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we used movie chemical supply stuff
haha i actually made a little head with what we had left
its all kicking it on one of my shelves
dunno ive never gotten complaints!
i was kinda amazed buy how much mass was in them
hahaha @ dont last long enough
god i wish
i get the opposite complaint
yes, sometimes
oh please what
maybe not everyone has your problem mrtube
maybe you dont wank enough or something
no i just give up or stop when theyre like PUSSY SAYS OW
not always in the mood!
anyway fakerace practive is now bye

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what im not putting it in my bedroom
fuck that drama
sick of sleeping on capacitors
waking up with dips in my eyeball
yeah little dip punctures
bed goes in bedroom =(
no kitchen goes in kitchen
maybe bed can go in living room
k im turning the musics up for fakerace bbl
i can make me dildos
um fool
yes real rubber ones
ive done it
because exgf wanted to do it
so we made two
my design was like tan and green stripes under thick clearcoat!
thats her job
what on a lathe wtf
anyway, laters
so she could have me dildos

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i have to take apart my cnc to take to work tomorrow
=\ =\ =\
k time for efnet historic gt fake racing
so i can have a normal bedroom/living room at my new place
well kinda
the dining room/living room area gonna have a little electronics bench on one side

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