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landing in maui was like, OMG WE ARE GOING TO LAND ON THE RUNWAY WTF oh neat runway yay
is what makes sense there
sucks when you cant see forward
chicago midway is like, houses, houses, housesx, OH SHIT HOUSES HOUSES runway
wonder how much those houses go for
maybe fake houses filled with fire retardant
like, LAX is right at the beach but i think approach is from the city only
like, everytime ive landed we kinda circles over the ocean then come around over the city and land
*do circles

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haha bullshit
dude ive finished it i know what they mean, im not impressed
no i finished it a bunch of ways
so i know how they do the endings and thats why im not impressed
they just drop in diff little cut scenes depending on your completed missions

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haha wat

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pretty ok
i thought you were serious
charge people to solder for you

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so whats new
hey what if i want to apply to CSU for fall and theyre still like NO NEW STUDENTS
they cant do that right
haha i guess they cant do that to high school graduates
they can prob do it to transfers =\
dude i was going to theyre like HAHAHA WE ACCEPT NO ONE
i was seriously like WAT
there is direct and indirect methods

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also, hi

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so this ends all awesome and youre like already half done with the single sided PCB or what
oh dude
install is the 13ths?
thats a week from now yo
some mfkr does
whats controlling them?
whats shiftbar do
yeah but i mean whats loading the shiftbrites
so they got a dmx controller or what
haha nice
if you break even it works out
then even if you dont break even it maybe works out

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it amazes me
or a manually controlled machine
i figure the lens makes them look bigger i dunno how big they are
haha nice
dude its china girls with tweezers
i bet they fuse the bonding wire on first
so they just have to like, glue it onto the reflector and tie the bonding wire down
rigging with shiftbrites would be massive
theyre double sided?
yeah traces on top
this would be shitty to homebrew boards for

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no wat
what they say
you paid rush?
oh haha
certain times of year they are just gone
we schedule around it
what was the project
how are you driving them?
yeah i know
i can see the dies
btw under a microscope those look done by hand its weird

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zeeshan: guy is like 10% okay
the other 90% of the time hes a fucking loud emotroll douchebag
like, mid 30s, poor physical and mental health, technical enough to be useful/dangerous
mid 30s is a guess im pretty sure hes older than me tho

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hes in #cars alot lately
because hes fucking flyback

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sup hackers

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its pretty much accepted you dont need the same amount of LED power to get similar results as HPS
ok now i think you get it
haha @ hundreds
$20 for a 200W psu, im going to use them around 100W
why stealth its not illegal
UFO is like 80 '1W' leds, so its prob like 40-60W in actual power
for $600
so like using these leds i can get same power in distributed arrays for maybe $150-250 including PSU
like $600 for a thing setup to cover like a 3x3' area is pretty lame

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so now i want to do higher power, frequency optimized, and get normal red leds for control
just screw them into a heatsink with self tapping screws with a thin steel reflector in between
autotransformer, dork
cmon i cant believe you dont know that
seravitae: yes cannabis is a plant so itll work on that
seravitae: electrically, but not in terms of absorbtion
yeah if you can use less power because the plants absorb what you put out better, you have less heat
why not
thats the point tho
yeah so if the light works better with less power
you have less heat
and you can get in closer

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