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are those electrically braked?
there you go
they put turbine generators on them yet?

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danielson: neat
danielson: what dev environment?
and also, nite

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my system its pretty smooth
i was kinda surprised
thank god tho i cant fit anymore monster gpu into this case

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that sucks
`nico: can your system hold 8gb?
like if you have 8gn it still wouldnt work or what?
oh yeah
that sucks

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thats lame tho that shouldnt be on fuck my life
seriously thats not horrible, thats funny
brushing teeth with fungus is pretty fucked

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im nore which is scarier, giant plasma ball or just like, sudden crater in the moon from nothing
weird i made up a wordf
s/nore/not sure
yeah i like that better
well he makes up words like, all the time
thats his life
my should has a pain

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dude when you accidentally wipe out 500,000 civilians, theyre still dead
fuck intentions
wars happen and people die and thats why you dont go and have personal wars
that would be cool
plasma ball
maybe kinda
but from vaporized dirt
but i think it would mostly be a plane of debris outwards and a plasma ball upward
macegr: are we airbusting it or like, impacting the moon?
airbursting it i think it would just do a big giant plasmaball
i wonder if you maybe could even see it at all tho

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so like most of what youre saying seems to be based on a cold war era america
which doesnt exist anymore
industry is long gone, education is long gone, military is deplated, reputation in the world community is degrading
you cant move the table up and down?
we genocided a country over a terrorist attack they had nothing to do with

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but like, you give soldiers the ok to use smallish nukes, theres no way they arent going to get used
no one else had nukes
and we had an industrialized nation
and a large mechanized army
now we have no industry
dwindling military resources
danielson: because we have them
like, our military is becoming less and less of a threat in a conventional sense
you gov is incompetant
everything you were led to believe about our readiness and capabilities during the cold war was an exageration
and we are a shadow of that
american people dont run shit, american mil/intelligence does
the world is turning their back on us
most people i talked to who have traveled say it aint so awesome to be an american abroad

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who the fuck is ready to have a cities worth of civilians wiped out at once?
WW2 and the first nuke defined the 20th century
the first tac nuke(s) that happen will prob define this one
what about them
russia and china dont like us
yes so hopefully you are right

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hmm, no i guess 3
okay yeah, 3 classes worth of books
yeah you got reasonably ripped off
i wonder if any of those classes make students watch dr stangelove
Plan R ftw.
yeah kinda
its just a relative today
more so, i think
with the way we are starting to focus on tactical nuclear war instead of strategic
*as relative
tactical nukes are old, but situations where we would likely use them aren't
retreating from iran/afghanistan
to survive, to win
obviously not any kidn of sane reason

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which is why im dissapointed in you
only real books are worth $$$
you should have aquired the ebooks for free =\
oh i thought thats what you bought
buying real books is ok
its a ripoff but its life
just dont sell them
other hacker says when he was in school, textbooks were like ~$10
his little lab at home is pretty neat, hes from before the internets so hes got tons of technical journals and papers and parts databooks and engineering textbooks
sucks but yeah, kinda have no choice
i paid like $100 for books about shit i dont even like
$100 psych book, $100 speech book
yeah that sounds right
4 classes?

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so yeah, neat trigger assembly, custom stamped heatsink assembly that fit over the plastic box it was housed
anyway, neat design, defeated by the fet ripping its pads off the PCB
which makes sense because the fix before was slamming it sideways into the bench
danielson: omg you paid for etextbook?

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neat so i finished more of my peak meter at work
i added a peak hold indicator
like, a peak will stay lit for a adjustable length of time or until a higher peak value is measured
then i finished perfboarding half of the opamp rectifier when i had to do boring work involving screwdrivers and lifting
also i fixed one of the dewault bit drivers
has some 555+fet based motor controller
its not a speed controller but it has a brake
like if you come off half way itll keep spinning
and you can kinda pwm it with your finger
if you come full off the trigger it slams to a stop, torques your wrist a bit

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haha yeah that sucks when your shit is going slow and youre hdd swapping all sorts of mem
and you look and you have like 2GB ram free
like wtf

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theyre better with the predictive cache stuff or what?
they have a GB of L2 and integrated ram controller?
no one it was an exageration meant to provoke a response
@ triple chan ddr3 integrated
how many years you think before intel just puts the whole north bridge into them
amd is stupid if they arent working on that shit after pwning ati
close your mouth when you sneeze
pretty neat

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