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inittab: $34 + $1/mi
w/ $80k of whatever insurance

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i think now is the time for cornflakes

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just get gecko drives
and buy servos, prob run like $1200 or something, new shit
Sculptor: fuck that mines a prototype machine not MP
pretty much
my shit does 6061 at like 20 ipm
tiny layers tho
yeah i only do like maybe .02
yeah fuck that

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zeeshan`: its a toroid
thats a deal
youd have to opr youd be swimming thru the aluminum
toroids are $$$ with a few specific exceptions
that guy on ebay is one of the consistent ones
little controllers predicting the future!
BlackMoon: i think the servos get like trjectory and speed info from the pc
not sure the format tho
its waaaaay easier on the controller pc than step/dir dirving

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yeah but probably not 100% of the time
the rating is likely a thermal rating, it meansyou can run it at 1000W indefinitely and get maybe 30 to 50C temp raise
like, regulation is usually based on the voltage at rated load
so drawing more current, you drop out the voltage
servos prob still work fine few volts low
one a CNC?
prob happens every G0 to home
if youre doing a rapid at 45 degrees on the XY plane while the Z is retracking youre basically loading all your motors at 100%
and since most machine cycles are running rapids between cuts, youll draw 100% on one or both motors pretty often
yeah thats just rude

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im going to use it at about 60% capacity
zeeshan`: they have alot of PSU
they have a 6A one for like $3 cheaper i think
dont dont argue with me
*dude dont
oh hey i have toroids from that guy
its 1000W max rating

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BlackMoon: so i finally bought 20 of those 5W deep red star mounted LEDs
and resistors/fuses to run them at like 3.6W
need mpja 24v supply
fucking firewire port

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BlackMoon: did you see cardboard armchair?
like 20 lines up, click
also my 40" plasma tv touring case coffee table
(does not include tv)
its 12 LEDs
so prob 12 10W emitters
i doubt it lasts
even if it fires up at 3A
i bet they start to fade almost immediately
because the emitters prob clocking more light from other emitters than hit the reflector tray
*blocking more light

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inittab: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/new_renhome01.jpg
w/ cardboard armchair
yeah but its not going to last another day =\
im going to put the biggy TV on the wall behind the stereo when i get it in a few months
need to get dark curtains
plasma ball of sunlight near tv ftl
so i think i wait 6mo or whatever for LED backlit TV to drop
hopefully just 6mo for the other dickheads to roll out theirs and for prices to settle

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yeah i just got one on rebate for $10 shipped
well, $90, but $80 rebate
and im not using it because cable guy gave me a modem and i got a wrt54gl
but im on ignore and you hate me so i guess it sucks to be you
and its not older, its like 35mbit capable or something with modern wireless
inittab: downloading pics from cam
pls hold
wttf drive N:

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so like it kinda has a back and armrests
k gimme 5min

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i need my couch cardboard arm chair sucks
neat 10' uhaul is only $20
inittab: i had a box of blankets
so i cut two vertical edges halfway down one side
dude thats still cheap
i think the base price used to be like double that
and im prob making like 12mi round trip
i cut the box so one side and flap fold down onto the blankets

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wtf for no reason
dont know how torrents work?
you got all the availablew pieces from the peers you were pulling from
and the tracker doesnt think youre important enough to break you off more of the seeds
no you idiot its the fucking tracker
interfering with your download is what the whole algorithm is about

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why should it be 10k lumens, its from china

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