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theyre prob shit

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wtf @ farad is huge
farad is just what the relation works out to
1 farad is 1A for 1sec, i think?
that sounds like 1000 joules or some bullshit like that
and that seems like too much
A farad is the charge in coulombs a capacitor will accept for the potential across it to change 1 volt
A coulomb is 1 ampere second.
ii think a joule is a watt/second
but i always fuckup at joules/coulombs
im not sure that makes sense
1 joule = 1 watt/s?

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yeah theyre neat even when they suck

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k neat
i needs sleeps
you should prob add this host to the bot because im like fuck that xchat bullshit
you did
well them im going to sleep

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inittab: omg its like being home again
the ~ is pissing you off or what

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the mount of volume that flows over a certain period of time

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i think he figured it out
he went like 'o' in other chan

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ha neat silk

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fucking xchat inpuy box uses a diff font

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hey i knew that acronym once
oh haha
youre still buying a compressor orr what?
damn so youre like learning again
watch out
so i have a couch now
also real armchair, cardboard armchair is obsoleted
whats that like a pussy hot air gun?
also cat tower
also bench and small desk (folding tables)
also turntables and bookshelf and end table
also thats it
now i just have piles of junk intermixed with pockets awesome to sort and box and trash and then this ordeal is over
missed with the long carrot

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my couch will be here tonight
wtf dont change your nick just go make food
chris lloyd?
or andy kaufman
thats chris lloyd

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i drank blue green algae
=\ =\ =\
hey man
i havew blankets inside my chair i just washed these =( =( =(
whats spirulina
i drank that too
heh i used to buy the little bottles of this for $4.50
i just got 64oz bottle for like $8
my chair is a cardboard box =(

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garbazo bean dip
wasily arranged for piano forte

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BlackMoon: Re: camera
it was like $300
12mpx, 10x optical zoom, samsung so decent firmware UI
has an HDMI output, will convert the 720p ro 1080 p
dammn my cat almost stepped into my single serving humus

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mine does 720p
at 30 fps

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