeah this was my guess
mare is msging me =(

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mmm bacon + leftover turkey italian sausage sandwich ftw
i have 660nm leds for growing
need to buy powersupply and square tube aluminum to mount them
this is for your beacon sim?
hey so previous shadowy project was success?

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because its electric
its weird
its like an easy bake stove =(
and like my elements arent level
dude microwave bacon rack is like late 80s old school
before that it was the newspaper and bacon microwave sandwich

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pizza is more wholesome and american than christina ricci.
these people are candidates for the next stage of human evolution
in 1000 years thats gonna be all of us
never seen it
i burnt 4 strips of bacon =(
3 beyond recover

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ttmustang: then change the clearance spec in the DRC options
archels: charles what do you want?

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why is that strange
i usually go with .005 lines for silk
no ones ever complained
you need that shit to markup your silk layer with any kind of notes or leaders
yeah because its a footprint
so change it in the package editor

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you mean like a silk outline or a ref designator?
def do the outline, ask the assembly house about the ref designators
sometimes they bitch if you leave them off, sometimes they dont care as long as its in the docs
wtf is up with your lazy silk outlines
just to boxes like on timecops shit
and like anything ive done in the last couple years

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flames will like wrap around pipe and heat from almost all sides
i dont know if you can do better than that for sweat soldering pipe seams

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that shit seemed too easy
so thats like maybe $500 ive spent on the two, still cheaper than buying one new or buying a very good condition one used
i have to find a center detent switch, one was pulled
maybe i add secret switch to disable pitch control bypass switch

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neat i think i am going to do that
(oem tonearm wire to cable wire is this cute little pcb with pads too small)
i prob put the pins close and staggered so they dont gotta be so close to mounting hardware bits
i bought two tonearm assemblies for $60/ea from panasonics parts site

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