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anyway, simple way to do it is a PNP on the 12V and an NPN to drive it
youre not making 1000, send the extra .05 for the PNP

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the amp?
or the switch for the amp supply
you need a rail switch PNP and a signal NPN to drive it
like any low power npn will probably work
both devices should be operating in saturation so provided you give them enough base current they shouldnt dissiptate much power at all
yeah and the emitter on the rail, its a PNP
then there is prob a resistor from the base to the collector of an NPN
the emitter of the NPN is ground, you enable/disable the amp by putting your logic thru a resistor into the base of the NPN
maybe its a darlington
oh maybe theyre switching the VEE power pin?
they might be driving the NPN from some higher voltage
else its prob switching the negative rail of the amp to ground

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dude find me a girl who wont complain after like 45min
i challenge you
20 to 30 min seems normal
what like switch your rails?
haha i was just going to say a discrete class-AB at work is pissing me off
but im kinda realizing even the worst 1W THD vs freq sweep i did today was pretty awesome
use a PNP on the 12V rail
drive it with a signal power NPN with its base on your 12V rail or i dunno whatever you want to switch it
this will work with logic input into the NPN

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they said girls like the fake dicks on dicks because its like a big condom they feel safer
like besides actual movies

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she still has two of those =\
thats where we got our supplies
i dont remember which silicone we got
im pretty sure they have MSDS so you can read if it dangerous or not
hmm i guess they dont have MSDS online maybe we got it from the manufacturer
but they have a Hazardous: Yes/No thingy on the actual product page
dioxide: supposedly these people supply alot of porn and toy companies

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dioxide: you can buy dildo maker kits?
me and exgf just went and bought little buckets of latex and silicone from movie makeup chemical supply place
flexible molds are pretty neat

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timecop: you still have eee box?
i wonder if that can run a CNC machine

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