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fail modes of that thing gotta suck

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depends on the regulator
do a divider with 10K and whatever works, put a 10uF and a .1uF in parallel with the lower half of the divider
do 3K and 2K and do the caps across the 3K
youre making a low pass filter
when youre building it, you can decrease the 10uF or increase the divider resistors
to adjust the LPF frequency if youre having issues with noise or EMI or whatever

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if your rails for the adc are regulated, use the rails and a divider
the adc input is likely high impedance
so you dont need any kind of buffer

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heh current going nowhere coupling everything into everything
use dividers if its unloaded
if its loaded, use an opamp as a voltage follower to buffer it
it being the divider
yeah if youre budget isnt nothing you can get 3pin vrefs

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i think diff input

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you prob just need like 10b
even 12b @ 5V, you prob throw away the last bit to the noise floor

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yo mfkrs
long chico weekend set to begin in 3 hours
no chico, ca
college town like 90min north of sacramento
yeah pretty much
plus just need to get away
how you doing?
work is fun, they stuck me as electronics lead on a product i can actually afford
they exist
if you cant find one you want you just do level shifting with an opamp

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