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k has fun

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at least they have a decent cat tower

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each cat has a poem
danielson: he lives with an old cat woman, hes said they technically arent married
maybe he was on drugs
dude if you have aspergers, who cares
get over it
dude the cat pics are neat
this is maybe the only good thing avrfreak has done
`nico: those are lucky, and usually really smart
like sometimes they can pick up stuff

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hes said so
kinda yes
then its obviously his sister
or aunt
sec ill check
`nico: has not, will keep eye out
yeh i just saw
omg headache
that site is very like, 1996

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cats #1
dude whats the big deal
seriously, is a neat pic
do whatever you want
he likely wouldnt last long in there
i never had them on
i get emails about people creating accounts, its like, hi what are you people doing
too much maintenance, i havent even posted to that thing in probably a year
like imagine if i had comments on how much spam
haha or comments in a box to approve
because shes not really his wife
theyre not married and they dont fuck so its like, just the other old person he lives with

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thats sounds so not fun
hey guys i never bought those LEDs
how long before they total the car or avrfreak takes it apart and cant put it back together?
does this mean avrfreak is going to /j #cars?
hey thats a cool pic

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he didnt know about low register triggering 16b buffered registers
blackmoon: i think jmp/rjump are regular
one is 2 and one is 3, i think
anyway alot of avr opcode is single cycle
its impressive
and the thing has 32 working regs, 16 of them are way awesome, and 6 of those are used as 16b mem points
but yeah, the lower 16 regs cant do all opcodes
and he didnt know
and he argued it to death
and of course i have mad atmel docs to back me up
so he hates me
kevtris: the upper 16 are just more functional
the last 6 are used for mem access
in pairs, so X Y Z pointers
sram reads on avr are sngle cycle i think
with pre-inc/post-dec stuff

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fuck that guy i dont care how old or fucked up he is
everytime he decides he wants to get along with me, within two days hes being an ass for no reason again
hes like stu in that way
its like they forget theyre trying not to be a bitch
techsmurf: i havent been in electronics for like a couple years and it was like that then
dude fuck that guy
he hates me because he didnt know the low 16 registers of an avr core are gimp
thats really why he hates me
i mean like, years of hate because he didnt know some shit about avr
kevtris: they cant do all the immediate stuff
also he thought all avr instructions were single cycle
theyre not, most branches and skips and other shit are one or 2
some are up to 3
rjmp works
for short jumps

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it is
i do bacon and toasted almonds alot
fried in a bit of sesame oil
probably because he never ever shaves
how does that work
did you get a bj or handjob or what
you just rubbed butts?
haha cool
next tiem!
his wife isnt really his wife tho

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did he tho?
he actually PWMd an led
or what
dx^: the code i did for him in 30min like 10 years ago was wavetab based
so all he had to do was change the values in the wavetabs so it worked
i have to go buy boxes
i need a long dolly

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the only thing ive done between georgia and mexico is get a ticket
its the woman he lives with
who is kinda his wife
whos kids he helped raise
who has had some extreme hemoroid surgury
yeah scary huh
this is what the avrfreak says
yeah sucks to be him
hahahahaha @ http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/6857/avrfreak.jpg

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wow man that headphone jack amp muting idea is evil
i have to try it
yeah because even if you turn the volume down its still gonna make pops in the amps

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depends what youre buying
digikey makes me hate every other sites search engine
blackmoon: always
itll still do something weird
pop, or something
see if i put the limiter after
the pop will maybe be okay
but then the headphone doesnt get limiter

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haha i just had a crazy idea
you have a stage in your preamp capable of driving headphones
you go into the headphone jack, out the headphone jack switches, into your main amps
so when you jack in headphones, it automatically mutes the main amps
its so simple its retarded
fuck why doesnt anyone make ground switch miniplugs
those are easy to get in 1/4" cheap, in miniplug its like theyre the only one
its like $1 more at digikey

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in the only game i play, if you lose a wheel race is over
like, you can maybe still drive, but def not fast
tho i drive a mini cooper so its debatable if i drive fast ever

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neat their PCB layout for the dual is in the same style as the one i did for the mono amp

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trip out on this dual ST TDA amp they put 20K input resistors inside

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heheh, hella quick/dirty in the china style

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we prob got a used one then
we got it from them, tho
oh neat
the SLA stuff looks more usable
i think the project im working on is gonna be wood with plastic port/speaker bezels/control panel
so we prob end up doing some FDM parts for it
heh, i saw some teardown pics of the competition on this

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tekrad: resolution is coarse but we use it to mockup stuff like tweeter horns and random trim bit
no its for the ME
and its not rs274, they dont need a cnc tech
i dont even know if they know i can kinda use solidworks
heh prob better they dont
no i dont think so
yeah it is
2nd link
on the right, thats what we have
we dont have the stand tho, heh
we put it on a desk in the office common area
if it still has a smell we all stopped noticing =\
tekrad: takes awhile and i guess the carts for it arent that cheap
i think it was between $10K-20K
we prob made our money back vs what the prototype tooling would have cost us

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proto machine?
thats really cheap
wonder what the cost of consumables is
yeah most the parts i see look like theyll fit in my envelope
sucks i cant try to do it for work, we already have an FDM
all of us?
whats wrong with my pc!?
are you talking about my socket a or what
tekrad: i dont remember
and no its not water soluable
it might be abs i dont remember

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there was like 800 or something ridiculous
they kept making NES games long into the SNES era
so my chipamp PCB works
its funny i test it for THD and its like .06% instead of datasheet stated ~.02% so im all distraught and feel like a failure
but then i put it on a speaker and it sounds 100% fine
like having the ability to measure distortion is maybe bad for my happiness
iunno, link

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