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oh its a 2" knife
handle is like 3"

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this is a known fact
its not
you pull a gun, you have to use it
because people pull their guns and stand their
so other mfkrs will pull their own guns and shoot the guy no hesitation
*stand there
if you carry a gun and you pull it you have to use it and get ready to use it again
if you cant do that shit dont carry a gun
same deal with knives
but knives are useful
like you cant open your package or cut out a gasket with a gun
okay im sure you can but its a bit inconvienient and loud
yeah i have a knife like 3" i like
little china switchblade
aluminum handle, like $2 downtown
blackmoon: not so practical!

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for bacon sim?

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air show was neat
kinda small
i has harrier vids =O

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k going to airshow
i dont think theyre going to have an f22 =(
didnt list on the web site
k i bring pics back
my hair is kinda longer i look more like a tree
so im fine as long as im not in the parking lot at the same time as eck0

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guys i cant find papers
w t f
heh @ little toolchain
what does it program in?
you made a little mnemonic code set?
ooo, 18b opcodes sounds neat
whatever I <3 1 cycle per instruction
but avrfreak is a lame because not all avr instructions are

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