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thanks we know

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k local audio situation has been upgraded from sony alarm clock to a real system

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omfg tylanol?
at least get some ibuprofin
wtf tylanol
that shits useless unless youre running a fever
yeah you prob wont have trouble getting something harder
but if you go in and ask for prescription strength ibuprofin they wont say no

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as avrfreak:
im pretty sure i shouldnt try them

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ha, my most reliable friend is a girl from hs
i dont like kids =\

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wait have you talked to high school girl since high school?
because that was a long time ago for you wasnt it

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fuck pitz this aint religion
my c is at new home but i got no connect
almost not worth hooking up except for pcb app
i dont have a blog
thats timecops mediocre attempt at trolling me

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sup hackers and non hackers

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