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my explorer doesnt always go this fast
i know its awesome!
source looks annoying but easy
this is like, basic for the internets
k im buying leds and resistors and psu
i dont like newarks site at all

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wtf is gopher
this is kinda sexy
like to store docs or something
dude its fucking quick

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hotplae reflow?

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k bbl guys

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itll do .012 like whatever, easy
with broken tip cutters even
thats matve .015 space/trace
or .020 depending on trace and pad diameter
anyway with pcb its still 95% setup, speeds and feeds
because its a good indicator of the performance of a mill
as its kinda the edge of usable precision and tests backlash compensation solution
.003 is doable but it prob wont last on a plastic/wood/Al machine
my table dips maybe .001 or .002 in the middle
and my shit is made out of steel and anodized Al and shit

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proven to do what and last how long
my machine = years of abuse, still relatively awesome condition and performance
k be careful remember to stretch
my shit is like anodized aluminum and steel and iron
and it wears out
taig 2019cr w/ piece of crap xylotex 4cg
nema23, 180oz x/y steppers, 270oz z
like .008
not really
its mostly flatness
and making 30degree .005 tip conical cutters last
it is
yeah this isnt for precision like that really

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im like, hey guys mine is like <1/3 the cost and i can have single layer prototypes done in an hour on my cnc
pads cant do that
im sorry for you =(
thats doable
copper milling is like no load
your routing might get messy
but so does chinas so whatever
also hi

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and theres a list of nodes
so you can be like v[this:that]*i[thispin]
it will use watt units on the plot labels
eagle makes sense once you realize its console cad
and it gets to be really quick to use over time
ltspice just sucks
never gets better there is no justification for it to discover over time
its just weird
wow @ cadsoft by farnell
yeah totally
Rab: im either going to get work to buy an eagle license
or but it myself on condition they give me a bigass raise
like the shit im doing i can do ine eagle5 lite
so like, when they start selling the shit they shouldnt have any prob paying for it
hahaha because we have a PADs dongle shortage, at $3.5K/ea

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cable guy said hes gonna get here in less than 20min
click where you want to measure
hold the clicker, drag to what you want to reference
the prob will be grey
you can multiple node voltages * pin current to get a plot of power
just single/double/right click on stuff until it makes sense
in the plot window, right click to get the longmenu
select add trace, in the dialog that pops up im pretty sure its a button at the bottom
add expression maybe

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no idea what they cost

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