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ha so its prob same guy
he does that shit in like two seconds
would fit the stereotype
local fab or overseas?
thats cool
dude some of the soldering ive seen inside audio junk is like scary

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yes very neat
gravity awareness while soldering ftw

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everyone should be running away

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this shit is so cheap
i was going to buy leds soon
why i need the 24V supply

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maybe that
monte knows more about this stuff i dont know how wide that actually is
maybe 46 x 9 degrees
which would be pretty sweet
like a pair of those
thats cool
like one of those and a narrow one

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i guess i should turn on the adc and do some leds and go to sleep
cree XR-E ftw
monte likes these leds it will make him your friend
like $7/ea monted on a star
$9/ea for very slightly brighter bin ones
like 100lm vs 107lm
8 degree, kinda nuts

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hes either 45 or 135 off i cant decide yet

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well half tweeter
so hes like 1.35" off, half freq is like 2.65", so like 90d off
woofer is phase shifted like 45deg there, electrically

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(1 / (2500 hz)) * 340.29 (m / s) = 13.6116 centimeters
wtf now it decided to give it to me in centimeters
thats why metric sucks
its too scientific
needs more engineering
this guy almost did it perfect
but i think by accident
his frequency length is 5.3", to the edge of his box is 5.75"
tweeter is.....

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i dont think there will be any reason to until then
unless maybe there is drama
factory asplodes

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i dont know i think theyd have to change my employment status
like i dont think i had that paperwork when i got hired
no just signed up for international travel with the staffing company
if im around and company exists kinda middle/end of next year, its likely

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i put the german speaker eater machine to limit at 80% BL and 80% suspension stiffness, and it went out to around 7mm (2x xmax)
supposedly HiVi is big shit in china, the owner is a known person
other hacker says hes on billboards and shit

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okay so it says 2.8KHz
and wtf at 7.5mm top plate
yeh true
rhettardo: okay so they have small xmax, but its because it has a pretty big gap height (top plate thickness)
so you get more BL (magnetic force)
so yeah they dont have a ton of range but they should be good in their excursion range

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so 169/2+25.4/2+47/2
120.7 millimeters = 4.7519685 in
yeah rly
okay so thats like the minimum distance between center of the woofer and the center of the tweeter dome

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milk isnt pressurized

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like you can put inches and itll pop out with a meters answer
i need tweeter datasheet
i need water

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depends what actual xover ends up being
i have to look at plots and then pic real values and itll end up being like whatevers
yeah like 5"
and its a 5" driver
sec im going to get datasheets
whats 169mm in real units
anyway, 169/2+25.4/2+hmmm
dude i just googles all sorts of shit with units and it worked
i was like ^5 google
it always wants to convert to metric tho =(
no like when you dont specify
you just type in an equation with a bunch of unit labeled values
and it like pops out the correct value with the right units

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and just slide the tweeter thing back and forth to see if i can get significant amplitude change
6.69862205 in
is 2khz wavelength
wow so you do it like 3" wrong and you totally phase invert (!?)

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no like in two rows!
but yeah probably i will see how much difference it makes and want to drill more or something
yeah fuck drilling i can probably just play same sine thru both speakers at crossover frequency
my cnc doesnt go that high
but yeah i can just play same signal thru both and watch mic preamp output on a scope

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like, 5 sided box to do open air tests w/ tweeter
i have to think of some way to mount the tweeter so i can move it around
id have to like, characterize duct tape by testing several drivers with and without it
man the little sidecar thing is small enough thats maybe not a joke =(
or hmm im dumb this is for free air testing the box isnt airtight i can just drill like 10 holes

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well try it first
yes this is true, if company is still alive
they are maybe sick of having those cases in stock then
i did speaker hole for your box

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because maybe its just something from one of the digital boards or the switcher supplies thats getting into the audio stuff
so thats could be from ground loops or just shit bouncing off random objects around the tv back onto itself
er reciever
hey it looks like its made of metal at least

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thats what i think
yeah but its newish
so maybe it just hums because it sucks or its too close to your digital toaster or something
move shit around it, and move it, see if it goes away
before you go nuts and start fucking up the soldermask with your iron
no like try moving it 6" or across the room or something
wtf i dont care who owns it
did you try it at your place?
try it see if its gone or sounds diff

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k neat getting that
your email have anything else awesome?
has to be
is worth reverse engineering
whatever i dont have to break it!
can i change mine to chipamps
anyway youd need two
fuck half supply
fine i do half supply amps
any chipamp you can pop open the case is ancient
i was looking through old bins and i found some old chipamps like 3" across
someone has broken parts of the cover off and soldered to traces inside
had big old output transistors sitting on blocks with bonding wire all hanging out
oh thats not a chipamp

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macegr: it might have been metering different things
so like, max scale might not have been bad for everything
so its 10x11
what else should i buy from there
yeah =(
yeah i was thinking about getting a 5v thing
oh hey
our big expensive speaker test boxes (we have two)
(on has a lazor, feer)
they have mean well power bricks
one died =(
i prob do dark acrylic over them
dont see it
oh i guess its new

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Note: 1. If 10x or 200x gain is selected, only 2.56 V should be used as Internal Voltage Reference. For
differential conversion, only 1.1V cannot be used as internal voltage reference.
i think 2.56v is the internal virtual ground
this is like, fft project for sure
this is obviously for a spectrum analyzer
for indicators
greymoon: audio ones like on lots of graphic EQs
22 freq bands w/ 10 amplitude indicators ftw

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my stk500 has a 20MHz xtal
i dont even think 20mhz is awesome fast for avr anymore
yeah rly
hmm neat

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dude i tripped its current limiter running the led demo code
that sucks
you mean powering the whole thing thru the vtarget jumper?
because thats on crack yo
yeah i stole the stk500 wart after i read wat fast red blink means
with the jumper unhooked it dies?
dunno im not doing anything like that soon

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try to put them on backwards?
theres no pins on the back
do you use clips or screws?
me too
i dunno you cant accidently have it fall off because you were on drugs and randomly twisting
i bet that happened to them alot during development
neither did it
i think it just clamps them all down like a sandwhich

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oh shit
so this thing is only supposed to go to 16mhz i overclocked it 10mhz
i know but fuck that im not trying to melt some obscure peripheral
it was internal rc when i was programming it
it can
that was pretty neat
hey do sockets come with routing cards or what?
ima be pissed i have to buy these things seperate
ok neat
that gold plating looking shit is gold plating
you said caveat

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2.7 - VCC Differential ADC Voltage Range
so like it prob does weird wraparound shit
yeah i think it has to do with where they put the 0v value
i dont think itll break anything
yeah im going to hijack one of its arefs
well, one of stk600 aref generators

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0 - VCC ADC Input Voltage Range
haha i wonder if its just how they implimented it with the digital blocks
like there is some subtraction hack and they just didnt have space/time/whatever to do it signed
because it has to do negative voltage output in 8b
so if it limits you to like half of the adc range, you have full scale 8b output range
well, 10b
but yeah maybe they didnt want to divide by 2 and only have 9b differential
why they would only do half
i know
so the 10b becomes 9
or you have to do 11b adc
i think maybe

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When the modulator is enabled the type of modulation (logical AND or OR) can be selected by
the PORTB7 Register.
it uses compare regs from an 8b timer and a 16b timer
im sure theres an app note for that
16 Multiplexed Single Ended Input Channels
14 Differential input channels
4 Differential Input Channels with Optional Gain of 10x and 200x
hmm @ 2.7 - VCC Differential ADC Voltage Range
weird at the voltage range tho
i pasted what it says

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what does it mean 4 8b pwm channels
like, ocr pins for the 8b timers?
what like im supposed to be excited
yeah its not extra pwm timers the two 8b timers are like '8b timer/counter w/ pwm' in their section
that would be neat
yeah ocra and b, always
prob some weirdo exceptions where they halfass impliment a last timer
hmm wait
i think they did something hax
The Output Compare Modulator (OCM) allows generation of waveforms modulated with a carrier

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fuck my hip/leg hurts
k this thing works up to 26MHz
i havent downloaded it yet
this is just the mcu that comes with the stk600
too busy fucking with it
no i just have clickied for that yet!
k i has it
wow 4 16b timers

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rab: if you had some external circuit that turned one pulse into two its doable
danielson: yeah probably why
i dont really want to share
prob buy dip and qfp
i know =(
hey this mcu card better have adc
i need this datasheet fuck this blinking led shit

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but yeah this seems like a more realized stk500
im sure it is
i bet if you have good emi immunity, as slow as you want to
rab: i thought about it but youd need multi clocks
if you used an encoder
one of those full grey cycle per detend dealies
then yeah maybe with two pulses you could load data from sram and output

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neat, runtime control of clock speed ftw
okay i guess this ar doesnt work at 32MHz
has a clock generator
i think all you could adjust on stk500 was aref voltage
this you have two aref and you control target voltage
and theres a controllable clock gen
not so much
to 32.7MHz
in 100KHz steps
they have a 32k signal on an aux header
so you jumper it onto your avr
both are prob crap accuracy
ha did stk500 have a warning in docs like YO THIS LAYOUT WAS HARD THIS A COMPROMISE

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that thing cuts right thru the crowd
blue pic is neat
its an oil filled cap
oh im going to try the external clock gen

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i should set the cam to med big instead of ultrabig
in the blue pic you can see peoples
you almost barely notice at these kinda of events
also i was being dragged around by my buddy in the wheelchair

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damn big pics are big
yeah rly
macegr: you need flux remover
nice @ explosion
5 chip dealies?
oh yeah i can see the dies

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up to 3A
at some point i have to go thru all the nocturnal wonderland pics
they had this 3d array of RGB

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wait holy shit my math is all retarded because of the dc boost
i dunno because usually multiple ports will be connected to one controller
is it .5A per host or .5A per physical port?
okay well this shit works again, neat
The status LED is blinking red with low frequency
Short circuit on VTarget or AREF
Resolve the short circuit.
heheh @ troubleshooting blink codes
so amp and a half

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40mm fan and some nichrome wrapped around some crumbling ceramic element frame
hahah @ no heating element
moon thats like sane the fan only draws 100ma maybe
yeah that makes sense that would dry your hair
maybe they just use a dc boost reg to run the 40mm fan at like 75V
that would get it pretty warm
they prob got coils just lying around
thats still only like .6A, with a .1A@12V fan
so we need like 5 of them
now it even looks like a blowdryer you just need some sort of chinaplatic handle
3A, some usb regs might even try to push that

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greymoon: it has 300mA limit, so i assume stk600 support shit is like 200mA
tho yeah
kinda lame, 8 leds is 300mA somehow
it states 300mA or get a wallwart
the `200mA support current is assumed by me
run your dishwasher off usb
usb city power inverter
whole chinatown running off one usb port
one PC supplies like 6 towns
and 2 more towns at usb1.0 speeds
i could see hairdryer in plastic bubble sitting on a retail hook, tho

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haha cool
The status LED is blinking red with high frequency
To much current drawn from supply
with the demo led blink code
this is like a significant moment where i unplug the running stk500 to jack its wart for the stk600
okay so 7 leds is okay, 8 leds is usb powered fail
the latest and greatest

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no initial fail, thing is like a stk500 with more ports and also stuff
sometimes it is fucking up then stk600 status blinks red
normal for wrestlers
you spend alot of time with the side of your head smashed up against people and the floor and stuff so the cartilage gets all bent up

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of course
hmm that shit just blinked red at me for i dunno why
rab: running slightly modified demo asm fine
same demo as stk600
hit buttons to fuck with temp, delay loop, dump temp to leds
haha this was so undramatic im almost unsatisfied

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one of its headers is kinda smashed

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oh because i didnt turn target voltage up
ha neat clock gen goes to 32MHz
wow thats like the third vette on fire pic ive seen
english russia has one too
rab: weird there are routing sockets too
i wonder if they come with the adapters
okay i can read avr dev signature from the mcu card so i guess this thing works

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yeah thats what im saying
<3 dykem
you got an inspection surface and height micrometer?
same thing
now w/ integrated tit jiggler
they both look retarded
tho id get the honda thing if i was forced, lease you can take it inside without being an asshole
yeah seriously

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tekrad: been there, got bored, makin moneys
cant please everyone
rab: waking up stk600
no just what it came with
i have to call arrow my invoice said im supposed to get an soic adapter board
i didnt know but thats what the invoice said

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fucking china heatsink extrusion giving me hellcuts

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looks sane to me

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dev cards or something?
always a reason to celebrate

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like the only thing i dont really like is how they buried manual focus a few button presses in
and then they map it to D pad instead of the little controller rocker button
its like speakerphone on my samsung cellphone

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its drum n bass so you would already things its retarded
its not gay, tho
even tho alot of drum n bass djs/producers are
happy hardcore on the other hand is definitely transgender and homoperson friendly
like, the he-shes showing up at 2am arent showing up at the jungle area to take advantage of etards...
no the little samsung point and shoot i got
it does 1080p, has hdmi, and turns out the mic is usable at levels i wouldnt feel comfortable in very long anymore without earplugs

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`nico: samsung cam has AGC for its mic
like, beginning of the vid, everything is saturated and distorted, then after a few sec it comes in pretty clear

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