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Ratsnest: Nothing to do!
macegr: gl, take breaks

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hahaha dork

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hope not

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it kinda makes me want to buy a 240/280z again =\
yeah in your sink
like how girls wash their underwear when theyre trying to be annoying
my sink is stained weird colors
i think because i washed some cutting fluid off something in it
like that kinda discolored it and then when i tried to clean it, the color in the cleaner like tinted the discolored part of the sink
its got like, blue and green patches

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bad hip is bad
timecop: if i stomp the gas when im going slow and turn way to tight, failvo will kinda drift
i got a little sideways going around this wide turn by work and forklift driver in a parking lot was like =O so i dont do that anymore

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whatever if a controller can drive the motors fast enough and has a decent MDI and tooling tables its an ok controller
i was drilling out stripped head chinametal screws today without eye protection

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haas vmc ftw
at westec they had the biggest area, demoing maybe 10 or 15 machines
and every tool company was demoing tools on one of their machines
they wont be, used
buy em before china does
does hurco still exist?
oh hey i think i seen these
yeah looking

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whats gsr

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i fucking hate 100w lights that shit hurts me eyes
*my eyes
i dont even like the bigger coiled fluoros like wtf is everyone blind how much light do you need

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prob not
but maybe
it prob had to get 10% or whatever over voltage tested to pass some compliance standard
tho like, if your wall power is 10% over, your shit is like 72W
tho for reals, i bet its fine forever
my mom been putting 100W bulbs in 60W max lamps like all my life

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yes, reguested
we need status indicator for when status updates of status of status are ready
hmm i guess that would be status of status ready indicator
we should prob have another actual status of status indicator

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how come you guys arent opping stuspy, dont be rude
as far as i know youre the only one here
its not like you would call a single leaf of lettuce a salad
well, maybe one of those fancy resteraunts would
like, leaf of lettuce plus 1in^2 of dressing w/ strand of beet = salad
eggsalad: 08:37 <+Eggsalad> DX^: Obama is a weapon for propelling arrows.
macegr: status of status

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