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my wireless mouse is squeeking
when i left click wtf this is a logitech this shouldnt be happening
fuck made in china
not enough floil

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this is usually a good idea

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mounting, heatsinking
looks cool

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and shiftbrites use a RGB in that package, the light is really even
yeah thats not bad idea
forward voltage is what it drops during normal usage
reverse voltage is when it dies
just dont put them backwards
usually a dmm diode tester will light up 20ma LEDs really dim
like you look straight into them and you can see the emitter kinda glow

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theyre 120 with really even light
and maybe arrange them bit towards the middle for overlap
you can get those in 100mA too
like all the china 3mm/5mm leds ive got the light is kinda spotty as you go outwards
i have 20mA and 100mA leds in bunch of colors in those packages

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expensive markers on acetate might be pretty cool
check digikey
unless youre getting free hong kong shipping, prob not worth it
you need really bright stuff?
you can get red and green 3mm leds for like $.07
youre just getting 20mA leds, no?
the focus angle matters alot
but you gotta have an idea how far from what youre lighting and how much are and how many LEDs
yeah thats pretty good
i think the cheapo digikey ones are like 30 or 40 or something
try to get superflux package leds

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then you touch it to see if its solid and fuck it up
worse than a china factory girl
interitus: sometimes you just have to deal with the burn so you can finish the job
so you dont have to burn yourself again and again
truth =\
but yeah if you want to do this shit alot get a proper regulated iron
difference is nuts
get a hakko 936 or weller wtcpt from the ebay
sure, or acrylic or construction paper or file label holders or whatever
if the leds are bright enough, thin paper diffuses pretty well

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the tip can fuck shit up
melt plastic parts, like led lenses
but the glue wont hurt anything
unless you have some huge pool
if you do waaay to much glue itll hold enough heat to start fucking up parts
like itll warp stuff or make boxes concave
like your led will lean
but it wont fall apart
you can get them at home depot/lowes/osh
theyre stupid cheap, the little ones work well for electronics
with the smaller glue rods
itll work but if the pins get cool they can cut thru it
yeah its not hard enough it fucks up =(
like if you spread the leads and then glued them down its prob fine
no =(
dude everyone does that
like itll be a perfect finish
looks better than a weld, because it settles so slow

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then you do heatshrink over the other pin and the heatshrunk resistor
for strain relief
yeah i panel mount them for power leds in little project boxes
to long and itll break if it gets tugged on enough
heh in some led datasheets they have diagrams for how to solder the resistor and heatshrink the things
interitus: you prob want stranded wire and strain relief of some kind
else itll eventually break inside a drum
like 18awg solid prob wont break itll just be a bitch to solder to
yeah hotglue is awesome for mounting and strain relief
aint shit compared to a soldering iron

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dont use solid
well unless you need it to locate the led
either should work fine
if everything was tinned well
i usually clip the leds like maybe .25"
and use 1/8" heatshrink
itll hurt LEDs too
telephone splice ftw
interitus: i usually do like heatshrink over the resistor/led pin with stuff clipped to .25"

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my shit has one shade of grey
yeah also asian sites, cant find anything with a price
but comparable shit goes for like $350-450 so thats like 2x a normal two night timecop board
there was something about the software that pissed me off, lacking some obvious feature, besides that works fine
maybe you has caps lock
also hi

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this was timecops chinascope
i took my tek 2230 to work so its my at home DSO
so it barely gets used really
it is a shit scope
but like, i basically got it for free and enjoyed myself bitching about dicktrace for a couple nights
i think they go for like $350 or $450 or something?

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i wasnt kidding about fedex guys throwing the boxes in overhand
like banking them off the truck wall and shit
and that looks pretty normal just need to twist the little trimmer on the probes
it might be output from their capture app
i should check if there is newer software than what i have
rigol china dso
i dunno ds something 550 or who knows

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the only thing goes wrong with the 22 series analog tek is sometimes the pots and the rotary switches get scratchy
but they usually still work
heh fedex guys load the little boxes on the truck overhand from like 10ft away
the rigol is pretty good shit
i had it at work like one day and i had to get it the fuck out of there everyone wanted to use it for shit
has FFT, i dont remember the sampling rate tho
hehe the phosphor mode is silly
like it doesnt fade away, its persistent
and theres no grey scale, just black, grey, and blank

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yeah theyre tankish
the 80s analog ones with the digital features can get weird but the straight analog ones are electrically awesome
sometimes the switches/pots wear out, tho
china DSO is like $400
pre-TDS tek DSO are like $300 but usually you get an analog scope with it

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b&k precision isnt so bad for cheap shit
if its new its prob worth it
yeah could be dropped or who knows
also offer $70 and try and get it for like $80

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it is
teabagging = cell phone pic of your balls resting on a sleeping friends forehead
its an east coast thing i think
actually europe too
my friend reported multiple teabaggings while doing stuff with drum n bass heads in europe

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